Would You Rather: IRL

Would You Rather: IRL

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34 Responses

  1. Airrack says:

    giving one of you guys FREE PIZZA FOR LIFE, go grab some PIZZAFY https://pizzafy.com/

  2. Corperal Weyland 2.0 says:

    Eric’s the type of guy to clear everything off his friends’ schedule and be like we got a big day of challenges ahead of us now

  3. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Your bravery and encouragement through out these challenges is amazing. As someone overloaded with social anxiety, this is truly inspiring. I’ve always felt that I would say the wrong thing to people, this video helped me understand that most of the things that frighten me socially are nothing compared to this. Your videos make me want to go out in my life and make new friends. Thank you, Airrack.

  4. 🔞YOUR SEX PARTNER says:

    Airrack does the content that no one expects and still makes it look good and normal..

  5. 🔞YOUR SEX PARTNER says:

    The most fun video I’ve watched this year! Hats off to Eric, he’s killing the game! Happy to say that been here since day 1! He’s gonna become the next big Youtube thing, mark my words!

  6. Bulka_2840 says:

    I think its a good idea for Airrack to make a tv show about them doing these crazy challenges😂

    • TËXT ME ON TËLËGRAM👉@Airracks says:

      !! Hell yeah fan👏
      Thanks for been an active user ❤️❤️ you have been lucky selected for the giveaway session 🎁🎁

  7. Vinson Zhou says:

    The fact that Beans is optimistic to everything makes him my favorite.

  8. Blake Davis says:

    Airrack is becoming the new GOAT of YouTube. The content is getting so good.

  9. Michaela Roger says:

    Beans is so wholesome, I just adore him 😂

  10. Music Chaos says:

    Beans is a dope person. Such good energy and outlook.

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