World Premiere Trailer Tease: Preacher

World Premiere Trailer Tease: Preacher

Don’t miss the world premiere trailer for AMC’s new original series, Preacher. Inside The Walking Dead. Sunday, Nov. 1. For more Preacher:

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20 Responses

  1. We Love Music Studio says:

    As much as I’m excited, I’m really afraid it’s going to be a watered-down,
    beautified tv version, loosely based on the comic, and while I’m willing to
    tolerate some potential story cuts (the comic plot is enormously large and
    multi-layered), I don’t understand the small differences in characters
    appearance. Like why isn’t Custer’s hair long? And if it’s a pre-genesis
    version of Jesse, then what’s with the beard? And why isn’t he in white
    suit? Seeing as this is a COMIC BOOK adaptation (not a book), being
    faithful to the visual side should be a priority. So why Cass looks like a
    modern day hipster, rather than a hundred years old don’t-give-a f*ck,
    wasted bum that he was? And what’s with him toying with the burning of his
    hand in broad daylight??? And WHY ISN’T HE WEARING RAY-BANS???? This was
    his trade mark! He never took them off!! Why the HELL would they wanna
    change that? They didn’t make a deal with Ray-Ban company? Wtf?? Lastly, in
    the first scene wee see the church with a bell tower on the SIDE of the
    roof… but then again in the teaser poster (which is truly awesome btw)
    it’s in the middle like it’s supposed to be. So could someone tell me what
    the f*ck?

  2. ShiftTroll says:


  3. Sh0ckZ Vizz says:

    I have neither the will or the desire to read the comic this is based on so
    can someone please just explain to me what this is about?

  4. espn0o says:

    This looks really good, #amc is the best 

  5. bhuvan goyal says:

    woah that looked good.

  6. zombiecupcakes01 says:

    Ehhh, I just don’t like the guy they brought in for Jesse. Is it so hard to
    to find an actor actually from Texas?

  7. thatonedrewguy says:

    Did they cast anyone as Saint of Killers yet?

    If not, can we please cast Undertaker? It’s not like he wrestles all that
    much anymore.

  8. LilianX26 says:

    I’m interested!

  9. Middle Aged Nerd says:

    “What is it you want?”

    “To rest.”

  10. Bruce Campbell says:

    I wished Matt Ryan would’ve played as Cassidy.

  11. solarge knowles says:


  12. m4 carbine says:

    saints of killers where you @ homie ?

  13. tetrisclock says:

    There’s a LOT to cover in this. How are they going to handle the Odin
    Quincannon arc? Saint of Killers’ backstory? Not to mention Preacher is
    profane, gruesome, and blasphemous as fuck. Still, this makes me really

  14. Martin Rombach says:

    this is gonna be so shit

  15. Plissken says:

    Did Cassidy lost his sunglasses or something?

  16. Mike Manning says:

    AMC need to settle it right down with variations of other shows

  17. Zein Alfurati says:

    Holy fuck! I can’t wait! Do the comic justice Seth Rogen! Cooper looks
    perfect. *#preacheramc* *#DCComics*

  18. God says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this…

  19. connor Dean says:

    If they gave Matthew Mcconaughey a wig he would be perfect as Jesse!

  20. Vander says:

    for a second I thought this was another walking dead spin-off, like to show
    a small-town southern perspective lol. that actually would’ve been dope.
    AMC could probably build a whole universe of tv shows based on the world of