Woman interrupted during BBC interview

Woman interrupted during BBC interview

We have all see the BBC interview where the babies walked in. But what if it happened to the mother?

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel Tipa says:

    Fuck what an unprofessional person that is, could she not of got her sister to mind the children instead of wasting her husband’s and the journalists time?

  2. joon young park says:

    일하는 남편 => 일만하면 됨 (^^)/

    일하는 아내 = 일도 하고 아이도 돌보고 가사노동도 하고 시부모 효도도 해야하고 남편 뒷바라지 다 해야함. 가정의 평화와 번영을 위한 현모양처 Yeah~!!

  3. iojDRE says:

    i think the real parody here is the fact that a woman could talk serious shit

  4. Phenolics 97 says:

    It proves that women will help men, but men will not help women in such situation. Why do women have to do everything?

  5. Abhijeet Kundu says:

    The feminazi shit in this video is too damn high. That professor did the right thing. First, if he put his daughter on his lap, it would be unprofessional. Second, have you ever put a baby in front of a computer?? It is like a bull inside a paddy field.

  6. Kassie Stepanova says:

    Here for butthurt men in the comments. Found three already.

  7. Varun Shakya says:

    Well, I am not an expert – but isn’t this sexist?

  8. Debbie Schermerhorn says:

    *yawn* The real BBC interview was funny because it was authentic. This is just someone looking for attention.

  9. milhouse14 says:

    Can’t believe that there actually misogynist snowflakes getting triggered by this parody. It’s just a parody, FFS.

  10. P S says:

    Untrue, many career women these days would be yelling, “Maria!! get the children out of here”

  11. ramzohh says:

    Women are inferior to Men. ?

  12. ayo says:

    This is clearly sexist. I love the double standards. Women want to be treated like men but then they wanna be little man at any opportunity, Then complain if we do the same. Pathetic

  13. BEAREAT says:

    This is shit

  14. ayo says:

    Feminist: Women are great men aren’t
    Reality: A mans an MP and the host of the news broadcast, the woman is a house wife and a failed comedian trying to recreate an outdated joke.

    Plus it’s funny because no woman could ever do any of the things she just did XD

  15. The Godless-Nerd says:

    I feel this is meant to mae men look bad bu saying they can’t do shit like that but it just passes of the sexist stereotype that women have to cook and clean and look afther the kids.

  16. Olly Bell says:

    This is outrageously sexist.

  17. Realist Human says:

    This video is simply an amusing parody that should be found funny, instead yall are arguing in the comments about men Vs women and if the video is sexist or not…. WHY DON’T YOU GUYS TAKE A BREAK AND JUST LAUGH A LITTLE, IT’S GOOD MEDICINE! ??

  18. Oliver Age 24 says:

    Came for the clickbait, stayed for the comment section

  19. Wk Wk says:

    Is this meant to be funny??

  20. alexisxg says:

    Here we go Again!!! ? this so FUCKING STUPID

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