World’s Most Dangerous Skateboard

World’s Most Dangerous Skateboard

Today we crafted a very dangerous skateboard with nails and a saw blade. Do not try this at home. Game of skate possibly coming soon. lol


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20 Responses

  1. Nathan Manies says:

    Not a fan of this

  2. Tahz OG says:

    My asshole has never been more puckered than it is now. That was scary as

  3. Aviyon Saunders says:

    this was so risky to watch

  4. Abby Mitchell says:

    Anxiety level to the max while watching this

  5. Blake Howell says:

    Why did you do this?

  6. WommyBro says:

    Landing primo should still count for tricks. Notice the word “landing”.
    It’s like “winning” third place in a race

  7. Myles McCray says:

    Hardflip and then we’ll talk dangerous

  8. Tom Flood says:

    That was legitness

  9. Francis Selintung says:


  10. Kumamadness Patricio says:

    Did you graduate college yet? if you did could you post more often?

    btw, those were awesome videos when you came down to honolulu, hi with andy
    schrock and the gang. even the Q&A you with andy was when u were down here
    while driving out to Kaneohe. I noticed the scenery. yummy poke bowls. it’s
    my favorite.

    hope to meet you.

    my son, Bear loves skateboarding and learning tricks. he wants to be just
    like you. you would be an awesome sensei to learn from. he just bought a
    revive moon life deck I believe it’s called. I could
    be wrong. he wishes to visit shred quarters 1 day and meet everyone. he
    watches all the skater channels.

    Alooooooha from honolulu, hi. God bless. :)

  11. MDAskater GmonkeySB says:

    I was scared watching this 

  12. Lachlan South says:

    Sick vid

  13. antsolja says:

    C R I N G E

  14. Eetu Mäkinen says:

    Please do the game of skate

  15. Nicholai Korb says:

    my feet are literally cringing

  16. MoritzH says:

    casperflip this

  17. Jam Esloop (Galaxee) says:

    Dude I’m so scared for you right now

  18. Dustin Skates 247 says:

    That’s a REAL razor tail

  19. Guille Fernández says:

    fucking sick dude :O

  20. Josh Harris says:

    underwater game of skate