WNT vs. Costa Rica: Alex Morgan Goal – Feb.10, 2016

WNT vs. Costa Rica: Alex Morgan Goal – Feb.10, 2016

Alex Morgan scored just 12 seconds into the match to put the #USWNT on top.

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20 Responses

  1. Dianni Vivirito says:


  2. Lily says:

    My favorite player scoring a goal on my birthday ❤️

  3. Sabrina Shrestha says:

    This is why i love ALEX MORGAN SO MUCH!!!!!!!

  4. Jacqueline Robins says:

    Alex Morgan holds the record for the fastest and latest goals scored in US
    history :-)

  5. cannykicks says:

    The defender fouls her as she kicks it. Incredible play.

  6. Hannah Elizabeth says:

    And this is why she is known as baby horse everybody

  7. J.P. Barce says:

    so fast

  8. GiroGuida1 says:

    lol these ladies are my GOD

  9. LambentLizard says:

    Women should not be commentators. Sounds so cringey

  10. kitty_winks says:

    ehem***.. ladies and gentlemen, the USWNT… ?????⚽

  11. ty Cube says:

    500th like ?Alex!

  12. asher45s says:

    anybody else notice how that Costa Rica player tried to take out Alex’s
    legs and then roll her ankle? damn dirty south american teams.

  13. Fatima K says:

    I’m living for 2016 Alex Morgan

  14. Fatima K says:


  15. asher45s says:

    i was just rewatching the match again and reliezed that the World Cup
    Champions badge is missing from the players Jerseys? what the hell is that
    another stupid rule for the Olympics? so the team wont be wearing the
    Champions badge in Rio??

  16. Nika Ivanova says:

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    signs the Nommo channel , soon a new video : ) is put in the comments plus
    if subscribed

  17. Fucch says:

    Fucking amazing

  18. EDeeire says:

    Alex Morgan has mad game, but let’s be real, I think the U-18 AYSO girls
    near where I live could defend better than that lol.

  19. Novella Cinephile says:


  20. Cristhian Sanchez says:

    my wife