WORST jumpscare in YEARS [Fears To Fathom: Carson House]

WORST jumpscare in YEARS [Fears To Fathom: Carson House]

WELCOME, back to Fears To Fathom! This time we tackle Chapter 3 of the episodic horror: Carson House.

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39 Responses

  1. Ein The Wanderer says:

    Corey is so real for recognizing Berleezy’s voice as Jeffery

  2. Jesse Pinkman says:

    Cory’s screams scare me more than the sound effects most of the time

  3. alyssafromspace says:

    Cory playing the flag game was hilarious 😂

    • Unity x2 says:

      *While CoryxNegro cries himself to sleep because of his dead Grandma, i meanwhile upload bangers* 🤣

  4. Natasha Emerson says:

    The thing that scares me most is Cory’s screams. The “GET UPPPPPPP” always gets me😂

  5. Rya Lynne says:

    So excited to hear Berleezy’s voice over in a game. He’s always wanted to be featured in a game so hearing that made me so happy for him!☺️

  6. E. G. says:

    I like how sometimes cory gets jumpscared so hard he doesn’t even scream. He just sits there like he’s reflecting on the consequences of his actions.

  7. RedNinja629 says:

    cory’s ‘GET UUUUUP’ always gives me Scrutinized flash backs. truly one of the most scariest mechanics any game could have

  8. Elena Vesić says:

    Every indie horror Game played by Cori is a blessing

  9. 9th says:

    That “My son likes mustard” line was fire 😂 ✨

  10. Gochi says:

    Cory leaving that “by the way, i miss you” in the text bar was killin me the whole time 😂

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