World’s Fastest Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot

World’s Fastest Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot

My Friend Paul and I show off our Rubik’s cube solving robot.

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20 Responses

  1. Jared Cummings says:

    Cool you can program like this but waisting time on a cube…. why ?

  2. RabidPrairieDog says:

    That is just crazy… Well done, gentlemen.

    -a fellow engineer of a different discipline

  3. PottyBear rawr says:

    How are people complaining about this? This is fucking awesome

  4. Youtube Money says:

    Cubes are mod how is that solving it stupid cheat

  5. Jared Young says:

    Can I use this to make fresh applesauce?

  6. Ender boi says:


  7. Smith Sam says:

    it is very cool!!!

  8. Ethan Manalo says:

    Wow. Great Work :)

  9. John Nealis says:

    thats insane

  10. EchoVids2u says:

    this is why nerds rule the world. What am I doing?

  11. Bernard J Fortin says:

    Dude, you just pissed off the entire nerd population that wastes their time
    solving a Rubik’s cube. They don’t forget…..

  12. LaneVids says:

    Wow! That was intense! Now make a robot that can forever do those bop it,
    spin it, pull it toys forever! … Well I guess until the battery runs out

  13. any name says:

    would love to see this in ultra slow motion & up close to see how it solves

  14. Vladimir Makarov says:

    skynet is here!!!

  15. Unknown Unknown says:


  16. Omegaclass says:

    Good job with your project, science is cool and engineering is amazing.
    more folks like you should get involved with engineering than maybe we
    would not need the H-1B work visas that gives our science jobs to imported

  17. Rhinogator says:

    I wanna put my dick in it so that I can feel how fast it can solve it

  18. Foxy The Pirate says:

    Very cool, and very awesome

  19. Keyson Davis says:


  20. Brandon Moore says:

    That’s pretty cool