Wow, Incredible Folding Table! Gone Viral!

Wow, Incredible Folding Table! Gone Viral!

This folding table is my design and recently gone viral of facebook. someone used my copyright material on their facebook and i am not getting credit for it, Which sucks, I have contacted all the fb page i could find and 2 of them have added link to my pages and i am cool with that but there are still several who have not. In and effort to show the original content i would ask that you share a link to this video if you come across one of those pages. thank you in advance.

Get Plans Here –
Sendowl link –
My Website –

Izzy Swan facebook –

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20 Responses

  1. rdouthwaite says:

    You need to Diresta-ize your content. just spray IZZY on every available
    surface / tool / object in shot, that way at least that way you’ll be
    getting brand recognition if not revenue!

  2. James Landis says:

    Izzy’s not a Rock Star, but he should be. Give him back his video! At least
    give credit for Genius where credit is due! Great post and idea as usual,
    I’ll be buying the plans. 

  3. Hank Hill says:

    Wow, Incredible Folding Table! Gone Viral!

  4. Tara Strong says:

    Amazing craftsmanship. He is a very skilled and ingenious craftsman.
    I do question the usability and sellability of the design. This Wozniak
    needs to find his Steve Jobs.

  5. mamaGentle says:

    Just did a lot of searching for your table, found that you are NOT some guy
    in Turkey! SO I posted the real video. Did you make plans to sell? Got a
    couple of friends and myself that are interested. Saw one of your buddies
    posted your website so I posted that too on my page. Good job on the table!

  6. Kremithefrog1 says:

    So how bout a how-to on how you built it?

  7. gixer912 says:

    Does it come with viruses? 

  8. John Varish says:

    I just saw that on facebook. I knew it was your table. I went back and
    posted this video in the comments section.

  9. sundown220 says:

    I shared because I support other entrepreneurs , and your table is awesome

  10. Jeffrey Lang says:

    Going to share your video now Izzy, can’t stand phonies! Keep up the good

  11. Jo Flores says:

    Yeah but other people are claiming it’s theirs! Like this loser!!!

    Haber Ay
    Katlanılabilir Masa sandalye Harika..

  12. Best Reddit Comments says:

    “This is not incredible. In fact, by definition, it is 100% credible.
    And it is 100% excellent, too.” /u/M0b1u5

  13. klancy kennedy says:

    Restaurants would love this.

  14. Jose G says:

    Really beautiful work you have there. Respect.

  15. Quality Backing Tracks says:

    Wow! That’s Awes Awes Awes!

  16. ManiaMusicChannel says:


  17. apepex says:

    Engrave your name onto the table before making a video, if someone is going
    to take credit they’ll have to work hard at removing your name. I would use
    duck tape and spell out your name onto the table.

  18. Joni Fett says:

    How much?????

  19. multijr230141 says:


  20. Manny Garcia says:

    The idea is good, the table is way too small