Worst Shark Tank Products Ever

Worst Shark Tank Products Ever

Shark Tank gets ranked! Find out what’s the worst of the worst with these flopped product pitches.  GMM #1492

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84 Responses

  1. Arshia B says:

    When you’re too early to know what to comment; but not early enough to be the first. Notification squad?
    (6th view though, yayy!!!)

  2. Spongebob SquarePants says:

    You know out of the things on shark tank they never had a shark tank

  3. CoughE says:

    You misspelled the word “Best” in the title

  4. Nintendrew says:

    4:02 “It tingles, but it doesn’t hurt you!”

    (X) Doubt

  5. Regina Capulong says:

    Honourable mention:


  6. Zack Sherman says:

    Jordan is the best.

    59 dollars for elephant in the room?! Why not just spend the extra money on couples counseling.

  7. Black Sheep says:

    Cotton Candy Randy is posing as Jordan *AGAIN* . _smh_ .

    • Tim Justus says:

      its not cotton candy day today. cotton candy randy can only inhabit jordan’s body on cotton candy day.

    • Cakemaker 33 says:

      But when he poses as Jordan that’s the only time he can be nice to Link ?

    • Tim Justus says:

      +Cakemaker 33 its a Jekyll and Hyde situation. a freak accident involving jordan and a cotton candy machine during the filming of an as of right now unreleased lost episode of GMM caused jordan to sometimes slip into the persona of Cotton Candy Randy at random whenever the entity within jordan known as Cotton Candy Randy believes it’s “Cotton Candy Day” allowing CCR to come out and play with his “Daddies”.

  8. kallie slays says:

    where’s my sleep deprived insomniac squad at?

  9. Nintendrew says:

    Am I the only one who would be down to have a Bluetooth implant? ? Sounds dope

  10. Trent Meikle says:

    *I want to draw a cat for you*

  11. Mahnoor Riaz says:

    I wAnT tO dRaW a CaT fOr YoU~ is gonna be stuck in my head all day now

  12. Black Sheep says:

    _I can imagine Link pissing Rhett off by buying many cat drawings and sending it to him everyday._
    Especially the *BUTTHOLE LICKING CAT* .

  13. Evariste Galois says:

    Shark Tank’s biggest oopsies

  14. Courtney Lusk says:

    the elephant in the room is the ultimate version of passive aggressiveness lol

  15. I Tried That says:

    Cat drawing guy made bank doing that. Just sayin’.

  16. CascadeHope says:

    The “I want to draw a cat for you” did rather well, if I recall correctly.

  17. Luna Tones says:

    That cat one is just called commissions, literally any artist would probably be able to go on there and get a investment if they just went on the show and just showed their art.

  18. Xyan Getsuga says:

    Jordan & Emily’s duo gives me mythical life ???

  19. Jacob Clay says:

    Nothing says “Healthy Marriage” like a passive-aggressive pachyderm.

  20. Tony Banik says:

    FYI Chase’s edible fire crackers should be appetizers so that they can be called Fire Starters™

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