Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie – Disneycember

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie – Disneycember

It’s the show that made Selena Gomez a star, but do her and the cast have what it takes to fill an hour and a half movie? Doug takes a look at Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie is a 2009 American made-for-television comedy-drama fantasy film based on the Disney Channel Original Series Wizards of Waverly Place.

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78 Responses

  1. MegaSoulHero says:

    Coincidentally, there’s a Wizards of Waverly Place marathon on Disney Channel right now

  2. Soaches says:

    Ironically I was just searching for Disneycember videos that looked interesting and this got uploaded 30 seconds later.

  3. Giovanni Orellana says:

    Guess what they’re showing on Disney Channel right now? Wizards of Waverly Place!

  4. JB's Reviews says:

    PLEASE review phineas and ferb across the second dimension.PLEASE

  5. Munjee Syedd says:

    I don’t remember you but I’ll help you

  6. Hart hat says:

    What’s a matter with you

  7. briannashow says:

    Fun fact: I don’t know about the other DCOMs, but this one actually won an Emmy.

  8. Munjee Syedd says:

    I would be fine if either Justin or max could remember but Alex is a middle child it made no sense that she wasn’t effected

  9. Kia Silverstar says:

    i love w.w.p show and movie

  10. MJ Red says:

    WOWP was my *LIFE* when I was a kid.
    Yes, I’m a boy.

  11. Addictgameplayer123 says:

    I love Wizards of Waverly Place

  12. Luxra says:

    *When you watched this show years ago and enjoyed it*

  13. Nogah Bannett says:

    The whole climax thing with the competition is a big thing in the show so yeah. I loved this show

    • *[name]* says:

      I actually don’t really remember any of the other stuff on this movie being, memorable (except for the bonding parts) and yet I remember being on the edge of my seat when the tournament happened, sure it all got reversed but I didn’t knew that! I didn’t even watch the show that much, but I knew that was a big deal

    • Nogah Bannett says:

      In the last episode of the show they have the actual competition

    • *[name]* says:

      yeah, I never actually got to see that episode, but my brother told me what happened and (without giving spoilers) it made a lot of sense

  14. Brandon C Maximum says:

    The wizard competition is a major component of the television show, and the show actually keeps pretty good continuity. The concept is explained in the pilot that they will eventually have to compete in a competition, and only the winning sibling can keep their powers, and the show eventually concluded with that competition. As the show entered its final season, the characters started becoming nervous about the approaching competition, and there were several plot points threw in that mentioned how far away the competition was, which were accurate to when the finale aired, along with other events that wouldn’t happen until later, showing that the writers planned out a good part of the show in advance.

    • Carstea Florentin says:

      Brandon C Maximum yeah but how do we get from a battle royale to a Jeopardy type of contest?

    • ThoughtsOfALeo says:

      AnnaStones oh yeah they did have an actual competition. I keep forgetting that this wasn’t the series finale and I totally agree with you that I like the wizard vs. Wizard style competition way more than what they did in the show. Mainly because I completely forgot what the competition ended up being in the show.

    • tromboneboss says:

      This. Doug read this

    • EvilDylan says:

      I never really understood why only one of the siblings was allowed to keep their powers.

    • HeatDamageJourney says:

      Only 1 of your sibilings can keep their powers in adulthood. If i remember right they cant get the stone to make a wish and only a full wizard has enough power to reverse the spell. So they rush into the wizard tournament. 1 person will gain powers and the other will lose their powers forever.

  15. Danielle Palazzold says:

    To be fair, the competition is built up through the whole show.

  16. 「Loru Apollo」 says:

    To be fair the wizard competition is the goal and climax of the show. Each one of them wants to win and keep their powers, this part of the show is only in the movie so they can have a bunch of special effects and an epic battle at the end of the movie. You can even compare the last episode of the show with the battle in this movie and you’ll see why they took the advantage of extra budget in the movie. Seriously, the last battle of the show is a lot more simple and less climatic but still decent.

  17. Bridleway Studios says:

    I’m so glad you liked it. I love this movie and the show is one of my favorites. The Wizard Competion is a huge part of the show so I understand why you didn’t get it. They spend seasons explaining the rules and reasons. It’s very built up which is why they didn’t need to explain it for the movie. But it is confusing for newcomers.

    • Gracekim1 says:

      Bridleway Studios I forgot where the movie takes place in the show’s timeline

    • greenman394 says:

      They snaked max in the series finale

    • Maii Orduna says:

      Gracekim1 This one takes place after season 2 and before season 3.

    • Lunar El says:

      Bridleway Studios I also think it’s kinda funny how they totally changed the process of becoming a full wizard in the show. At first, I was kinda miffed and a little confused, but this shows how planned the one in the show was-they had twist and turns, but they also had safety nets too and knew what values they wanted/had to test. Here, in the movie, it’s almost archaic because of the time contraints. They will quite literally vanish if yhey are not fast enough. Plus, they have no history to go on…they are constantly forgetting each other. The dad seemed to choose this test as a blank slate. Essentially, whoever was powerful, quick-witted, and determined enough got the magic in its entirety. Kinda cool when ya think about it. 🙂

  18. Rainbow Brush says:

    I’m watching the Wizards of Waverly Place right now. ?

  19. Isagail says:

    Awww. Too bad NC didn’t watch the show. The competition was a big part of it.

  20. Muhannad Burwais says:

    Loved this show back in the day

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