I hope you managed to avoid these products in 2018!
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Hi I’m Tati from GlamLifeGuru, thank you for watching my video, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup videos where you’ll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you’re looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.

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48 Responses

  1. Jill Billy says:

    Halfway through the video and you’ve only mentioned 4 products, and 75 percent of the time taken up talking about ingredients. Not why it’s a “worst product”… only why you SUDDENLY deem them some of the worst because of your sudden concern of ingredients. What happened to this channel!

    • Violeta Velazquez says:

      Jill Billy I was slowly dying inside I was about to skip the video her rants just kept going and going

    • Cutekillerbunny says:

      I legit had to skip through at least 50% of this video cause of all the talk about ingredients

    • Lindsay Connali says:

      Jill Billy honestly I’m up to the 10 minute mark and I’ve had to switch off. I used to love her videos so much but these days I just find her patronising and stuck up..

    • Юлия Элизабет - I Don't Know Fam says:

      I’m paying more attention to the comments while the video plays in the background.

  2. Francis says:

    So. Seeing you have started to talk alot about ingredients ect. And how you want your products to be natural I would advise you to link your researces and articles. Also don’t forget to read different view points so you can form your OWN opinnion. Many people just read articles that say the same thing and don’t give the other side any changes (religions, anti-vacine, flat eathers ect.) If you just yell in the cave you will only hear yourself. Educate yourself. Granted I don’t know what or how many articles you have read, i would like to know tho, but just in case.
    Good rule to follow is if you are trying to change peoples minds on somethings, thing you are doing right now because in every video you are basically preaching as to is this accidental I don’t know, give people the change to read the articles for themself so they can form their own opinnion. We aren’t here to brain wash anyone, right (not saying she is btw)

    • happykitten says:

      Given she didn’t even do that for her own products (Halo and Kiwi or whatever that second one was called), I am not holding my breath 🙁

  3. Tracy Tapley says:

    I like a pleasing fragrance in my skin care. It makes me happy! Aromatherapy! I like coconut oil. But I don’t have sensitive skin. Everyone is different.

    • Laura Sharp says:

      Me too, on both counts! I have loved Tati for years but I now don’t feel like I care for any of her recommendations as everything has this huge agenda behind it that doesn’t apply to me.

  4. Alyssa G says:

    I respect your new found passion about clean beauty. I think it’s great that you love researching it. But it gets a bit redundant hearing it every single video. I’m sure some of your viewers love hearing it while others don’t. So maybe it doesn’t have to be a topic in every single video. I personally don’t think 5 minute tangents about ingredients in a moisturizer you don’t like belong in a “fails of the year video”. I have nothing but love for you Tati. Just sharing my opinion and feedback ❤️

    • Marie Dilbeck says:

      Alyssa G 110% agree! And I love how respectfully this was worded!

    • Emma Manso says:

      I completely agree! I think she is preparing the way to launch smth in her own company which will be probably toxic free or “clean” and that is why she is saying all these now. I have no information about any product launching, this is just my opinion, based on all of her latest video and redundancy on teh topic.

  5. Laura ! says:

    Tati. Girl. You know I love you, I comment on almost every video and I would never give you hate. But the rants or talks you do about ingredients comes across as so patronising and it feels like you’re building up a possible release of your own “clean, healthy” skincare or makeup etc. I appreciate the talks sometimes but not when they take up most of the video when I’m here to see your critiques on why a certain product didn’t work etc. Otherwise, much love to you and happy new year. ?

    • CRAZY KOOL 101 says:

      Laura ! ??

    • Muffin kitty says:

      I agree!! Wish she would make dedicated videos on these topics instead of going on tangents in videos about other things

    • Olivia Nichols says:

      Laura, I agree with you! I totally respect her decision to keep her makeup more natural, but I am also getting annoyed that it feels like a majority of her videos have been talking about fragrance or the ingredients

  6. Vasilikis Beauty Tips says:

    Hmmmm research.. The Halo family is getting bigger in 2019!

  7. Jade W says:

    Omg u talk about ingredients and fragrance in every video now… we get it haha

  8. Celica Miller says:

    ENOUGH ABOUT THE DAMN CHEMICALS AND TOXINS & BULL IN EVERY VIDEO!!! 1-3 videos, OK! BUT EVERYONE COME ON!!!!! ? MOTHER TERESA! Then don’t wear makeup since its just that bad! Like ENOUGH ALREADY!

  9. TNH says:

    All of her ingredients “research”/“non toxic” bs is acc quite worrying considering she’s selling supplements and allegedly working with “the best scientists”? Like can’t any of them give her a kick in the head?

  10. Emma Lou says:

    I’m tired of hearing about “toxic” ingredients in skincare and makeup. You realize that ANYTHING can be toxic in high concentrations? Please don’t buy into this whole “non-toxic” marketing tactic Tati.

  11. Gabriela says:

    This video has absolutely no point whatsoever. Wasn’t even on topic of worst products of 2018. Just about how she’s happy she likes to research ingredients and can do it for hours. Wtf.

    • Rachel Thor says:

      I agree! I do love so so much that she’s researching her ingredients, and I think a great way for her to do it is either to make a separate video on it and leave a card in the video, or at the beginning or end of each video to take five seconds to tell people to go to the description and maybe put the information there.

