World’s Strangest Halloween Rituals (GAME)

World’s Strangest Halloween Rituals (GAME)

People celebrate Halloween in some pretty interesting ways around the world. GMM #789
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20 Responses

  1. brimast14 says:

    Lol i’m from Toledo, Ohio :)

  2. Sara Ghabeli says:

    In every episode where they talk about stuff from different countries, I
    just hope so badly that something is from my home country (Norway), anyone
    feeling the same?

  3. Olivia loftus says:

    im british and mymfamly has neverndone the one with cats and elfs

  4. iGotTheJuice3 says:

    I’m from Toledo, Ohio!

  5. grimduck LRA says:

    not just hongkong though!! Chinese in general do do these rituals!!

  6. NoisyJodie2 says:

    It’s birthday! ?

  7. okaywhatever says:

    Ayyy! Any mythical beasts from Ohio watching??

  8. Dragon Cat says:

    Wait, now there is no Czechoslovakia, right? We have Czech republic and
    Slovakia… Right?

  9. Trauts-G says:

    Will it jack I lantern revisited

  10. Boogieforme says:

    My boyfriend’s father was originally from HK and I’ve been there during
    this ritual. Supposedly all realms of the dead and living are opened, and
    ancestors will come and visit the living on ghost day. During the time that
    there is this spirit access, they leave food on altars (ancestor in-home
    altars, or outside/in temples) burn fake money stacks or other burnable
    items they think will be useful for their ghost relatives, because they
    believe the burnt up items will cross over to the spirits. The food offered
    to the spirits is so respected, even the homeless would not dare to eat the
    food designated to the spirits. On visitations on a deceased person’s
    grave, the same thing is done.

  11. Shine36 Movies says:

    I got 6 right by guessing sense I’ve never heard any of these.

  12. Geek girl says:


    /. ? ? |

    / |. ?

    /. |
    / |. ?

    /. |.

    Caught copy and pasting! ?

  13. mirza6399 says:

    elves riding cats Allll night longggg ?

  14. Maggie Strickland says:


  15. The Mighty Poo says:

    czechoslovakia doenst exist anymore so its false. And we never did it nor
    anybody we knew

  16. Wulfmaul says:

    RHETT, THE MONTY PYTHON REFERENCE!!! “A fruit does not burn…”

  17. Morgan Gardner says:


  18. Ernest Solorio says:

    Toledo is a real place in spain.

  19. Lia Zabala says:

    I got 8 out of 10!

  20. Cutestblockestcritter says:

    I work to scare those people