WONDER WOMAN – Official Trailer [HD]

WONDER WOMAN – Official Trailer [HD]

It begins with her.

Gal Gadot is #WonderWoman. Watch the official trailer now!

Wonder Woman is in theaters June 2, 2017.

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From Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment comes the epic action adventure starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright, directed by Patty Jenkins.

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20 Responses

  1. MARHVIN XII says:


  2. Victim of Lag says:

    As long as Zach Snyder remains involved and WB refuses to stop interfering
    at every turn, I remain concerned for the quality of future films.

    I hope it’s good, because DC fans deserve good movies for based on their
    favorite comics too… and not just the Dark Knight trilogy.

  3. Rob says:

    what is the music used in the trailer?

  4. Ricky Wright says:

    Some say she is stronger than Superman!

  5. Aleon Flex says:

    Please be good if not I done with dceu

  6. Marshall Street says:

    The chubby woman at the end of the trailer will be Wonder Woman’s version
    of Darcy; Jane Foster’s sidekick in the Thor films.

  7. Deadpool says:

    That theme song though…

  8. ghostman779 says:

    never really been a fan of Wonder Woman before…..why the fuck am I so
    hype for this movie!?!?

  9. Eddie Dudley says:

    Remember when everybody hated Gal Gadot for being cast as Wonder Woman?
    Lol. She’s the best thing that happened to the DCEU!

  10. Sayaka♥ Ichigo♥ Kamishiro [SIK] says:

    As much as I didn’t like BatmanVSuperman I actually wanna see this

  11. Brickfilm Man says:

    This is kind of like a WWI female version of Captain America

  12. TF FOC Dinobots says:

    My theory is that the war general is Ares in disguise. Anyone agree?

  13. Naty Chan says:

    movies Of 2017…

    -Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol. 2
    -Spiderman Homecoming
    – Thor 3
    -Justice League
    -Wonder Woman
    -Star Wars: Episode 8

    I’m waiting for -Guardians Of thre Galaxy Vol.2 & Star Wars 8?

  14. pk13910 says:

    This looks fantastic.
    Gal Gadot has amazing legs. Hot damn.

  15. Fred Mart says:

    Why am i the only one who loves the theme

  16. Random Guy says:

    The cinematography here is stunning.

  17. Potaka79 says:

    Another great trailer from the DCEU!!!!

    Is there any hope for the movie????

  18. Average Richbad says:

    Okay…there’s no way they can THIS up, it looks TOO good.

  19. TrippyApollo 4859 says:

    This BF1 DLC looks great!!!

  20. Toby Pickles says:

    This looks like they are rippin’ off captain America. :(