Woman killed by falling man

Woman killed by falling man

A San Diego woman was killed by a falling man.

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  1. Alexis D says:

    This is sad on both parts. I can’t imagine how both families feel ..

    • billybodybuilder says:

      Sure i feel for the young lady’s family ,, not the selfish bastards who jumped !

    • Lynette says:

      @Vinnie A Oh Vinnie….we ALL know she meant to type ‘WHAT’ instead of ‘WHO’….she in no way ‘wrecked herself’ as you put it….do you really need to go around correcting mistakes even though we ALL (those that have half a brain cell) know what is actually meant??

    • joe down says:

      how, mild case of dyslexia,
      name is similar…

    • Alexis D says:

      @Vinnie A yeah your so funny Clearly you know what I meant and your comment was edited so maybe you should have kept the original or did it have errors lol

    • Jxssixa says:

      @billybodybuilder ah yes, because suicidal people are selfish bastards. to the suicidal people/people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts reading this: you are not selfish, you are amazing and i believe in u, u can do this <3

  2. Karen Phillips says:

    Dam!!! What are the chances of someone jumping to commit suicide and landing directly on top of someone and killing them!!! This just might show up on a 1000 ways to die!!!

  3. cakies :P says:

    I can’t imagine how horrible it would be to be so miserable that you intend to take your own life, and then you inadvertently kill someone else in the process. So so horrible for everyone. I feel so bad for both of their families

  4. Brian Kay says:

    So tragic and heartbreaking.
    When I lay down to sleep tonight, I’ll be sure to say a prayer for the families and friends of both of the deceased.

  5. bonbons525 says:

    I think you have a higher chance of getting struck by lightning than by getting struck from a falling person. My prayers go out to everyone who has been affected by this tragic event.

    • Dorrian Taylor says:

      @MaGiCaL W0NDERLAND what’s so funny asshole

    • PaSioNDaRReLL says:

      @Eve Breezy it’s weird that you say that because I do that when I walk pass tall buildings , I always look up to see if anything’s or anyone’s falling from the building that might hit me like a body of a falling person committing suicide…Lol seriously , I really do that. ,I watch too much Snuff film documentaries of people killing themselves. Like traces of death ,yeah I’m fuckin weird. Lmao

    • Eve Breezy says:

      @PaSioNDaRReLL how about 1 day I was coming out the house and a tenant decided she was gonna remove her own air conditioner. Either moments before or after (I can’t remember) the ac fell out the window. And all I thought to myself, “this dumb bitch” that shit could’ve landed on me . Like there’s so much in life to think about it’s overwhelming. Between foods you put in your body that causes healthy issues, to what you put on your body, to demonic inflicted people, to demons themselves, to 1001 ways for something to go wrong . I can’t

    • MagicalBread says:

      @JeffOfori Pezzidem Do you English bro? Thunder is the sound, lightning is what strikes. You get struck by lightning, not by thunder.

    • unixsteven says:

      What’s that gonna do nothing

  6. Jeremy Simpson says:

    The definition of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  7. Dragon Crackers says:

    That’s so tragic. The man probably didn’t mean to take anyone with him. And her poor Dad. They didn’t mention any more family so he’s all alone now.

    • billybodybuilder says:

      Yeah , he could have at least screamed on the way down.. she may have had a chance …

    • Ayush Singh Chauhan says:

      @billybodybuilder lol

    • Erik Neumann says:

      Where’d he think he was gonna land? Everybody knows there are sidewalks around parking structures for people to walk on. I’d feel sympathy if he jumped off a cliff or a bridge but he killed someone, that’s inexcusable.

    • Ty johnston says:

      @Erik Neumann What if….hear me out; he was suicided? You know they released all of her information but is withholding his. There could be several reasons why BUT….if they withhold his info for a bit “everyone” will forget this story and not be snooping around his past and why he “jumped”. Or, he just jumped idk.

    • Erik Neumann says:

      @Ty johnston that would change the situation entirely and would be a double homicide instead of suicide/homicide. It’s certainly a possibility but unlikely.

  8. Mr Man says:

    Death by falling man. This world is getting weirder and weirder. I pray she rests in peace.

  9. KIKI says:

    Breaks my heart to hear this. This one is definitely hard to listen too. RIP Taylor. I don’t think that man meant to kill her like that tho.

  10. Leah Vogel says:

    This is horrible. I feel so sorry for the young lady who was accidentally murdered, RIP 💜🕉

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