Worst Wifi Password Ever

Worst Wifi Password Ever

It’s super easy. I don’t get the problem.


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20 Responses

  1. John Blaze says:

    Bill Wi The Science Fi is my favorite ever

  2. John Cena says:

    the stress!!!

  3. harrisongraceacademy says:

    I got it immediately, the password is fourwordsalluppercase

  4. Leaira Caines says:

    Im done! ?

  5. OneWorldGamer says:

    1 like – KISS YOUR CRUSH
    1 sub – FUCK YOUR CRUSH

  6. gcook725 says:


  7. Mia Yado says:

    this is the password FOURone

  8. sean1256 says:

    Write it down or text it retards

  9. JaggedIndividual says:


  10. Amanda says:

    who gets his password before seeing the hint??

  11. kayla casagood says:


  12. Miracle--7 says:

    I actually understood it right off the bat. The wifi network thing was
    fucking hilarious though

  13. carlo l. says:

    jimmy ayyy

  14. UberJamesMan says:

    I love jokes about YΦ

  15. Avalanche Tsunami says:

    He could’ve just typed it in for one person so that that person knows how
    to explain it to everyone else

  16. Mr.BigCow says:


  17. Neon Light says:

    I got it the first time.

  18. thesmart1 says:


  19. LeafsDoctor says:

    Star Wars spoilers, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  20. STORMINNORMAN800 says:

    Who’s changing there wifi password to this right now? I know i’am!