World’s Brightest Flashlight | OT38

World’s Brightest Flashlight | OT38

Overtime returns with the WORLD’S BRIGHTEST FLASHLIGHT, an EPIC Harry Potter Fight Scene, and Ty’s Top Ten video games of all time!!!

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23 Responses

  1. Dude Perfect says:

    Thanks for watching guys! Download Top Eleven for a chance to get the exclusive Dude Perfect in-game jersey & emblem! 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️

    • Ginger j says:

      Is that his real number!!!

    • saint's painting says:

      13:42 Broo fifa mobile is better
      My ovr is 110 and i have 20 million coins

    • maddix reedy says:

      do it harry potter vs star wars

    • Eleanor Shoaf says:

      Hey dude perfect so you and your kids went on a spring break vacation and you stoped in port st. Joe and you stoped at the liquor store called port fine wine and spirits well my grandparents own that and you got a picture with Blake and my uncle was there and just wanted to say that Blake was so excited to see you and that was so cool that you came there when my uncle told me this I could not believe him so just wanted to say hey and my uncle told me that Blake was like a little girl meeting Taylor Swift he was so red so just wanted to say hey and that was cool

    • yeebus is a qt says:

      First 🎉

  2. That'll Work says:

    I actually went straight to Voldemort in my head too 😂 sorry Garrett

  3. Bomber Steve says:

    If you watch how coby talks to fans and interacts on the phone… can see why these blokes are popular. Just pure genuine guys with hearts of gold. The best wheel unfortunate ever. Love Coby and all the lads!

  4. Liamplays says:

    I love how even though they such a big company at this point it still feels like they are just a bunch of friends making videos

  5. M Williams says:

    If any Dude Perfect member had to post their phone number, I’m glad it was Coby. I’m sure it was a long 24 hours for him, but he was so genuinely nice and friendly interacting with everyone!

  6. Ronin 28 says:

    That ‘Avada Kedavra’ from Garret was ON POINT! They really nailed this fight scene.

  7. Everything Always Works Out For Me. says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful episode 😍

  8. Baseball Kid says:

    It’s so crazy how they have been entertaining us since they were in college, and even still when they have kids.

  9. Naomi Buckingham says:

    A full length fight scene would be amazing!

  10. Christine Morocco says:

    I reallllllllllly want a full length fight scene. You guys are awesome!

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