Wizard Cops

Wizard Cops

We collaborated with Andrewmfilms to make this. Check ’em out here! https://www.youtube.com/user/andrewmfilms

Thanks to Reelio for funding this original content! Fund your next video: http://bit.ly/1SLWEKs

Wizards played by Tanner Thomason & Bryan McGowan!
Tanner: https://twitter.com/tannerthomason
Bryan: https://twitter.com/BryanMcGowan5

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20 Responses

  1. ZombieJeff 3000 says:


  2. Goara285 says:

    Please do a web series for us. Thank-you muchly.

  3. Blue Dead Angels says:

    Can we make this like the next VGHS This is so good

  4. PartyPooper says:

    Okay, this is super good!
    Please make more!

  5. RoronoaZoroSensei says:

    Awesome :O
    MOAR !

  6. Ethan Pearson says:

    This is awesome

  7. Major Moriarty says:

    #wizardcoplivesmatter ?

  8. Pkllipe “VFX” Productions says:

    I really liked that video bros. Good job

  9. KableFI says:

    Lol bloody amazing… MORE!

  10. Peter Schmidt says:

    hexting while flying

  11. Pductions says:

    The guy with the staff and holding a camera haha american commentary

  12. Poohbi e says:


  13. flameknight7 says:

    Wizards Only, Fools

  14. Makje1985 says:

    Awsome this series!!

  15. RDPublicfeatures says:

    reminded me of end of watch with the whole style and things going on in the

  16. TtopMusic says:

    Please for the love of God, make more

  17. norXmal says:

    4k on a 4k screen, so much bliss but too much jizz, does anyone have a
    clean spell?

  18. Yolo Dragons says:

    If this came out every Friday I would wait all week for Friday for this
    show because it is amazing

  19. beriukay says:

    I want to play the Wiz Cops theme nonstop right now.

  20. Chris Trott says:

    Great seeing Tanner back on a film with you guys!