Worst Prison Experiments Conducted on Humans

Worst Prison Experiments Conducted on Humans

What are some of the worst prison experiments that have been conducted on humans?

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20 Responses

  1. Evil Boobookin says:

    Who’s kinda just watching this, and thinking, “We are humans, we are considered to be the most advanced species on our planet, *yet we like to perform experiments on each other in cruel ways and we are just messed up.”* while under their warm blanket and realizing that this isn’t the worst?

  2. S0L ACE says:

    This is a great video- but this is the wrong music

  3. Preda Daniel says:

    ohh like that prison area 51 or some shit where there was an experiment on humans making them look like “aliens”

  4. daneg007 says:

    shout out to charles benedict davenport.

  5. UOY KCUF says:

    Muh 6 grillion, there were no gas chambers.
    Big bad Nazis, I wish they won that war, the world would be a much better & safer place.
    the international judentum would have been eliminated & no marxism or jewish lobbies destroying the world.
    Jews ran the Gulag, nice how you never said that.

    Jews sterilized black african jews who migrated to Israel…without telling them. Jews are the real evil.

  6. Nathan Bruce says:

    If the government needs more test subjects for their acid experiment hmu

  7. Aj Stokes says:


  8. Griffith says:

    This is still goin on iv been syringed twice in one year.
    To later have a doctor come into the tank w.a (general population) to see if I broke out in hives.

  9. Jzone hadzone says:

    Yea yea we all know that our doctorssurgents took a little lesson from those secret experiment.

  10. Shafi Azgar says:

    Japan, Germany & Russia, the losers of the wars get their secrets revealed by the winners. The winners get to keep their secret because there is no one stronger to expose them.

  11. D.L.S PRO says:

    prison break is the best series

  12. Blue Fin says:

    Dude, you didn’t have to mention the human centipede

  13. Agent 0025 AK AKiB says:

    Why History Why You Only Tortured Black

  14. carter steyn says:

    Hey guys hate to bother anyone but what software or website do the infographic show use to use the animations and other stuff I have looked at the about section but I don’t think it says what website you actually use

  15. OnlineBirch FTW says:

    So joseph mangula (i know i buthered it, sorry) its Deathshead.. from Wolfenstien

  16. secret channel life says:

    I feel bad for the prisoner:(

  17. Webbie says:

    and this is why humanity is doomed. sooner our garbage species dies off the better

  18. Winona Handy says:

    The slavery of blacks should have been added in alot of experiments were done one men and women back then that were cruel and disgusting but they claimed it was for science

  19. cj j rock says:

    I get some are innocent but MUDERES and RAPIST

  20. Apriltops says:

    Whats the difference between prison and jail?

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