World’s Biggest Jelly in Slow Motion

World’s Biggest Jelly in Slow Motion

Dan really throws himself into this footage, as the guys unleash thousands of pounds of jelly in a Kubrick-esque slow-mo masterpiece. See more wiggles and jiggles on The Super Slow Show, only on YouTube.

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82 Responses

  1. Matt Spicer says:

    That jelly looks so yummyyyyyy πŸ˜›

  2. TJN says:

    3:13 sponsored by New Balance

  3. WrightJustice says:

    All these american’s saying they call it Jello as if they weren’t joking about not knowing.

  4. LivvieLynn says:

    Stop breaking your arm. :<

    • GAM3R108 says:

      They had to wait a week for the second jello to solidify so they filmed a ton of episodes within that time frame. The first red Jello shot was probably filmed weeks ago

    • tubeist- dan says:

      He didn’t break his arm. It’s a gimmick that quietly sticks in people’s subconscious; they keep coming back. Every little bit helps.

    • ENDSEEKER says:

      Not weeks ago, months, almost a year. This show was recorded almost a year ago. Example The episode with Kevin Durant, was partially uploaded on his own channel 6 months ago.

    • Einstein0808 says:

      You will see it in an episode that will be released this week! Gavin said that on the AH live stream yesterday.

    • Complex Runner says:


  5. coolwindow says:

    5:00 so he broke his arm while they were waiting…?

  6. Cooper Confidential says:

    That jelly could have eaten kids in Africa.

    I’m glad you wrecked it

  7. RILES says:

    nah us americans call that jello

  8. ZombieByte says:

    whoever made the decision of classical music instead of brostep… i applaud you good sir

  9. the GOOPER says:

    It probably smelt so bad because gelatin is literally made out of animal parts, and they went bad.

  10. teggals says:

    Has it been explained how dan broke his arm yet? Coz it seems to disappear and reappear in episodes. I may hav missed the memo on how it was done lol

  11. Bill Gates says:

    Wow, a rare spectacle we have today…

    *a European wearing cargo shirts*

  12. Kon says:

    That’s a little disappointing

  13. SomeWiseGuy55 says:

    5:26 Close your eyes and listen

  14. Energy Man says:

    I don’t like the over production of these vids anymore. To scripted and lost what charm it had before

  15. Artulous says:

    I thought he would go inside the jelly πŸ˜… like the cartoon logic πŸ˜….

  16. Wintry says:

    We Americans call the Jelly, Jello. We call the stuff on PB&J Jelly, or grape jelly if you will, but we also have Jam which is slightly different then Jelly.

    At least this is what I say. (It depends on where you are in the states)

    • oats says:

      Who cares what the Americans call it?

    • Senmetwo says:

      oats Americans

    • Vihar Bhakta says:


    • Derivative MVs says:

      In my state there are bottles of Jam and Jelly set side by side on the PB&J racks. They look identical, but something gave them a reason to use both names in different cases.
      I guess one is more chunky than the other? That’s really my only guess.

      And Jello is the slang term we use for Gelatin. Technically Jello is actually the name of a brand that produces Gelatin products, but it’s become common practice to just call Jelly Jello, and refer to spreads as Jelly and Jam. Kind of like how we use a ton of other words the wrong way just because everyone else is doing it.

    • Elizabeth Fancher says:

      +Sarimasu While that is true, we refer to all products like Jello as jello. Just as we refer to all bandaids and chapsticks which are actually brand names.

  17. Shiemi Pie says:

    I miss the old slow mo guys.. Gav and Dan just seemed like everything was more of an adventure and there were experimenting and it was more of a first try rather then now. Everything seems like its all set up, everything already planned, already experimented. I miss the comedy that was not lined or written… I love you guys so much but these episodes are just sad….

    • Flaming Bats says:

      its a youtube show, therefore they probably have to follow safety rules and scripts

    • Josh Dredge says:

      I read this before I watched the video, but this episode is mostly improvised and goofing around because things in the first experiment went wrong…

  18. Josh L says:

    We call it jello because that’s what it says on the package.

  19. jo smith says:

    how embarrassing. please stop

  20. PANKI_7 says:

    I think you should fire him from human cannon into jello and than give us ultiamte slow mo πŸ˜€

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