WKUK Nic-O-Dick

WKUK Nic-O-Dick

The Whitest Kids U’Know

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20 Responses

  1. Clay Karsner says:

    This is gotta be some hint

  2. jbbchinook says:


  3. The Side Joe says:

    This is kind of like Demitri Martin’s joke about cigarettes with balls..

  4. watnowmofo123 says:

    thought this was a commercial before the video



  6. killa kev says:

    yooo they are BACK!!!!!!!!

  7. S117Thanatos says:

    The guy in the suit used that too well..

  8. richyyy says:

    what if u put it up ur butt

  9. Ceto Covik says:

    Soooo reddit?

  10. SunSon29 says:


  11. blackmesazero says:

    is this actually new?

  12. PistolManiac100 says:

    That thumb is sick bro!

  13. D Bailey says:

    114 people still couldn’t kick

  14. gumisora says:

    soo, FDA no want Electronics Cigarette for this! hahahhaha

  15. Julia Santos says:


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  17. AngelBabe3322 says:

    LMFAO!!!!!! Thank You Reddit xD

  18. Shyhalu says:

    I wish this was a real product…but you know idiots will shove it places
    it doesn’t belong to get a shot of nicotine.

  19. Jairo The Pyro says:

    Im done jeez..

  20. Matt Jocobs says:

    Excellent idea! except what about hookers who smoke?