Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 1)

Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 1)

Which Halloween candy is the worst of the worst? We’re kicking off our 3-day long tournament to find out.  GMM #1410

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62 Responses

  1. The Superior SpyderDan says:

    I’m picking next years halloween candy off of the winner.

  2. CadYellow says:

    If, as a young child, I got only butterscotch candy’s for Halloween, I would be just fine. Butterscotch is the best.

  3. Danni says:

    Dots, Atomic Fireballs, Almond Joys, Hot Tamales… Feeling personally attacked over here!

  4. Scott Dean says:

    AAARRGG asmr hate so much hate like stabbing my eardrums!

  5. Liz Johnson says:

    HHHAAAA, Cotton Candy Randy almost told Link to go ‘F’ himself :’)

  6. Shiloh Store says:

    That was the fastest 15 minutes!!!

  7. emma jane says:

    My brother loves good and plenty and i think they’re so nasty. Also rhett is wrong bout the niklnips they sre such a fun experience 😂

  8. glory bee says:

    What fool is hatin’ on whoppers?
    Edit: 2, 084 fools

  9. AvatarHallows says:

    Dots and Whoppers are both good. The only problem with them (in my opinion) is that Dots get stuck to your teeth/mouth and Whoppers have a styrofoam-y feel, but not taste! The chocolatey taste of a Whopper is pretty decent.

  10. aSinisterKiid says:

    also, who just chomps down on whoppers? I always sucked on them like a hard candy. It turns into some kinda mushy lil malt bean of chocolate and yumminess

  11. Audi aka Lil Wet Spot says:

    Dots are good, y’all crazy

  12. raptorrancher says:

    Those big orange peanuts….ugh.

    • Aaron Hopple says:

      Just stale marshmallow lol. But yeah I kind of like th an actually. But i see why people hate it lol

    • Rianna Wainwright says:

      I’m really not a picky eater, but anytime I put one of those things in my mouth and try to eat it, l legitimately gag on them, which I almost never do with food/candy I don’t like. So yeah, they’re the worst 😂

    • Ya Boi says:

      I friggin love circus peanuts! They are always my go to candy 😂

  13. Chris V. says:

    I want to give a thought on the whoppers. The candy itself isn’t that bad, but occasionally, you get one that’s like… rotten? Rather than being crunchy, it’ll be hard/chewy when you bite into it. It’s happened enough to me that it’s ruined the candy for me.

  14. Amanda Johnston says:

    I love dots lol, they were my favourite part of Halloween candy xD

  15. COOKIE WOKE says:

    Happy cotton candy day daddys

  16. Adam Letourneau says:

    When will Damiel and Cotton Candy Randy meet?

  17. GendoVFX says:

    An i the only one that things dots taste AMAZING?

  18. Savannah George says:

    “I like everything” Rhett is definitely my spirit animal

  19. Lauren Gould says:

    That tongue at 3:14 was great Rhett.

  20. GriZZly says:

    Why are Whoppers and dots here? Those things are freaking delicious!

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