World Record GIANT Skee Ball!!

World Record GIANT Skee Ball!!

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Hey guys! What did you think of our giant, humongous, Skee Ball ramp!? What other giant games should we play? Let us know down below!

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42 Responses

  1. Faded Cayde says:

    you guys need to do more spicy challenges plz!!! p.s for getgoodgaming u guys need to try halo 5 or starwars battlefront 2

  2. Cian Dunne Guilfoyle says:

    Good Work Team Edge! Keep up the good work! I love your videos! For new ye upload around 9 o clock because I live in Ireland! Haha so I don’t even know!

  3. Annie Hendrix says:

    Can we acknowledge Bobby’s pipes!!!??!!! Wow!!! 8:12

  4. GillyFish says:

    It’s funny bc Dope or Nope just did a tiny skeeball
    Hi5 vs Team Edge!

  5. KangasGamers says:

    Kevin cheated in the first part he threw the ball 5 times instead of 4…..

  6. Kaeden Bueckert says:

    Bring back the punishment wheel

  7. Mr. Molduga says:

    0:27 “It’s so big”
    -Bobby 2019

  8. Izzy Tube says:

    I have been waiting to another ski all vid love them????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????

  9. Owen Harrison says:

    You guys are amazing. You make my day 1000000000000000000000000 times better. Keep up the GREAT work.

  10. Airfly Challenger says:

    Kevin went 5 times in both rounds

  11. Xaxa_ Mint says:

    The Sonic the Hedgehog effects
    beings nastolgia

  12. Ava P says:

    Guinness World Records, start taking notes….

  13. WanderingSafa says:

    Those sun glasses are just too swag.

  14. TheFoodieWaffle says:

    J-Fred’s Nana has left the chat
    J-Fred’s Nana has left the chat
    J-Fred’s Nana has left the chat
    J-Fred’s Nana has left the chat
    J-Fred’s Nana has left the chat
    J-Fred’s Nana has left the chat

  15. hi says:

    HEY The only reason Kevin won is that he went 5 times in both rounds! KEVIN IS A CHEATER!

  16. William Price Gaming says:

    J-Fred and Bobby in the first challenge they both got 4 attempts to score points J-Fred got 100 points, and Bobby got 90 points, but Kevin got 5 attempts to score points so he got 120 points but he really should have just got 90 points, or am I missing something?

  17. SERAGEALOT! says:

    8:07 J-Jokes has returned! YES!!!

  18. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Who else is scrollin’ through the commen’t section while watching this video??✌

  19. Adam A. Nabi says:

    Why did kevin play like 7 times in the first challenge 3:30

  20. Marcin Rutkowski says:

    You expect me to write this all?

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