Wolves 2-1 Manchester United | Key Moments | Emirates FA Cup 18/19

Wolves 2-1 Manchester United | Key Moments | Emirates FA Cup 18/19

Two second half goals from was enough to send Manchester United out and propel Wolves into the Semi-Finals!

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71 Responses

  1. Waafa Ali says:

    Raul=David villa ??

  2. yogi ananda says:

    Wolves will be champions of Fa cup, maybe

  3. Andres Lazo says:

    Jimenez is on fire

  4. Blue Cityzen says:

    I swear my United mates think they will beat Barcelona ???

  5. sport tv says:

    Rúben Neves is a Playmaker.. absolute fantastic at the age of 22..

  6. Amitabh Bachchan says:

    Man United fans “Only we can stop City winning the quadruple.”. Well that worked out well didn’t it???

  7. Eliax says:

    Raulito Jimeneeeeeeeeeeeez ‼️?

  8. Reverend Vapes says:

    United won’t have scored a quieter goal. Wolves should have won by a lot more – far superior on the night.

  9. Jaime Murcia says:

    Wolves are playing great football!!

  10. Colin January says:

    Dancing with Wolves part 2″””

  11. Anthony says:

    This has literally just boosted Barca’s confidence?

    • Suraj Opinion is Never Better says:

      +manc018 PSG are nothing compared to Barcelona. PSG have never won the UCL.

    • Xgeorge Man says:

      +manc018 barca beat PSG 6-1 last year ….

    • Bhavesh Kahane says:

      +Xgeorge Man lol not last yr
      in 2016-17 season
      they lost 4-0 on parc
      and beat psg 6-1 at camp nou
      in R16
      then lost vs juv 3-0 at turin
      then JUV PARKED BUS at camp nou
      bcz juv knew what BARCA is capcable of

  12. He Is Yahweh says:

    Wow Wolves, wow! Backing them to win this!

  13. Nwabekee samuel says:

    Is this the man utd that will beat barca in camp nou?
    Rip man utd in adv.

  14. ルナUlises says:

    Jimenez is on fire and in wolves one of best players in the team
    Making Mexico proud and wolves on a great fa cup run ???

  15. BaD x ViiewsTTV says:

    If Jota skinned Luke Shaw whats Messi gonna do COYW

  16. Juan Rivas says:

    Theres man uniteds reality check, goodluck against barcelona

  17. Dominus Earth says:

    To be honest wolves have more of a chance beating barcelona than Man united ??

  18. SoyRandom says:

    Like si vienes a ver el gol Raúl Jiménez

  19. Luciano Arebalo says:

    Judging by the defending of man united I see here, Messi is going to have a field day in the quarterfinals

  20. Dylan Fernandes says:

    People laughed at me Chelsea fan that we DREW. I told you wolves no joke lol

    • David Webb says:

      Guarantee you laughed at spurs when they lost to wolves though

    • Chian 80 says:

      I think the reason people laughed isn’t because wolves aren’t appreciated, it’s because just like Utd were here, Chelsea were total trash against wolves. Completely out classed.

    • Anthony Brown says:

      +Chian 80 but Chelsea still got a draw unlike the other teams who lost outright.

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