Woj’s NBA free agency update on Damian Lillard, James Harden and Domantas Sabonis 🏀 | SportsCenter

Woj’s NBA free agency update on Damian Lillard, James Harden and Domantas Sabonis 🏀 | SportsCenter

Woj’s NBA free agency update on Damian Lillard, James Harden and Domantas Sabonis 🏀 | SportsCenter
ESPN NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski joins SportsCenter to discuss how the Portland Trail Blazers are approaching Damian Lillard’s trade request with the knowledge that his preference is to land with Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat. Woj also weighs in on James Harden’s future with the Philadelphia 76ers and Domantas Sabonis making a deal to stay with the Sacramento Kings.

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37 Responses

  1. Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Here’s the thing, yes Dame and the Heat don’t necessarily have the upper hand here but they do at the same time. Think about trading all of your assets for a player that will be an UFA next year, and will likely pull a Kawhi and leave to the Heat in free agency, now you just lost all of your assets for a one year rental. What team is going to want to do that. Dame will be in a Heat uniform next year watch

  2. Corey Lee says:

    This is going to get a little ugly, Portland tried to deal the 3rd to get something to keep Lillard, all teams said no, forcing them to use the pick on Scoot. Dame asked for a trade, Portland wants a start in return for Dame, preferably one with an expiring contract, Damian may soon find his contract is the reason Portland could not sign help for him and may be why other teams can’t afford to take him on without losing something they don’t want to.

    • A Maidenless Runt says:

      I think maxey would be a better fit with scoot than herro. If Portland does the trade it will be for either one of those two since they’re on rebuild. I hope he goes to Miami because that’s his window to win a chip

    • TrailBlazer🌿 says:

      ​ ALL you people thinkin lilliard really just gonna win a ship if he does go the heat but don’t know that. He’s a great offensive player that has no defense. He’s 33 years old and going to be 34 next season. He’s had some injuries and the window is now but that doesn’t just guarantee a championship. It won’t surprise if he does win one but I doubt he does.

    • Kevondrick Bailey says:

      ​@A Maidenless Runtsome Heat fans doesn’t want to trade young Herro for Dame period

    • Donald Jones says:

      I agree that trading Dame or trading for help was difficult because of his contract. But did Dame agree to it knowing it isn’t the same as getting help? He put Portland in a bind. Luckily, we can get a haul for him. Rather have future draft picks and players both. No contracts that are dead weight to save other teams money. And Cronin was smart to cast a net beyond Miami. It might take a third team if Dame wants to go to Miami.

    • youngfleat says:

      Portland don’t want no star in return 😂 they rebuilding unless they gone trade for J-Harden

  3. Jae KiDd TV 508Hood News says:

    I’m happy for the king’s an Sabonis It was good 2 see them end that drought an take the warriors to the brink of elimination I always had a soft spot 4 the Kingz ever since they got robbed against the lakers

    • James - Wackystarfish420 says:

      I’m a huge Kings fan and I’m not sure why people hate on the Kings so much for your exact reasoning for the soft spot for us. Appreciate you bro, it’s been a very, very rough 20+ years.

    • twosevens916 says:

      Well said! Love the Kings bringing back most of last years squad. Sacramento has been my home for most of my life…I know its not the flashiest town but its loyal and loves its Kings.

    • TC says:

      @James – Wackystarfish420Lifelong Sac fan since ‘96 as well! But losing Haliburton hurt (true PG is my favorite players to watch), skipping Luka is crushing, and then we opened 36mil in cap space (YES!), just got WAXED in the playoffs, desperately needed a defender, and we used all that cap space for barnes and a Sabonis extension (which we could have gotten done next season also), PLUS Portland stole Kris Murray from us in the draft which was a kick in the 🍆 haha 😅 love Mike brown and the offense but keeping the team that got smashed when it mattered exactly the same feels about as Kings as we can be.


    • Skywalker21 says:

      GS was never on the brink of elimination… it was 120-100 bruh 😑

    • Michael Austin says:

      @Skywalker21They definitely were. It took a 50 point game from Curry in game 7 for them not to be eliminated.

  4. terence ada says:

    The Westbrook deal is a bargain.

  5. M B says:

    I can imagine the board meeting at ESPN. First order of business, we need a damian lillard update every hour

    • Brandon Massey says:

      So we have to suffer with these (non) updates for the entire summer until Lillard gets traded, brilliant

    • william nunley says:

      ​@Brandon Masseywe just found out about a day ago y’all act like this is a old story. And plus he’s a superstar why wouldn’t this be at the top of the news coverage it’s a big story. He’s the biggest name out there besides harden.

  6. EtrA says:

    It’s hilarious how the tone shifted 😂
    Media: “Ask out Dame”
    Dame: “I want Miami”
    Media: “No not like that!”

  7. Kevin Collado says:

    Love how he didn’t mention that Russ averaged 24 in the playoffs

  8. Ejoe Wilson says:

    Dillon Brooks is…
    if laughing all the way to the bank was a person.

  9. Steven Holcomb says:

    Sabonis deal looks nice!! Get him through his prime years & hes 10-15M a year cheaper than most guys at his level

  10. 09lowkey says:

    I think the best way for Portland to move Dame to one of his top choices is to explore 3way trades. Herro & Robinson ain’t enough, Sixers only have Maxey, and idk how the Clippers works without trading PG. They’ll need a 3rd team or Dame won’t be happy with where he ends up.

    • AnimeMagnet says:

      Lilard not worth 3 young players dude old and never win a championship,only a sucker would give Portland top players for a guy who is on the verge of retirement

    • Billy Yank says:

      Nature of the business…..he has no say or choice. He’ll go where he’s traded.

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