Women Try Emmys Gowns

Women Try Emmys Gowns

We tried on Emmy gowns and felt real fancy.

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20 Responses

  1. Scarlett Martin says:

    The gowns they were wearing were barely even similar to the actual Emmy
    gowns… what’s the point if they’re just going to wear dresses that sort
    of look like the ones people in the Emmys wore

  2. Bяυн ツ says:

    These dresses don’t even seem Emmy worth

  3. MyGigiBear says:

    Too bad Amy Schumer is hella problematic.

  4. Ollie says:

    Why do all these gowns look hella cheap?

  5. Luiza Vazquez says:

    The look nothing like the dresses they were supposed to be wearing

  6. Erica Scribner says:

    Ok; when the title says “Women try Emmys Gowns,” it sort of disappointing
    to see them wearing cheap dresses that would never be worn to the Emmys.
    Buzzfeed is losing its creativity.

  7. mysticismlover says:

    you can see they didn’t do a fitting for these.
    don’t you think the ladies who go to the Emmys have a fitting and tailors
    ensuring the size is perfect for each lady?

  8. Rick G says:

    the budget for this video is non-existent

  9. Ele Grutters says:

    I was hoping they would actually wear dresses already worn to the Emmy’s…

  10. yasnabear says:

    What was the point of this video? The gowns you provided look nothing like
    the Emmy gowns. BuzzFeed, did you run out of ideas and resources?

  11. Nina Sojer says:

    why does Lara (turquoise hair) complain so much? in every single video of
    hers I’ve seen, she is always unsatisfied. her outfit was really pretty

  12. Ashli Geran says:

    everyone knows buzzfeed prefers quantity over quality of videos soooooo

  13. Ghost says:

    None of them actually look anything like the real dresses

  14. Marie Curie says:

    The title doesn’t say “Women Try On Dresses Inspired By Emmys Dresses”. I
    was very disappointed.

  15. MistahJ's Puddin says:

    AMANDA WALLER!!! Like if you know where she’s from, thus should be easy

  16. Rose Gomez says:

    Nothing really good about this video.. not even the comments where funny :(

  17. MsAquamonkey says:

    The dresses didn’t look anywhere near close to the originals. That being
    said, I wish I was confident enough to just go out in a nice outfit and not
    give a damn what people think.

  18. Marley Euliano says:

    this is one of buzz feeds dumbest videos

  19. Savannah Ip says:

    If they aren’t going to get the same dress as the celebs wore at the emmy’s
    than don’t mislead us with the title. It could’ve been like “Women try on
    emmy inspired gowns” -_-

  20. Deerly Luhan says:

    the girl who based her’s off of Amy Schumer’s dress wasn’t even buttoned in
    the back… was it really that hard to find a dress that fit her