WOW! Liam Neeson Revenge Controversy, 21 Savage, Austin Jones Guilty, Content Thieves, & More…

WOW! Liam Neeson Revenge Controversy, 21 Savage, Austin Jones Guilty, Content Thieves, & More…

Oh hello. I’m sick. Bleh. Not fun. Oh well, hope you enjoy the show!
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Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Daniela Barhanna, Lili Stenn, Max Iskiev, Neena Pesqueda
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82 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Oh you wanna skip around, huh? RUDE. But here you go… 😉
    Liam Neeson Controversy (00:22), JerryMedia Backlash (2:13), TIA (6:36), 21 Savage ICE (7:12), Austin Jones Guilty (11:35)

    • Paul Leavitt says:

      Philip DeFranco talk about the Marshmallow concert on Fortnite. If you can get the number of attendees that would be awesome. If you didn’t see the concert Marshmallow has a video of it on his YouTube channel that’s pretty good. I’d love to see what you think of this concert and how they did it.

    • 100% Drunk says:

      Philip DeFranco Do we really need all the Twitter stuff? Feels too much like Drama Alert! 10:25

    • Lucian Talmaciu says:

      Could you please try to not move your hands at all in one video?

    • Carlosramirez2123 says:

      So true i agree with everything you said but follow me @ younguglyprince2123
      And @ youngunknownprince

      !!!!I promise you, you will be surprised i have decent content!!!

  2. lordfuture1 says:

    I’m glad all the rest of us humans were born fully formed and perfect…ahhh internet u silly silly mob thinking Luddite

  3. sailorginsing says:

    I’m a black woman, but I am very thankful that Liam Neeson realizes that he was wrong and there’s no excuse for it. I understand that he was pissed and hurt for his friend. That doesn’t give him the right to go after anyone just because they are the same race as the attacker.

    • gino atchley says:

      +Isago Love lol yall are some fairies. Had the dude been any other color it would just be a rape story. Change my mind. Which it is, but somehow liam neeson is racist for looking for a black person when the person who raped his friend was black. But hes racist? Howwww?

    • z7513 says:

      +gino atchley he wasn’t looking for the attacker specifically, he was looking for some one that was in the same racial group, to express his anger on. He realized it was wrong, stop Tryna spin it as it’s not that bad bro.

    • gino atchley says:

      +z7513 lol but he was looking for the attacker. Whatever bro.

    • bladinvladamoor says:

      If a black woman was raped by a white guy, do you not think there would be family or friends of the woman who would then be angry at White men? Or committee an assault or crime in relation to that? It goes both ways

    • JanderVK says:

      +gino atchley “he was looking for the attacker.” It doesn’t make it true no matter how many times you say it. Doesn’t work for Trump, and it doesn’t work for you.

  4. Fortnite Boi says:

    sir savage the 21st

  5. Dirrty_ Demetria says:

    I personally think the backlash against Demi is ridiculous. She was simply laughing at a meme that was harmless, literally what everyone else was doing. She has said many a times that she supports immigrants and has worked with those affected by DACA. I think the worse part is if you go to any of her recent Instagram posts the majority of the comments are making fun of her overdose and telling her the she deserved to die. The world is truly a sick place.

    • Grey Wolf says:

      100% agree

    • Lorenzo Bidinotto says:

      I agree on the fact that she should be allowed to enjoy 21 savage in custody memes. Just as much as people were allowed to enjoy demi lovato on drugs memes. Yet for the latter she and lots of other people didn’t like that memes were being made.

    • MsZizou402 says:

      +Lorenzo Bidinotto I think the point is that Demi didn’t mention once that it was funny that Sir 21 Savage was arrested. She only made the comment of the memes during the Super Bowl and those memes were of Sir 21 being surprisingly English. I never once saw a meme of him being made fun of for being arrested but there are 100s of them about him being English which everyone seems to find light heartedly funny. People just assume that she is making fun of his arrested but she never did. Sad to see people pull the trigger so quickly without going to the source first and making up their own minds.

