Woman pretends to be DoorDash delivery driver while suspects try to break into back of Spring house

Woman pretends to be DoorDash delivery driver while suspects try to break into back of Spring house

Authorities in Montgomery County are searching for the people who tried to break into a home in the Harmony subdivision earlier this month.

MORE: https://www.khou.com/article/news/crime/spring-texas-door-dash-burglary-video/285-dfb8ba73-4345-4e39-982c-72422d2ef034

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32 Responses

  1. ss5153 says:

    Can’t trust anyone! I ordered food through Doordash and driver showed up at my door. He got off his car empty handed and literally just took a photo of my lawn and claimed my food was delivered! I watched the whole thing from inside my house window with disbelief! I complained to Doordash, but unfortunately the best they could do was refund my money. Doesn’t seem like they care or will look into the driver. Just becareful!!

  2. Marcos Morales says:

    It’s pretty sad when you have to be told not to answer the door for someone you are not expecting

  3. Garden Wonder says:

    This is why I eat at home and don’t answer the damn door.

    • El Tomas says:

      After every story like this, they should replay the epic JOE HORN video. Joe Horn is a hero, certain people need to be reminded about what happen when you “f*** around” you “find out!”
      And replay the story of the Taqueria robbery. The news channel should replay these awesome stories daily and warn these scumbags what can happen.

    • John Durrer says:

      @Garden Wonder Fair enough. I have never had any issues, the food always comes sealed so I know it wasn’t messed with. Only issue I have ever had is the driver getting lost. Other than that they just drop off and leave

    • Garden Wonder says:

      @John Durrer I still eat out but I’m not paying people to bring me food and random shit. They hire anyone off those apps. No thanks. Already have 2 stalkers and I’m only a 5 out of 10 😂

    • Garden Wonder says:

      @Pretty girl Tee That’s terrifying. Glad you caught on but meet me in an alley? Keep my food, bye. *changes number*

  4. Italish Girl says:

    Thank you to whoever invented Ring Doorbell camera! My neighbors order a lot of door dash and sometimes the driver knocks on my door by accident. I never answer the door, but now I’ll turn the flood lights on to scare whomever might be at the back door…. It’s a scary world😢

    • Myrna May says:

      Dashers should never, never knock on your door. I know I’m a dasher. They can call you to ask for directions if they can find your address. But still food should always be left on the doorstep or a table if there is one. I never never see my customers, no reason. If a dasher has a problem they should call door dash customer service.
      If you did not order food. Don’t answer the door call door dash customer service immediately. Or 911.

  5. Elizabeth R says:

    Imagine if they applied this ingenuity at jobs that are ethical and pay wages

  6. Kay Stoeb says:

    Sad that they used that excuse to try to break in. It gives delivery services a bad rep…

  7. Dorian Gray says:

    Like roaches scattering in the backyard after the light was turned on.

  8. hunterox123 says:

    I meet my drivers at the front of my complex so they’re on camera plus there’s always someone leaving or coming in 24/7, and I’ve always got my 2nd amendment on me just in case!

  9. sesshokitten says:

    I have a note on my delivery account that states leave the food at the door. I’m not coming outside until they have driven off, and I only order in the daytime. I’m not going to go so far as to stop ordering. You can get robbed coming in and out of your house or while at a restaurant. Keep an eye on your surroundings but you can’t live life in constant fear

  10. I’m HueMan keep your colors for Crayons! says:

    As someone who deliveries for DoorDash occasionally some deliveries have to be hand directly to the client because the have scammed in the past stating they haven’t received it and or because it’s a fruit bouquet and can not be left outside. To many scammers and crooks in this world.

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