World’s Largest Off Road Wrecker Get’s Some Springs

World’s Largest Off Road Wrecker Get’s Some Springs

So I got a build project and the world’s largest off road wrecker has springs!


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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt’s off-road recovery!

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21 Responses

  1. BleepinJeep says:

    Great job guys, getting the wrecker body up on that chassis makes it come to life! Instead of the springs I thought you were just going to use 20 ORI’s on each corner 😀. And the ending was spectacular!

  2. PeterRabbit59 says:

    Putting that body on that frame sure gave a good concept of what it will look like when done & it looks like it’s going to be great! That Girl in that Morrvair couldn’t get a bigger smile on Her face. You could see on how much She enjoyed that ride!! Sure would be nice if something like that would come here where I live. This is what makes Matt so lovable with a big heart!!!

  3. Jason says:

    Those huge grins on everyone’s faces cruising around at the end is seriously what it’s all about!! Absolutely love the morr team and the positivity they shed on the world! Keep it up guys!!

  4. Hannah The Archangel says:

    OMG, you guys taking the family out for a drive was incredible – my eyes started leaking some water though for some reason! All my life I was in law enforcement, and my last job I was a park ranger. I got a tiny cut on my middle toe, and a month later was in the ICU with a MRSA infection that had gotten into my spine, and, it left me partially paralyzed. I had to learn how to walk all over again, and soon I’ll be back to driving too – but it was a long hard 3 1/2 in the hospital recovering from that infection. So you guys doing that for people who face some challenges is wonderful – I know how happy you made them! Thank you!

  5. Special_Agent_Ragnar says:

    The smile on her face absolutely brought tears to my eyes. It’s so incredible to see you guys giving back. God bless you all!!

  6. [Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam says:

    This is what it’s all about. Y’all, I can’t express how much joy it bring all of us viewers to see you all using your platform for good. Proud of y’all.

  7. fonitronik says:

    18:30 “Are you okay?” – “Yeah!”
    That and the following minutes made my day. Thank you for doing this. That was the most awesome moment I ever saw on your channel. Abby won my heart today and I will donate for sure!

  8. Joe M says:

    Never thought I would shed a tear from watching Matt’s off road but the last couple of minutes kind of got me. What an amazing team Matt. Thanks for filming!

  9. E R says:

    One of the great joys in life is to be part of making a child that happy and excited. Kudos, Matt and crew for what you’re doing for Abby and so many other extraordinary people in your local community.

  10. Chris & Antonis Countryman-Purvis says:

    Just watching the joy and happiness on Matt’s face when he was driving those kids around and letting Abby “drive” the MORRvair was simply amazing and worth every minute! Headed over to the website to donate now! Hopefully it will help bring more joy and laughter to more deserving children like Abby!

    • timg912 says:

      Me too!

    • Mr.Jade420 says:

      That was amazing thing to do Matt… big hats off to you and the whole Matts off road crew!

    • Bradford Dillman says:

      I’ve watched hundreds of videos on this channel, but this is the first time I’m bawling like a little girl. These guys are the absolute best. Bravo.

    • Fred Stanley says:

      @The Masked Musician Yes I am! To see someone use a particular platform like YouTube to not only make a better life for themselves and their family but also to care enough for his fellow man and help create a better life those in need in his community like Abby and her family, that just speaks volumes to me of how big hearted and unselfish of a person Matt really is and that touches my heart beyond measure! He’s blessed to be a blessing!❤️

    • Scott Curda says:

      I am not sure who was having more fun, Matt or Abbey?

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