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20 Responses

  1. Dpw Hall says:

    How tf does she not know who Kevin Hart is? Dude is literally everywhere,
    he was on the oscars show a while back presenting! lol has she literally
    been living under a rock?

  2. UNTOUCHABLEC23 says:

    nice video dave Chappell

  3. classic hersh says:

    worf holding his own!

  4. Alexus Wilson says:

    dumb white bittccchhh

  5. GraveDigger 168 says:

    really samuel…really…you don’t need to make fun of that girl, just go
    back to SHIELD or whatever

  6. KING BOB says:

    damn marvin gaye looks taller

  7. Wave says:

    Didn’t Gary Coleman die??

  8. BHuang92 says:

    Another case like Samuel L Jackson’s “Laurence Fishburne” crisis………..

  9. Batman says:

    Mah man…Akon ! didn’t know you’re funny !

  10. MonolJibberish says:

    Denzel!! What have they done to you?——-Bet no one watching this video
    can figure out where that quotes from.

  11. Dr Sheldon Cooper says:

    I can see this happening…there both loud,obnoxious black kids who use
    racial humour to get cheap laughs.

  12. Hell and Silence says:

    How could you not tell the difference? Chris Rock is way taller than him
    skinny and his skin is lighter.

  13. GFYC Blackman says:

    Kanye is polite these days

  14. DR Perez says:

    I’m shocked that white people are soo familiar with other black comedians,
    somebody down there mentioned Arseno hall, thats really impressive! If
    someone mentions Don Cheadal or Cedrick the Ent. , I may have to pull down
    my burry trump alive GoFundME, cuz lets be honest all white people love

  15. Michael Zolfo says:


  16. Alexander Carroll says:

    Alright Denzel, way to play it cool.

  17. Danny Alvarez says:

    yes he isn’t

  18. rzn unreal says:

    WoW…. Will Smith so nice…. from Hancock Movie

  19. rob bennett says:

    Eddie Murphy is so funny

  20. Matthew R says:

    See, celebrities like Morgan Freeman are amazingly cool with fans