Women Try To Pose Like Female Comic Book Heroes

Women Try To Pose Like Female Comic Book Heroes

“This pose is a lot of ass for me.”

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Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

Psylocke (Kristin): Marvel Comics
Black Widow (Allison) Marvel Comics
Spider-Woman (Nina): Marvel Comics
Red Sonja (Sheridan): Marvel Comics
Wonder Woman (Kirsten): DC Comics
Storm (Candace): Marvel Comics


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20 Responses

  1. Hippony Lolli says:

    Pourquoi ?!

  2. Diabolical Potato says:

    And this is consider journalism. God help us!

  3. Raena Bird says:

    these are drawings lol…not real women or photoshopped women…why woul
    they think they can get their bodies like that

  4. ATimelessLove says:

    This is SO COOL!

  5. Raker Dennings says:

    As a woman who reads comic books, I can tell you that these poses are very
    specific. They don’t usually ever stand or pose like that. They mostly just
    stand up like a normal person. These are very specific poses which the team
    clearly had to dig to find.

  6. keronn perez says:

    Simple solution, eat healthy , practice yoga, while doing squats on a daily
    basis. Not that hard, you’re just lazy.

  7. BeardedOTP says:

    It helps if the woman were actually in shape, Google Trish Stratus for that
    Spider woman pose.

  8. Kris Lara says:

    who thought lets attack the artist by taking pictures of fat people?
    insane, don’t like your body work on it. yes it’s that easy

  9. a1000face88 says:

    I bet none of them did any stretching before taking the pictures cause if
    they did some of the positions they did might not be that hard to do

  10. Hat Carl says:

    Try drawing these characters instead of trying to pose like them because
    they are not real and are hard to draw.

  11. Dovahkiff says:

    “this one form of entertainment that I don’t take part in doesn’t fit my PC
    standards when it should and if you disagree with me then you’re an MRA
    -typical feminist

  12. Beardy McShades says:

    The one lady says that she thinks I, as a reader, absorbed perceptions of
    women’s bodies. Sure, I’ll accept that, but as the old saying goes:
    “Reality is stranger than fiction”, and I have to add: “…and it brings
    you back to earth pretty quickly.”
    I grew up around lots of different body types, and eventually realized that
    NOBODY that is healthy has these exaggerated bodies… but there are some
    pretty awesome bodies in the human race.

  13. Miharu The Queen says:

    As a female comic fan I feel that this video is a big ol’ load of feminist

  14. WhitWimbler says:

    I will say that, as an artist myself, I appreciate the female form, both in
    its flawed realistic state and a hyper exaggerated perfection of art.
    When I draw a woman I draw her with perfection not because I myself want to
    be perfect or I expect that of others but because this “perfect” idiology
    of a woman cannot be achieved in real life.

  15. Kropikovo says:

    Most of these positions are snapshots of a character in motion, so trying
    to pull off the same while being static is silly. So, you compared apples
    with pears.

  16. Jonathan Zabel says:

    I just think that these women are SO adorable and I also commend them for
    their courage . Good show , ladies !

  17. Filmone Waldeab says:

    Comics are exagerated? No Way!!!

  18. 00Grunk says:

    Didn’t a cosplayer already prove that the Spider-Woman pose was actually

  19. Joe Poop says:

    How come people freak out about skinny female Heros and not giant ripped

  20. WoebringerofDoom says:

    now get a woman that is athletic and well toned and see if she can do it.