    • Grace Alanskas says:

      I totally agree. Conspiracy theorists also spend hours doing research so what’s her point?

  12. Crissy F says:

    I never comment…But I’m getting so frustrated with every single video being a rant about “toxic” ingredients. I’ve stopped watching your videos because I can’t take it any more. It makes me sad too because I was thoroughly enjoying all of your videos! I would much prefer to just see your makeup choices, learn why they are/aren’t good (outside of the Ingredients!) and then make my own decision about that item. The perseveration on the “bad” ingredients needs to be put to rest. ?

  13. Michaela Long says:

    I used to wake up and one of the first things I do is watch a Tati video, now I can wait a few days before watching them – if I watch them at all. I appreciate shes learning and doing what’s good for her skin etc but I came here for the makeup!! And it’s just not fun watching the same rant over and over again ☹️ sorry Tati

  14. Janine Alexa says:

    So obvious that you are getting ready to launch something but you are literally digging your own grave by constantly talking about RESEARCH, INGREDIENTS and FRAGRANCE that you OBVIOUSLY know nothing about!! If you launched ANY product I would not purchase based on your videos and your lack of knowledge. Stick with your opinions on makeup and leave the ingredients and research to the experts! It leaves me asking what is this video REALLY about?!? Ugh.

  15. simbelsim says:

    Tati, it’s great that you want to be knowledgeable about what you put in and on your body, and I fully agree with you on things like fragrance, coconut oil (I have the same skin problems) and so on. However, you are really sliding down a slippery slope of misinformation if you’re spending hours on the internet reading stuff without discriminating what sources you use – some texts are more reputable than others, and unless you are equipped to read scientific studies or summaries and are able to recognise pseudoscience off the bat, you might not get the most reliable information out there.

    For example, if you come away from a ‘research session’ on a particular ingredient with the impression that two sides can basically be equally valid, then I’m willing to bet you’re not being scientific enough in your approach; evidence is not a matter of opinion or personal taste – something is either true, or false, or unknown until proven one way or the other (insufficient evidence).

    As someone else mentioned in the comments, Google does not equal research, and there is a lot of misinformation out there. If you talk about research and mention the nonsense of oil pulling and star charts in the same breath, it also makes it more difficult to take your ingredient ‘research’ seriously and undermines your authority.

  16. More Maria says:

    What??? I didn’t clicked on this video to watch that ?
    Why your getting too much on toxic ingredients. This video wasn’t helpful at all.

    • More Maria says:

      +Caitlyn Jones ❤️

    • TheMimilija says:

      Emma Manso even if so, I don’t think she will be using ‘toxic’ makeup again which makes me wonder what she is going to review because there are not that many ‘clean’ brands and usually their products suck and are so overpriced

    • Emma Manso says:

      +TheMimilija So true…! Let’s wait to see what she will do.

  17. Brittany G says:

    This is a genuine question, 100% not trying to be snarky, but is this going to turn into a “clean only” makeup/beauty channel? You do you girl, you have every right to completely revamp which products you use. I am just asking because I don’t happen to be interested in that kind of content

  18. Maia Meow says:

    Oh Tati. These past few weeks have been really weird because we’ve just been watching you fall down into this hole of “clean beauty” and “toxic ingredients” and like. Oh boy :/ it’s getting hard to watch lmao

    • Vidhi Mehta says:

      Emma Manso wow that makes sense… totally agreeable… but then she’s practising what she’s preaching… which makes it fair ?

    • Stella Wolf says:

      Yeah at first I was like oh who am I to complain if she wants to change the products she uses but she is talking about ingredients every few seconds now and I’m actually not very interested in that topic I just want to see her review makeup products ?

    • Emma Manso says:

      +Vidhi Mehta yes, that’s not a problem then-but to be completely fair she should just stop using toxic brands in the future then..

  19. Maia Meow says:

    I’m actually really confused as to how the FAB moisturizer made this list… she talked about how she used it for a while and that coconut in general breaks her out but she didn’t talk about specific issues with the product. I’m just really conflicted because I love Tati and her videos but this doesn’t feel like the WORST of 2018, you know? Maybe it’s just me.

    • Bronwyn B says:

      Maia Meow ? no it’s not you…

    • Laura Sharp says:

      Thank you! I wrote a comment how I always think it’s dumb that people are offended when their fave product is trashed, but I was actually kept awake last night thinking about this! Haha. That moisturizer is BEAUTIFUL in my opinion, and she didn’t even give an actual reason for calling it a “worst product” – the explanation was all over the place. This list in general felt like a last-minute grab.

  20. The Minimalist Woman says:

    Was it me or was this video kind of all over the place? The talk about ingredients aside, I just felt like she sporadically went from one thing to the next without any real explanation?

    • Emma Manso says:

      I think she is preparing the way to launch smth in her own company which will be probably toxic free or “clean” and that is why she is saying all these now. I have no information about any product launching, this is just my opinion, based on all of her latest video.

    • Stella Wolf says:

      That’s true I caught myself skipping a lot of parts which I rarely do

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