World’s Strongest Man vs GIANT Steel Box!

World’s Strongest Man vs GIANT Steel Box!

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World’s Strongest Man Trapped in TINY vs GIANT Steel Box! with Preston 👊


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19 Responses

  1. Avani Saini says:

    I am going on a trip tomorrow I was already very excited and you made my day better by posting. Thankyou!

  2. Sourav Joshi Vlogs 🅥 says:

    We love world’s strongest man, and 1000 layers. Best combo!

  3. BAKUGO says:

    I love the ending so much it’s funny with the sound effect it’s sooooo funny

  4. 💜purple💜 says:

    Can we appreciate how preton makes amazing content❤

  5. MushroomFireMaster says:

    preston: headphone users be careful
    Me: it couldnt be that bad
    the next 30 seconds Me: i think im def now

  6. Nargis Akhter says:

    Waffles r superior than pancakes. As the great Beastboy and Cyborg sang,”🎵WAFFLES WAFFLES WAFFLES🎵”

  7. xo+ic says:

    Robert is so strong that he made the light fell and almost broke it

  8. C0R4U9T3D says:

    Preston: “I didn’t expect that to be that powerful, where’s the scissors man? That should be the next marvel superhero.”

    Me: I mean there’s already a scissors man named Edwars ScissorHands

  9. TheBlazingHacker says:

    I love how Robert is supposed to escape by breaking the box, but he goes outside to break some then goes back in to escape lol

  10. AndPeggy ! says:

    The sound of metal crunching be like:
    Trying to open a bag of chips be like:
    My head be like:
    The world be like:


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