Woman Arrested in San Francisco Uber Attack: Police

Woman Arrested in San Francisco Uber Attack: Police

A suspect has been arrested in connection with the assault and robbery of an Uber driver in San Francisco who refused three women a ride after seeing one of them not wearing a mask, police announced Thursday.

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60 Responses

  1. Bob P says:

    The guy is just trying to make ends meet to feed his family. He doesn’t need this crap from his passengers. In Singapore these women would receive a good caning.

    • Alan B says:

      ​@Clover Azar Yes, you are probably right. I just looked up assault and this seems to fit the definition of aggravated assault.

      “Most state criminal codes make assault a misdemeanor punishable by fines and up to one year in the county jail. Cases involving threats of death or serious bodily harm are charged as “aggravated assault.” The crime of aggravated assault is a felony, usually punishable by fines and a maximum of 10 to 20 years in prison.”

      Chesa will give her bail of $50 and agree to a sentence of time served. How long was she in the back of that police car anyway?

    • JettWire says:

      @Ace kexilion stfu

    • Lawngue Blackduke says:

      @TheRds797 I remember that kid. I remember that he learned his lesson, he apologized and he shook the hand of the man who caned him.

    • Clover Azar says:

      @Alan B Exactly! Coughing on anyone at any time is foul, but doing so in the middle of a pandemic that is spread by coughing is aggravated assault, the same way that knowingly giving someone an STD like HIV would be aggravated assault. What a foul and unpleasant woman; I hope she spends years in prison for that stunt.

    • Chad Williams says:

      My wife is Asian and she is disgusted with the behavior of women in the USA. She has said “freedom isn’t meant to treat others in a horrible fashion” it is hard to dispute her comments or disgust….

  2. sclogse1 says:

    Arrogance. Entitlement. It disgusts me.

  3. Ren says:

    YESS!!! arrest those trashy people, but honestly, this is not enough.
    there is so many of those type of people in the metropolitan area.
    what thugs. they act so hard.

    • Loriann Richardson says:

      Nah — the internet is filled with these types in suburban malls, in suburban restaurants, etc.

    • supersonicsegax1 says:

      @Diamond Leigh exactly they either say they are white or black. If I had to guess they’re either Middle Eastern or Hispanic.

    • stv 1234 says:

      @Aaron James well that really depends on what welfare service you are talking about. Also because white makes up more than 75 percent of us population meaning there is about 200 million more whites than blacks in us, so yea in numbers but not by percentage.

    • Mark Bleu says:

      Yessss…She was trailer park…I wonder if she is your cousin..trailer park trash..

    • Heno willson says:

      @Alexander Catalan NO they are not!

  4. Kathy Salvatore says:

    These are Not Ladies 😒Shame on every single one. That’s absolutely horrible to treat someone who’s driving you safely to your destination and they act No class.

  5. Omegaman 1 says:

    This is just a message sent. There are people like this out there every day.

    • James Gambrell says:

      Sad but true. I’d like to blame endemic racism, but there is so much more at play here. These people are absolutely *vile*. The very fact that they have any following on social media at all indicates that our culture is dealing with some serious _issues_.

    • Codemanskis says:

      @James Gambrell wanting to immediately jump to endemic racism to justify reasoning here is not a step in the right direction, but I agree with the rest of what you said.

  6. mike12345807 says:

    Please let them get a year or two in jail. Dude was trying to do his job.

  7. TruckerExile E says:

    Disgusting, not women at all, creatures of darkness

  8. Michael44 says:

    He’s lucky to have that camera footage. Without it HE would be facing racism, assault, rape, civil rights charges. It would be on every news channel how this depraved man violated these poor, kind, helpless women of color.

  9. Megan Kaufmunn says:

    They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This man was doing nothing except trying to earn a living.

  10. Twiistz says:

    Hardworking immigrant minding his own business, being taken advantage of. Old news

  11. Moonflower Tarot says:

    There’s something deeply wrong with this behavior, no social decency

  12. Samuel Howie says:

    The ignorant thing in all this is they were bitching at him for having to wear a mask but the state is the one that set that guideline.

    • X V says:

      Your comment lacks clearity..is WEAK

    • Navpreet Saroya says:

      @X V no studies have shown that masks don’t really work most of the time in real life. When people touch them (as you see in the clip) or you get irritated by it, you have a higher chance of touching your face, meaning a higher chance of catching the virus. On top of that, when comparing virus cases with states with mask mandates and without, the cdc found that the difference was only 0.9%. That’s not worth your freedom.

  13. pat dough says:

    Put all three in PRISON for assault … they’ll get an attitude (ie “entitlement) adjustment in there from their new roommates!!!

  14. D P says:

    This is what happens when people want to minimalize criminal behavior. People have no fear of repercussions so they use their power, in this case 3 vs 1, to impose their will onto this victim. I want to punch people sometimes but I don’t because I fear the impact of the law on my life. This new generation doesn’t like to be told what they can and can’t do.

  15. Auntie M says:

    She is not going to turn herself in.
    She said she would but I’m betting she is using that time to run.
    She is going to claim the video doesn’t show it all. That it was her being attacked and she was just defending herself.

    • Karim Zaghloul says:

      She just announced on her insta story hat she went live on her onlyfans, lmao she doesn’t give a fuck, we should get rid of people like this

  16. TrueSake says:

    She’s 24 and still acting out… she’s a lost cause. Parents must be proud.

  17. aliya warsame says:

    This women should be stripped of her social media.

  18. aliya warsame says:

    He’s lucky as hell I ain’t had nothing on me” girl you think you cute, stop. This is disgusting 🤢 the audacity people have is wild.

  19. Tom Hamby says:

    Thats why I wouldn’t even consider being an uber driver. That trash needs to be thrown under the jail.

  20. Patrick Pitts says:

    She should be placed in jail and banned from all services, taxis, train’s.. That was absolutely ridiculous

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