World’s Most Overpowered Weapons!

World’s Most Overpowered Weapons!

I gave my friends the most OP weapons ever created in Minecraft, and whoever wins the most challenges with these weapons gets two $10,000 PCs! Also the losing team gets pelted by burgers haha


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44 Responses

  1. TheUndisputed One says:

    Chandler: starts winning

    Mrbeast: hands Karl and Nolan a nuclear bomb.

  2. Javier Arreola says:

    No one dies when their on high grou…
    Nolan: let me introduce myself

  3. MrBeast Fanclub says:

    Karl: Im getting shots in.

    Also him: misses literally every shot he takes

  4. Henry OMG85 says:

    Nolan: We have the high ground

    Chanlender and Chris: you underestimate our power

  5. Dr. Pepper says:

    Nolan : “Give up, Blue Team ! I have The High Ground !”
    Chandler and Chris : 6:32
    “you underestimate our power”
    Nolan : *panickedscreeching.mp3*

  6. SrujjyBoi says:

    The massive sword one was just a way to farm that’s what she said jokes

  7. Shitzu Girav says:

    When someones winning beast always gives something to someone whos literally losing

  8. Essa Khan says:

    I feel bad for chandler and chris. They were winning the first two rounds but mrbeast gave karl and nolan better weapons. 🙄
    Karl wins almost all of the challenges 😐

  9. SuperSmasher1010 says:

    Mr Beast: *gives Nolan’s team a maaasssive handicap*
    Chris and Chandler:*look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power*

  10. Bluimello ʏᴛ says:

    Hmm giving Karl and Nolan a free win with the op laser and also only caring when Karl 1 vs 2 although Chris does it once or twice as well 100% not favouriting red team

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