Worst Case Scenario: Pilot (w/@SumitoMedia)

Worst Case Scenario: Pilot (w/@SumitoMedia)

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22 Responses

  1. SumitoMedia says:

    wait you were recording our dnd sessions

  2. Red Means Recording says:

    So the opening scenario is pretty much the exact thing from the IT Crowd where roy has him bum kissed. Sue them.

  3. Nrishiee says:

    i am extremely impressed by sumito’s ability to immediately respond to whatever bullshit IH comes up with.

  4. Tolwrath says:

    That twitch scenario actually happened to me once. Someone used my account to gift 20 subs. I changed my passwords, then had to go through customer support to get it refunded. Funny enough twitch still doesn’t let you buy a sub without them storing your credit card information.

  5. Syler Fleck says:

    I love how as a DM, IH just ignores 90% of what Sumito says unless he finds it funny

  6. Jakeyosaurus says:

    improvised scenarios and story telling is 10/10 good content want more pls thank u

  7. Purple Daddy says:

    Just like the horror stories, IH definitely has a soft spot for just taking Sumito’s plans and throwing them in the bin.

  8. ANGERY Nyanyan says:

    Sumito:” I shall make a average normal decision”
    IH: “No, no you will not”

  9. পটাটো says:

    I loved the Sumito living in a haunted house role-play video. Too bad it didn’t get a second episode. I used to watch it every once in a while. I am optimistic with this pilot as well.
    That being said, Sumito is best when he is scared, I hope the is gonna be some sort of continuation to that video or a remake, or maybe something else entirely that puts him in a horror situation. Also please make the previous horror video public, it was one of my favourites.

  10. Huge Wang san says:

    IH: “What do you do now”

    Sumito: *chooses a perfectly reasonable option*

    IH: “nope nope nope” *chooses one answer that sucks for him*

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