Women Answer Questions Men Are Too Afraid To Ask

Women Answer Questions Men Are Too Afraid To Ask

“What happens in the girls bathroom?”

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84 Responses

  1. zoe klein says:

    i love you guys and the whole buzzfeed team

  2. Mari a says:

    I don’t know her name but the girl in all pink is so cute and pretty

  3. Changu Nareetsile says:

    This is when they swapped outfits

  4. Raven Greene says:

    They must film like 20 videos in one day ???

  5. Riley Conetta says:

    Did anyone realize that the outfits jazz and linsey are wearing are from the video wear the picked outfits for each other?

  6. Alllmy {3 says:

    “I’m already like a whole lesbian” -Jaz

  7. GoddessGamer says:

    You guys should do a video on what guys or girls are afraid to admit .

  8. bbygrlpt2 says:

    They were just right bout bein afraid of them.. After seeing so many news of men killin their wives, kids, gfs and just any women im a bit traumatized ?

    • Ms. Me says:

      Eric Man That does not invalidate their fears. Age should not affect how we react to emotions. Sorry if I offended you 🙁

    • no Idea says:

      But men get killed the most so I wouldn’t worry too much. Well just always be cautious that goes for every gender.

    • no Idea says:

      @bbygrlpt2 A girl in my town murder all of her kids, men aren’t the only ones to kill their families.

    • AlwaysABiggerFish says:

      @Ms. Me From what I saw he didn’t say that invalidated their fears or comment at all previously. Saying sorry if I offend you seems some what passive aggressive.

  9. David Parkinson says:

    What’s wrong with a guy been emotional I think it’s lovely

    • Doompocalypse says:

      Gnomie while I feel like she had good intentions it kinda came off as being rude

    • Bo_Meep says:

      Guys who has an emotional connection with you is good, but it is the cause of that emotion that may or may not be understanding to their partner and how big do they bring that emotion out from that issue.

      Example: guy breaks up with 1 girl he dated and is all emotional about the relationship.

      Some girls or guys can handle that issue and get the guy go over it by being supportive. But some people dont have time for that or doesnt think it is an issue. If the person is okay with the guy expressing his breakup emotions but keeps bringing it up every time, that can get someone annoyed. You already brought it up, we can fix it, let’s move on and not bring it up again bc you know we have already resolved it.

    • dog says:

      David Parkinson ofc your naked David

    • Napoleon says:

      Mitochondribruh lot of women though give us the thought of “Man must be tough” women play a HUGE role into that thought process

  10. Saar says:

    “people are getting married for clout.” *sips tea….*

  11. Ty The Healer says:

    Joyce needs a Ted Talk!!! ?

  12. tessa says:

    I hate when guys ask me why do you wear make up and it’s just a natural look I’m like bruh why do you do gel in your hair? I mean because it look nicer on you right? Stfu to all those boys some girls just love make up ya know

  13. Nini says:

    lindsay looks like she belongs in the boy with luv mv
    edit: why is this getting liked

  14. Alisha Effendi says:

    Honestly I would love to sit down with Joyce and have her impart all her wisdom and confidence on me

  15. 指Satän says:

    How many videos did they film on the day Jazz and Lindsay swapped outfits? ?

    • recoil53 says:

      They may have done a bunch in one day, but just from seeing these clothes so much I feel like there is a certain stank.
      Like intellectually I’m thinking it was all the same day, but just seeing them so often it feels like they’ve been wearing the same stuff for a week straight.

  16. Lana says:

    Men: we don’t talk in the bathroom
    Me as a girl: I have couple best friends that I got to know them in the bathroom

  17. Aphrodite Hera says:

    Could you do this for men answering questions from women?

  18. It’s just gabby says:

    I feel like majority of the audience are women trying to relate instead of men trying to learn ?

  19. Amy Yarcich says:

    “Their mommy issues” 20 mins later “their insecurity issues”?

  20. Michelle Stella says:

    You look pretty without makeup.
    B*tch, I know! ?

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