World’s First Programmable Magic Wand!

World’s First Programmable Magic Wand!

Thanks Kano for sponsoring this video! Learn more about the Harry Potter Kano Coding kit, and pre-order one for $99.99 at

A message from Kano:
Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit: Build a wand that makes magic on a screen. Learn to code with 70+ creative challenges, and games. Make objects appear, fly, and multiply with a wave of your wand. Create, share, and play with the Kano community. Launching October 1st, pre-order NOW.

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65 Responses

  1. WhamBamDan says:

    I hope there is some way to get it to control things in your house, I’d be yelling lumos and waving that thing around turning on lights in the house like no ones business!

  2. Asthetical says:

    What a disgrace, computers are a replacement for magic made by the muggles. (Something like that, dont rly remember) now they make it so it looks like its REAL magic?

  3. Mr. Truth says:

    Linus = Dumblederp..

  4. mwalsher says:

    It took several pages just to say “pick it up, put batteries in”? 🤨 They’re trying to justify the price huh? 🙄

    Seems amusing, but the novelty will wear out fast. Where’s Sonya to take them down when you need her?

  5. Ale Pineda says:

    Programmable magic wand?! My wife will love this😏

  6. spencer Stockton says:

    But it is not the first. I have had one for more than 8 years that controls a tv… what a sham.

  7. Gil FELDMAN says:

    more macros for taran

  8. Umbra says:

    Aw, Linus is a closet Harry Potter nerd.

  9. Paithen says:

    Holy crap imagine playing osu or taiko or step mania with this

  10. Nishad T says:

    This video just made me go watch all the harry potter movies again

  11. Alex Fuss says:

    You should give this to Taron and see if he can set wand motions to macros. Upvote to let him see this I really want to see this.

  12. NXSTY says:

    I’d love to see it used in a smart home setup. (spells to adjust lights, heater etc…)

  13. Snoosri says:

    00:30 look at that smile!

  14. Chad Mojito 🇫🇷🍔🐀 says:

    This is bad. If you can connect it to a drone and use it to _accio_ things, I’m never getting out of bed again.

  15. Transformers And Power Rangers Toy Reviews says:

    Drag-and-drop coding, ew.

    • JJ Jellyfish says:

      I’m so pumped for this! Come on now, how is anyone gonna get into to programming, if you just have a bunch of text thrown at you?

    • fcknmrcls says:


    • Maxim Baychev says:

      Transformers And Power Rangers Toy Reviews I love drag and drop coding. Its so easy I can just do it while I am half asleep

    • Zealox says:

      Yes make the children learn C++ with a small, easy to understand guide book.

      I’d love to see you try.

    • starshipeleven says:

      Raspberry Pi also features the same programmable logic blocks in its main “firmware” to learn coding.

  16. Benjamin Chaves says:

    *meanwhile* (Dark Souls players heavy breathing)

  17. wifebeater69 says:

    this looks like itd get boring after about 4 minutes..

    • Mic_Glow says:

      I’d do a light controller that reacts to hand motion and speech (lumos, nox etc.) Than casually turn light on in another room with a spell and watch them struggle to use voice recognition.

    • TheNinjaBoyGamingDoesntDoGaming ThisIsACreativeName says:

      Nah I would love robbing a bank with it

    • The dweeb Weeb says:

      Really depends on what you can code,the more of a code-ophile you are the more fun you’ll have

  18. Rahul129K says:

    Linus got too excited 😄..

  19. Verlisify says:

    Block coding is fun. I had a blast with Alice in my High School Game design class. Tech has come a long way

  20. Daniel Lopez says:

    So its a slim Wii controller with motion plus.? Although it does have the coding part.

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