World’s Sharpest Knife!

World’s Sharpest Knife!

Chris and I react to the greatest item hacks in the world!


Experimental Fun

Louis Weisz


Giaco Whatever




SlivkiShow EN

Mr. Hacker

The S

Almost Perfect Restoration

Bobby Duke Arts

Western Champlin



Mark Rober


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28 Responses

  1. Patterrz says:

    The editors go crazy on these videos, respect to them

  2. FliteTest says:

    Thanks for REACT guys! Box fan was nutz and a great memory! 🤙 cheers!

  3. Blaze says:

    Dude like I’m literally just 13 and i dream of all the things which you are doing RIGHT NOW. You are a true legend….just thank you for your videos

  4. GalaxyLlama141 says:

    i remember when life hacks were a thing they were fun. you guys should bring them back

  5. ShadowWarrior says:

    Fun fact: the soda tab, is in higher quality metal than rest of the can, and you can collect them and deliver to people who makes prosthetoc leg etc.

  6. Hey says:

    Its crazy 🔥

  7. Mingorix says:

    Realise how Jimmy hasn’t even shaved his beard for so long already

  8. Footy Zone says:

    i was here when yall did life hacks, i loved seeing yall react to the
    cool things done with matches, or the match fire slingshot made from a
    coke bottle.

  9. N3RV3 B01 L3V1 says:

    I want them to bring back life hacks and the funny commentary with it

  10. Uchiha Madara says:

    3:45 Props to the editor man,it is so realistic

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