World of Dance 2018 – Sean & Kaycee: The Cut (Sneak Peek)

World of Dance 2018 – Sean & Kaycee: The Cut (Sneak Peek)

Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice perform to James Arthur’s “Can I Be Him.”
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NBC World of Dance follows the world’s elite dancers in an unparalleled dance competition for a grand prize of $1 million.

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NBC’s dance competition series “World of Dance” is led by a judging team of extraordinary dance superstars – Jennifer Lopez (who also serves as an executive producer), Derek Hough, NE-YO and host/mentor Jenna Dewan. In partnership with preeminent global dance brand World of Dance, the series brings the world’s elite dancers together to compete in epic battles of artistry, precision and athleticism. Solo dancers will compete against duos and crews in an unlimited range of dance, including hip-hop, popping, locking, tap, ballet, break dancing, ballroom, stomping and more.

World of Dance 2018 – Sean & Kaycee: The Cut (Sneak Peek)

NBC World of Dance

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51 Responses

  1. Vinidu1326 says:

    WoW i’m speechless rn ! Sean and Kaycee are out of this world, they are everything ! We all knew that they have an amazing chemistry together but this is more than that. I was feeling all the emotions of that performance ! They are incredibly talented and insane story tellers ! I’m’feeling like a proud mom watching this two being the stars of this show and killing every performance they do ! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them because they deserve all the success and happiness !

    • chance bland says:

      +Daniel Juhasz on this show basically all you need is tricks and emotion (charity and Andres) seaycee uses less tricks which is why they aren’t getting perfect scores even though they’re hella talented. Judges want to be entertained by tricks instead of realizing how great seaycee is at dancing bc of how few you have moments of someone flying in the air

    • Giovanna M says:

      Proud mom. Lol I feel the same especially having watched them grow up on YouTube. They wanted more emotions, well the got a huge dose! Made me smile. Indeed their parents must be proud!

    • Rushil Patel says:

      Chance Bland – so true. Nowadays all dance shows just focus on those stunts and explosive dance moves. But there is more to dance than that. Subtle movements, storytelling, coordination – Sean and Kaycee have it more than the others. I think it will be tough for them to win considering that the judges want those stunts and all which Sean rarely puts in his choreos, but I hope they at least reach the finals. Also what excites me is Sean and Kayc are competing using their own choreo to compete with those of veterans (Kyle, Tessa, etc).

    • MiMi Nguyen says:

      +Rushil Patel c

  2. Beatriz Soares says:

    Dance geniuses ! Incredible how amazing storytellers they are. You can feel through the screen. You guys deserves the world ! All your hard work it’s have been paid off and we couldn’t be more proud.

  3. Devara Julian says:


    I’m at loss for words. This is too beautiful.

  4. Victoria Viana Rodriguez says:

    Wow I’m Speechless 😍 I’m Crying, I’m So emotional ❤️ I’m In love, I’m so Proud of them. This is beyond words

  5. Xina Moon says:

    Sean Lew! This choreography is absolutely breathtaking, I can’t say enough about it or the way Sean and Kaycee performed it. I felt their emotions 😭 And the poignant simplicity of the stage set up with the lights and the single light bulb at the end had so much impact. Sean and Kaycee are just stunning in this. I need more.

  6. Lara Caitlin says:

    They stole my heart, I want it back.

    • Elanieee Push says:

      Do they have the same choreographer as Josh & Taylor? Their style of dance is kind of the same.
      And I find this funny though 0:39 don’t know why 😂😂😂 But overall this is great.

    • Alexa Felix says:

      +Elanieee Push no they both attend the same studio but different technical

    • Elanieee Push says:

      Alexa Felix ahh, so that’s why they kinda have same style though for me Sean & Kaycee is a better dancer because they have more dance moves but I like how Josh & Taylor used props like the jacket & chair on their previous performances and they have tricks that make me wow.

    • Blue Fox says:

      They can keep mine, I ain’t using it


      I’m okay

    • Timothy Rogers says:

      +Euneng Bee Exactly!!!

  7. Chelsea Rumagit says:

    Amazing storytellers!! I love how they transmit the love through true dancing and you can see their sincerity in every performance. I’m so happy:’)

  8. Carmen Leilani says:

    Who else re-watches this over and over in SLOW MOTION

  9. Chelsea Rumagit says:

    I love how they just casually proving everyone they can do everything and bring something different each round. I love my versatile kids.

  10. Nat says:

    Kaycee, Sean… this is absolutely a masterpiece from two of you, I have no words, you both are breathtaking. Sean, your talent as a choreographer has no limit, your interpretation is so strong, so striking… Thank you both for giving us so much emotion, you are two amazing dancers. Love you

  11. Lucia Perez says:

    OMG, this performance is amazing! It looks like something out of a beautiful movie! They are true storytellers on top of being incredible dancers 😭. The choreography is perfect, and the way they performed it… I have no words. I’m so glad I follow these kids, they inspire me every day! I really hope they keep dancing together in the future 🙇

  12. PollyMamedePsi says:

    this is not dance, this is not talent, this is not chemistry, this is not art… this is magic.

  13. Sharon Bonilla says:

    One word MAGICAL ☄☄☄
    You both are out of this world

  14. Jasmine Martinez says:


  15. IL Volo Performances says:

    Did anyone notice Sean was about to fall 0:50 (the left foot was slipping) , but he goes on as nothing happened. So young so professional!

  16. Celine says:

    Their chemistry and the storyline. I’m speechless. They’re so young yet so talented and professional. I’m so proud of them

  17. Isabella Chirkis says:

    They need to win this show!!!

  18. Tina says:

    Damn Sean always levels up and brings it with the subtlety and details. Once of the few dancers and choreographers i watch on repeat and always see and learn something new every single time. You breathe the music through your movements and you make dance so exciting and i’m here for it. And Kaycee is the ultimate performer just so incredible to watch. You guys really have something special when you dance together and compliment each other so well. Just magic.

  19. Ágnes Valentyik says:

    These two are so beautiful✨ Sean’s choreography is mindblowing i cant believe he’s so young… Kaycee is magical. she has a charisma unlike anything I’ve ever seen. This performance was so emotional and they delivered that emotional connection. LIKE IM CRYING. they’re both unbelievably talented and hardworking. I’m so happy to see them shine and see the world fall in love with them. They truly deserve it.

  20. Alexandcat xx says:

    The fact that they do all the Choreography and never use an old dance is awesome. They create something completely new every time and it’s wonderful. Truly incredible.
    And, they are so InSync with out even looking at each other. They are incredible dancers and need to win the whole thing

    • Andy Luo says:

      Jade S ? Charity and andres does win wod for this division, as well as the lab, they won wod in their division. They don’t get put against each other because it’s simply impossible, the lab has over 10 people while in Sean and kaycees division has under 5. It’s different.

    • Jade S says:

      Andy Luo the way you put it earlier seemed as if you were saying charity and andres won the entire wod. Im just stating I heard rumors that The Lab won the whole show.

    • kawaii and basketball lover says:

      Andy Luo they all end up going against each for the 1 million dollars

    • Rushil Patel says:

      They get eliminated in the cuts or the division finals, cause I will be really disappointed if they get eliminated here.

    • Alexandcat xx says:

      Andy Luo ok yeah no way in hell you know already, false info

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