Woman in minivan stops high speed chase in Dallas – 2/11/15

Woman in minivan stops high speed chase in Dallas – 2/11/15

Woman in van beats up driver of vehicle after he slams into her from behind fleeing from police

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19 Responses

  1. Jarrodtheman says:

    what was up with that kid, did no one notice?? it looked like he was in
    pain or just in some crazy shock state

  2. Pale Ryder says:

    Lucky this didn’t happen in Canada, or those two would have been arrested
    on site.

  3. iSyre says:

    hahahahaaa excellent.

  4. American Citizen says:

    Great job by citizens who did the right thing and did not let a criminal
    get away! 

  5. pooloflies says:

    @ 0:58 It was on that day that Little Timmy knew his purpose in life was to
    become QWOP.

  6. MrMustacrackish says:

    Kid could have broken an arm or rib or something. I’ve seen a kid with a
    bad break do something very similar to this. He was acting goofy and waved
    his floppy arm about for a good 10 seconds before the shock passed. He
    ended up passing out from the pain. I’d bet he was confused and in shock.

  7. Bill Michel says:


  8. Grant Walker says:

    Don’t mess with Texas

  9. Robert Morrison says:

    Making a Citizen Arrest and if the person being arrested try’s to run.
    That’s what happens. Good for them and a nice take down too.

  10. Benjamin King says:

    0:53 watch the guy in the white get out of the van, totally fakes an

  11. Dalton LePage says:

    I say she has every right to beat that guys ass. Don’t use the excuse
    saying “what if it were a regular accident?” It wasn’t. The guy was going
    around 100 mph and hit her car. That’s different than somebody going 30 and
    hitting you. If somebody hit me at 30, I would be pissed but I would stay
    calm. They might have had a reason. Breaks were out, hit a patch of ice,
    sudden medical issue, ect. If somebody hit me at that speed, there is no
    excuse. They were speeding and hit me. They’re getting their face pounded

  12. Robert Morrison says:

    In L.A. they just Shoot you after the chase. Less paper work I guess.

  13. SC2SuicidalZerg says:

    To everyone who thinks that these people didn’t know that he was running
    from police, how can you be sure that they didn’t hear a bunch of police
    sirens coming closer? Obviously we can’t hear what is going on, so we have
    no perception of that.

  14. Luis Rosales says:

    Damn, nice job citizens, but for real that kid must of had some kind of
    seizure or something.

    Instantly traumatized by the scene, too much adrenaline for the kid to
    handle probably, must have instantly rested enough to actually feel the
    pain from the crash.

  15. Jared Moore says:

    What’s with that stupid kid rolling on the ground

  16. Random Videos says:

    These turds should be charged with assaulting the thug who hit them. They
    didn’t have a clue what was going on and responded like animals,

  17. Signemity says:

    The fuck is that kid DOING!?

  18. Big Tex says:

    What stupid people in the mini van please dont reproduce any more.

  19. Monera96 says:

    No one was seriously injured? DID YOU NOT see the person rolling on the
    island behind the mini van!