Woman-Led Spider-Man Reboot: “Vulture Remix” Episode 12

Woman-Led Spider-Man Reboot: “Vulture Remix” Episode 12

Superhero movies are, for the most part, a boys’ club. So we envisioned a new Marvel movie starring a woman: “Spider-Gwen,” based on the popular comics series that imagines Peter Parker’s girlfriend getting spider-powers instead of him. Emma Stone would star, of course.

Come back for more Vulture Remixes on Mondays! And watch our past remixes:

Idris Elba Plays James Bond: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swo9oFDW3u8

Doug Sings Fetty Wap: https://youtu.be/AMj4RHIPThY

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20 Responses

  1. Deadpool ™ says:

    Nicely done! The costume could’ve been a thousand times better though.
    Juuuust saying.

  2. Juan Manuel Tobias Carranza says:

    Vengo porque Andrés me mandó

  3. Francisco Arruti says:

    Jajajja Birdman is Vulture.

  4. PandaLOL says:

    Very good edition of the scenes 😀 good job

  5. AgentMcQueen says:

    Could have done without the ‘Flash’ theme, but overall great work.

  6. MJOLNIR Productions says:

    You take an iconic theme like The Flash theme and use it in a video like
    this while it’s still relevant….kinda draws you out of what would have
    been a good mashup video.

  7. vertibelle says:

    So great! Would’ve been nice to see some Peter Lizard too tho

  8. JARDHD says:


  9. Abominatrix650 says:

    This is so great! Your skill is fantastic, the scenes you’ve made are
    almost seamless, some of them being completely seamless, Birdman as the
    Vulture was a nice feature and your Spider-Gwen costume is amazing (pun not
    intended). Use of The Flash theme was cool too!

  10. LeoGang Monty says:

    next: miles morales

  11. STR Games says:

    Sony could be desperate enough :]

  12. Kalyx says:

    You could present this fan-edit Spider-Gwen without the silly politics of
    ‘Boy’s Club’ this and that. ‘Women-led’ has no more meaning than
    ‘Male-led’. That’s not what fans care about.

  13. SpriJones says:

    this is probably as good as it can be done without the studio actually
    being in on it.

  14. AliceWonderbra says:

    This was pretty awesome overall and a great concept but the really bad suit
    took me out of it. Vulture being Birdman was genius. I would have liked to
    see her drumming!

  15. Chad Norton says:

    I’m one of the few people that didn’t hate the two Amazing Spider-Man
    films. That being said, I’d absolutely love to see Emma Stone as
    Spider-Gwen. Sexy and empowered. Sounds good to me!

  16. switchfootforever24 says:

    This fan made video is better than the trailer for the new hunger games.

  17. Yul Gameplayer says:

    Soundtrack The Flash

  18. jeremy lemings says:

    I would pay money for this to be real.

  19. Random Guy says:


  20. Doc Berry says:

    hell that’s better than any of the Spider-Man movies!