World’s Largest Squid Game Honeycomb Candy In Real Life!

World’s Largest Squid Game Honeycomb Candy In Real Life!

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Special thanks to @Beluga @Jordan Matter @Brianna @Devon Rodriguez @Ten Hundred @Brianna @MsMunchie for participating!

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30 Responses

  1. ZHC says:

    Subscribe if you haven’t already and you could win a custom $3,000 Golden iPhone!
    Honestly this video came out way later than I would’ve wanted cuz the editing took forever! Anyway, I still hope you guys enjoy it!

  2. MsMunchie says:

    Yayyyy!! Another video 🥰

  3. Kauczuk says:

    It’s good to see you back, Zach! 🥳

  4. ジュリア・フィッシュ says:

    Congrats to all players! I especially admire the players that sacrificed themselves for their team. Great job Zack, you never cease to entertain us!

  5. Xavier says:

    ZHC: this is the world’s BIGGEST honeycomb

    Mrbeast: makes a honeycomb thats big as a house

  6. Jennifer Go To My .ChanneI! L!VE-NOW says:

    I had so much fun recording this video with you guys! Thanks so much for inviting me 🙂

  7. Beluga says:

    this was insane!! thanks for having me 🙂

  8. KS Taylor says:

    Dear ZHC,
    Watching you these past few years has brought me so much joy from when you start your art to where you are now. I also love the blonde hair on you. Tell your team hi for me.
    P.S. Michelle is a keeper

  9. ComicBird says:

    I love the effort zach puts in to all of his videos to give us entertainment!
    Love you zach

  10. Salwa Ebrahim says:

    the excitement I get when I see you’ve uploaded to the smiling at your videos till my cheeks hurt ,zhc your one of the most generous ,kindhearted people I know you deserve all the happiness in this world and more.

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