Wonder Woman – Movie Review

Wonder Woman – Movie Review

The masses of comic book and movie fans finally get a Wonder Woman movie! was it worth the 76 year wait? Here’s my review of WONDER WOMAN!

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20 Responses

  1. Tyler Kinser says:

    I stopped the my porn for this

  2. FunkyDrummer says:

    So…. do you still think Suicide Squad is worth buying on blu ray, because you’ve rated a ton good of movies below that.

  3. Varinder Bhandal says:

    DC movies in 2017:

    -Lego Batman was great

    -Wonder Woman is apparently great

    If Justice League is great this is gonna be a new era of DC films.

  4. Spidey says:

    Suicide squad: BUY ON BLURAY
    Mad max fury road: BUY ON BLURAY
    Something is not adding up

  5. Memory Blocks says:

    This actually may be the best DC movie released in the DCEU.

  6. Michael Johnson says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see it! This is coming from a huuuuge MCU fan. I liked man of steel but besides that I was not really impressed with the DCEU movies. I’m so relieved with the Wonder Woman praise. Competition between marvel and DC only benefits us, the customer. It’s such a great time to be a superhero fan right now. So let’s enjoy it!

  7. JosayyLmao says:

    >daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta

    “She is a human being”

  8. James Burgess says:

    So basically we should replace Zack Snyder with Patty Jenkins?

    Also, RIP to Zack’s daughter.

  9. Matt Red says:

    Logan, Guardians and now Wonder Woman. I hate the people that say fuck DC or Marvel. We just want great movies people!
    Btw I didn’t like BvS or SS

  10. John Smith says:

    I will call bullshit on the rating until I see it. suicide squad was horrible.

  11. showlegacy619 says:

    Guess we all know what those girls will be this Halloween ….

  12. LovePatchSour says:

    *Thank you DC for* *_FINALLY_* *making another good movie.*

  13. Del1r1ous says:

    Jeremy review Arrow season 5!!!

  14. shannel padayachee says:

    I’m glad the wonder woman movie is good. I was really worried that I won’t get to see a good superhero movie with a female lead. I wonder if marvel will consider a Black Widow movie..

  15. itamar kfir says:

    I’m from israel and you’re the first person outside of israel that pronounces “gadot” properly and it’s sooo satisfying!
    that itself deserves a like

  16. Ecap says:

    Do you idiots not understand what an embargo is? They’re not allowed to post a review until a specified time when the owners to the rights of the film will dictate. By this time they have all prepared and finished their reviews. Once that specific time has come, they all IMMEDIATELY upload their reviews in order to get as much viewership as possible. The same thing happens with video games.

    So no, they don’t co-ordinate their reviews.

  17. InBedGamer says:

    Suicide Squad was the only movie I ever walked out of (I even sat through Transformers 2). What a mess! BTW I prefer the MCU but I am, by no means, a Marvel fanboy. I really like Batman in particular (especially the Dark Knight trilogy).

  18. Prezzi Player says:

    In Wonder Woman there’s Wonder Woman who’s a wonderful woman from an island of wonder women

  19. Rory Lennon says:

    Take a moment to realise that Jeremy rated Suicide Squad better than Alien (1979).

  20. DeshawnTooLive says:

    I feel like people hating on DC movies are just riding a bandwagon. DC movies aren’t even that bad

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