World’s First Smartphone Wireless Charging Monitor, SE370

World’s First Smartphone Wireless Charging Monitor, SE370

Samsung Electronics introduced the SE370, the industry’s first monitor with an integrated wireless charging function for mobile devices. Available in 23.6 inches and 27 inches, the SE370 monitor declutters work areas by doing away with unnecessary cables and ports needed to charge mobile devices. Along with superior picture quality, enhanced visual performance and thoughtful design, the monitor seamlessly integrates advanced technologies that offer both professionals and consumers an optimal viewing and usability experience.

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19 Responses

  1. gheefop says:

    decent idea but 1080p really

  2. Dragon says:

    lol too gimmicky…. almost every monitor comes with a usb port……and
    therefore a usb cable can be connected to charge the your phone…… right
    next to the monitor already…

  3. ScytheyX says:

    2 problems with “wireless charging”
    1 the base still has a cord so it’s not really wireless
    2 since most people still use their phone when they r charging it, how can
    i do that if it must remain flat. hover awkwardly over my night stand?

  4. fartybumholes says:

    1:47 oops!

  5. Juan José Bayona Ospina says:

    Does have miracast support?

  6. Brick Tamland says:

    or just attach a wireless charging kit to your current monitor

  7. Scott Wilkins says:

    Not sure why this requires a whole monitor. Just about any monitor can be
    held up by a VESA standard stand. Just make the stand and use the monitor
    you like best. Think outside the box folks.

  8. Shivam Sharma says:

    0:42 “IM CHARGED UP!”

  9. Tyler Stokesbary says:

    At 0:18 did they mean to say “Seen” instead of “Been”?

  10. Legate Lanius says:

    Basically they took the wireless charger of the S6, plugged in this regular
    monitor that has nothing exclusive and called it the world first smartphone
    wireless charging monitor. LMFAO. gimme a break you ching chongs samsungs.

  11. Aak jun says:

    Monitor Canggih Terbaru dari Samsung Dapat Mengisi Baterai Ponsel secara
    Wireless Lho

    Perangkat elektronik serbaguna kini banyak dikreasikan oleh perusahaan
    terkemuka dunia. Samsung yang mempunyai nama besar pun tak mau ketinggalan.
    Mereka baru saja meluncurkan sebuah monitor SE370 yang bisa pula
    difungsikan untuk mengisi baterai ponsel secara wireless.

    Monitor ini tersedia dalam dua pilihan ukuran, yakni 23,6 inci serta 27
    inci. Monitor tersebut mempunyai resolusi Full HD dengan response time 4ms.
    Untuk memberikan kenyamanan bagi para gamer, monitor ini juga dilengkapi
    dengan fitur Game Mode.

    Lalu bagaimana dengan kemampuan wireless charging yang ada pada monitor
    ini? Semua ponsel yang sudah mempunyai standar wireless charging Qi bisa
    mengisi baterai dengan monitor tersebut. Tentu saja tak perlu kabel, karena
    pengisian baterai dilakukan secara wireless.

    Untuk mengaktifkan fitur tersebut pun sangat mudah. Tinggal menempatkan
    ponsel tak jauh dari monitor. Dan selanjutnya, proses pengisian baterai
    secara wireless akan berlangsung secara otomatis ditandai dengan lampu LED
    hijau yang menyala.

    Menarik bukan perangkat monitor terbaru dari Samsung ini? Sayangnya, pihak
    Samsung tidak mengungkapkan secara pasti kapan monitor ini akan mulai
    mereka pasarkan ataupun terkait harga jualnya.

  12. Nova Wain says:


  13. Jairo Mancera says:

    Screw apple lol

  14. coolclub198 says:

    is this only me or do i feel like samsung is making cheap chineese products
    with multipurpose function like wipe your ass and your face brush xD

  15. 靜流 says:



  16. Theokoles says:

    Let’s look at this as a venn diagram, shall we?

    For one circle we have those people who are looking for a brand new
    monitor. The overlapping circle are those people who want to conveniently
    charge their phone at their workplace. The circle which creates the cross
    section are the people who:

    1) Presumably own a phone with qi wireless charging.
    2) Are looking for a freesync experience only at 60hz.
    3) Are fine with HD as a resolution.
    4) Believe that gamemode isn’t just a brightness/gamma setting.
    5) Believe that there is such a thing as a conventional monitor to compare
    this monitor to.
    6) Believe that fast response time without quoting ms, gtg (etc etc) means
    that it’s fast.

  17. samgraves2 says:

    I don’t care how awsome the picture is… if it isn’t height adjustable,
    I’m not interested.

  18. Slaystation3 says:

    Not a fan of their “Touch of Color” stuff. What is that? Baby blue? That
    should go well with… well, nothing.

  19. Findecanor says:

    If the big selling feature of this monitor is going to be the stand, then
    why the **** didn’t they make it a _good_stand, that is height-adjustable?
    I got a couple of the earlier models of these Samsung monitors at work, and
    the stand *wobbles* a lot just from the vibration of my typing – and I am
    not a particularly hard typer. Not to mention that one of them is leaning
    slightly to the left.