World’s Weirdest Pillow | Overtime 11 | Dude Perfect

World’s Weirdest Pillow | Overtime 11 | Dude Perfect

The world’s best pillow, a crazy judge, and donuts. Another roller coaster episode of Overtime!!
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Tour photos by Dave Contreras: @davemichaelc

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Comment: We want more Judge Dudy!!!

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51 Responses

  1. Dude Perfect says:

    Y’all are the best. Thanks for watching homies.

  2. Skrillz_ 14th says:

    14:06 he really just wants to break all the tables, doesn’t he? ???

  3. Annie Noman says:

    After a whole 1 month we finally get to see the beautiful beard

    • Kushal Bose says:

      Or we could search up the pic of his beard but imagine seeing someones search history and it shows up as Tyes Beard ????????????? That would be really awkward 😛
      ( sorry tye if I spelt ya name wrong )

  4. TheUsual Guy says:

    The Ostrich Pillow has also been in Unbox Therapy

  5. GoldenPickAxe says:

    When will you guys make another Stereotypes video?

    • EMILY SZPYLMAN says:

      Yeah! It’s been a while since the last one

    • Ruben T says:

      They’re filming “Camping Stereotypes” as we speak. There was a Squad video of behind the scenes, but they deleted the post, and the video, without any explanation.

  6. Minded Army says:

    did anyone notice that coby has more world records than wins ?

  7. Vehicle obsessions says:

    Garett said he had not got any super cool. But he did in the overtime 1 episode for the pan cake printer.

  8. Ex Industries says:

    I must say I actually disagree with the judge ruling. Mr. Lobster did state that if Mr. Gilbert had offered to pay all would have been forgiven which seems perfectly just to me.
    Mr. Lobster was put on trial for violating the bro code in forcing him to pay but it is required by bro code as well, if you break something of a bro’s, you offer to pay for it.

  9. General Ender says:

    Dude perfect: So this is a brand new show were definetly not gonna discontinue it after this one time

  10. 《JG》 Siege. says:

    Imagine garrett spinning the wheel and getting “be garrett’s butler for a day”

  11. Bharath S P says:

    14:07 …

    When you actually realize Garett was trying to topple the donuts?

  12. unknown says:

    Can any of you play “CUPHEAD”

    First one to win
    Last one to rage


  13. Marcellus Wallace says:

    Youtube my old friend here we go again. Show me the world’s weirdest pillow. Cheers

  14. Oorjit Sharma says:

    Overtime 11
    Garrett ‘s overtime
    Got to do the intro
    Won 450 dollars
    Had to spin the wheel unfortunate

  15. Another Swiss Youtube User says:

    First Vat19 comes to SixFlags St. Louis and now dude perfect.

  16. SteveVo17 says:

    Fun question tho: Why would there be a “Donut Stacking” World Record tho?

  17. Jorden Vids says:

    Dear Dude Perfect. Love your videos, specially Overtime, but….. I dont like the judge Judy segment..

  18. Alex Frame says:

    Imagine playing epic music over a guy blind folded stacking donuts lol ?

  19. Aniruddha Chatterjee says:

    What if the wheel stopped at “Be Garrett’s butler for a day”?
    Would Garrett be his own butler?
    Like to find out in the next episode of Overtime!

  20. Venkata Kamana says:

    Watched it so quickly

    After the video: waiting ‘patiently’ for weeks for another video??‍♀️

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