Woj explains why Kevin Durant is teaming up with Kyrie Irving, DeAndre Jordan on the Nets | The Jump

Woj explains why Kevin Durant is teaming up with Kyrie Irving, DeAndre Jordan on the Nets | The Jump

Adrian Wojnarowski joins Rachel Nichols, Ramona Shelburne, Brian Windhorst and Amin Elhassan to discuss the news that Kevin Durant will sign with the Brooklyn Nets, as will Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan. Durant played the past three seasons with the Golden State Warriors, and had been reportedly considering teaming up with Kawhi Leonard on possibly the LA Clippers on New York Knicks.

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108 Responses

  1. leGoat is the best player ever of all timer. says:

    Draymond punching the air rn.?

    • Dolla Dame says:

      @AYESHA LEONARD you the fucking man that comment made me shit

    • Dolla Dame says:

      @Name Here Draymond is a bitch too dont get things mixed up, when its women the bitches can get along, but males that are bitch you can’t have more then one in the same room ffs..

    • Shane Walton says:

      Warriors probably go 40-42 next year and maybe in the offseason they can reload with a fresh Klay and some top FA….

    • Broswagonist says:


    • oso god says:

      leGoat is the best player ever of all timer. Why they punch the air did u forgot they was making the final with out kd ? ?

  2. Jamario Stevens says:

    Kyrie, DJ, KD, Jarret Allen, Joe Harris, Spencer Dinwiddie and Caris Levert. That’s deep!!!

    • Bobby Williams says:

      Yea niggaz need 2 stop hatn on kd it’s a good mood deff could be bck for playoffs nd kd was never a athletic freak so comn bck he can still be jst as gud cuz hes efficient nd can shoot from anywhere Brooklyn nets champions in 2021

    • THE MINDSPRAY says:

      @Bobby Williams word! Dirk won a championship on one leg so I wouldnt advice sleeping on KD

    • Bobby Williams says:

      @THE MINDSPRAY KD my fav player I thnk he gona be great still hes a scorer nd efficient at that ppl sleepn on kd but not me

    • Brandon Me says:

      Jamario Stevens Kyrie is a team killer

    • THE MINDSPRAY says:

      @Brandon Me you must be a Celtic fan

  3. Yeezy Dude says:

    “The east runs through us” – Tristan Kardashian

  4. Greatomeister says:


  5. Lexy Woodard says:

    That’s a Jay Z influenced move

    • cjb cjb says:

      Lexy Woodard gay z doesn’t own the nets idiot! He sold his share awhile back, kd just went there cuz he always wanted to be in NY and he knows the knicks are trash with a shitty racist owner

    • PHIL CAIN says:

      Rip nip

    • Roo C'MON says:

      @Objective Viewer Jay z is a BILLIONAIRE toooooo.

    • V Q says:

      Kyrie is now heavily involved in occult shit.

    • Rusty James says:

      @Objective Viewer your not talking facts. Jay was always a minority owner who’s goal was to get a team and a arena to Brooklyn. He and the majority owner broke the ground, established the project, and sold there shares. He’s still a consultant to the Nets, and still has his hands in Barclay Center activities. He has his own private area in Barclay, and the new Nets jersey have Biggie’s name on them. Not to mention his two top basketball clients are going to “his” hometown, instead of the true hometown team.

  6. Friends Of Red Demi says:

    Stephen A crying himself to sleep. All that defending of Kyrie and KD and they both going to Brooklyn LMFAO

  7. Tj Nixson says:

    I thought kd wasn’t gonna rush his free agency decision lol big cap

    • McSplashin’ says:

      Last Of The Starmakers yea I know. It’s like leaving a supermodel housewife that you already have 2 kids with and you want to leave her to go be with a ratchet hoe just because she got a fat ass. Shits crazy.

    • Grant Riley says:

      @Aliko Dangote lmao shut yo goofy ass up LA will be lucky to get one ring with this team

    • southmbsc says:

      @Last Of The Starmakers smh

    • t. ismail bilolo says:

      @Last Of The Starmakers kd left more money great teammates great and proven organization new arena to go play with kyrie in Brooklyn? Really…(if the reporting is true) if kd doesn’t win another ring he will wish he had stayed in golden state cz I think that was almost a guaranteed chip. With Brooklyn he lowered his chances of winning significantly.

    • Faint says:

      Terrian Williams stfu dumbass bitch nigga, KD gave y’all 2 more rings and he’s 2x FMVP he took that away from Curry and Iguodala too, good thing they both left GSW

  8. Malik Muhammad says:

    This move is brought to you by Just Blaze and good folks at Rocafella records

  9. Synful PK says:

    Im waiting to see SAS’s reaction.
    Knicks fans definitely were hoping KD would choose the Knicks

    • dizzy 01 says:

      Funny knicks got burned.

    • Shawn Reece says:

      @Dmac 740 Nobody knew he waa going to Miami.. stop it

    • Briskful Punishment says:

      Idkw tho because KD’s career is over

    • Dmac 740 says:

      @Shawn Reece exactly why I said his sources suck and they shoulf just report the news instead of trying to make wild guesses also glad all the teams finnally figured out to stop letting the media run their team they don’t own them they are reporters not team gm’s like they act way to go owners f espn fox cnn nbc cbs all of e’m

  10. Blaise says:

    Knicks gonna max out Tobias Harris and Boogie.

  11. Tyrone Whitt says:

    Kyrie gonna be lil bro again when KD come back aha.

  12. LeBron James says:

    The league is balanced as long as Kawhi doesn’t join the Lakers or Warriors

    • Bevillain says:

      The league is balanced as long as teams stay within their cap space and abide by NBA regulations.

    • Bill 11 Rings Russell says:

      LeBron James and ur a fan of who?

    • xXWhillsXxProductions says:

      If kawhi does join lakers lebron will get another ring and lakers dick riders will be coming out the closet.

    • Fresh Evans says:

      @Marcianus Valerius the lakers are the new warriors?? The lakers will be the best team ever in history tf out of here

  13. shaunbir klair says:

    Knicks are as stupid as the CPU in 2K my league

  14. RealTalk Barca says:

    ESPN all year KD signing with Knicks
    Kyrie signing with Lakers

    Reality KD and Kyrie sign with Nets

    And these are the experts? ??

  15. dk_bawss says:

    If Kawhi stays in Toronto, the East is gonna be Drake vs Jay Z.

  16. Anee Roy says:

    We need SAS’s reaction…..now please! ?

  17. Jimmy Her says:

    ESPN needs to get Stephen A on air. Can’t wait for his reaction tomorrow lmfao

  18. Infinity Mixtapes says:

    This can’t be a good for Stephen A’s hairline

  19. JKL LIFESTYLE says:

    knicks didnt even offer KD the max. How stupid

    • mike johnson says:

      It’s funny. Let me ask you a hypothetical question? What if they sign Durant and he gets hurt again. What would be your reaction. Would you give us the benefit of the doubt and say tough break or would you go LOL same ole Knicks,signing a injured player in his 30s?

    • J A says:

      JKL LIFESTYLE Cuz We Stupid G ! Bottom Line lol

    • V Rapture V says:

      @mike johnson yeah I’d say theres a huge difference between having a chance at one of the best players to ever play the game or some mediocre player like melo. They should’ve offered him the max

    • Cris says:

      kd and kyrie didnt take max so they could sign DeAndre

    • Glenn Casibang says:

      V Rapture V they offer them max? And still kd sit for the rest of 4years..!??now what kd is now nothing w/that injury hope he return like he is the past seasons??

  20. d-ron says:

    That gives Kyrie a full year to burn the team to the ground.

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