  6. Redska Red says:

    Lol when Austin Jones’ face came up I didn’t recognize him but still immediately prepared for a sexual misconduct case.

  7. thespawndragon645 says:

    As a black man about Liam Neeson: I think it’s a perfectly rational irrational thought process when someone close to him is raped. I think in some way all of us would think the same. However, he didn’t act on it for one, and two he has used it as a learning situation. Nobody would even know about this if he wasn’t candid about this situation. He even said “black bastard.” In all honesty, if that was the worst he could say, then I think everything will be okay. It’s another situation where people are jumping up and throwing their hands in the air crying “foul” for no reason. I respect him for speaking up and wish people weren’t quite so soft today. Seriously, if someone walked up to me and called me a black bastard, I’d probably just say, “Aight. Why do you feel this way?” That’s a conversation that we could have to understand one another, which is something we sorely lack today.

    • TecnicStudios says:

      +StrangeFruit you love cherry picking don’t you. I’m going to tell you something you need to hear: stop cherry picking to make up an excuse to hate someone, it doesn’t make you look good.

    • Mindy Girard says:

      +StrangeFruit You are actually correct..but again your statement is generalized….human beings are scary in total..and the human brain during times of trauma is absolutely horrifying…there is no way to describe the feeling of knowing that someone you love has been horrifically violated and you have absolutely nothing you can do to fix it….you can’t change don’t have the ability protect them and it doubles when that individual is still at large and your loved one doesn’t know who their abuser is…it was just a stranger they encountered long enough to be in danger…trust me when I say I that trying to fill in the blanks with a mind fraught with trauma is astronomically terrifying… your imagination goes to places the devil himself would never frequent…so while I will not tell you that your wrong.. because I have been severely afraid of my own thoughts before.. I know that ALL human beings will habitate this torturous mind frame in times of trauma.

    • 916-SAC-TOWN says:

      Uuuh sorry my dude, I can see being enraged and wanting to seek revenge on the actual guy that attacked her, but roam the streets for multiple days hoping to beat up ANY black man, is ridiculous.

    • TecnicStudios says:

      +916-SAC-TOWN you are leaving out emotion, you’re point doesn’t work because what he did and thought then was done in an emotionally unstable state, you say he did that like he was in control of his emotions.

    • Nightwolf Gaming says:

      +Marshall McLeod well i would have had to attack him which i wouldn’t

  8. Jason Weber says:

    Yes. Let’s punish a great actor, and man, from pointing out how stupid and ridiculous a past decision or mindset was. Never mind that he’s making a point or bashing hate in an indirect way, without using direct insults. This is why the media and people in general sucks ass. They don’t tell the whole story. They cherry pick and ignore context. He has my support.

    • Violet Fyxe says:

      You’d think at the very least they’d understand an emotional reaction to a female freind getting raped.

    • J F says:

      What’s interesting is they ran a separate article focusing on the shock comment, with a hyper-link to the original article about the movie, rather than a transcript. It’s definitely presented for shock value and clicks, with little care for context. Not to excuse his past actions – although, that’s what Neeson is trying to say: no excuse for past actions, but he recognises them and has changed(?)

    • Josh Adams says:

      He told a story with a very profound moral and yet there is stupid idiots everywhere saying he needs to be punished

  9. Bible Illustrated says:

    Phil should have a regular “rapper in trouble” segment.

  10. Lux says:

    On the topic of Liam Neeson this is my two cents. I’m a black man. I think everyone that’s saying he’s racist missed the point by a mile. I think these people being outraged are so removed from society they can’t see what’s really going on. He admits to his past. He admits to being a racist. He admits to going around trying to find ANY excuse to kill a black man. Is that disgusting? Yes. Is it racist? Yes. However, people are missing the bigger picture. He acknowledges that he was wrong and it was disgusting. He’s finally come to terms with that it seems. People that are outraged are thinking he’s *still* like this – clearly that’s not the case.
    This is why we can’t ever discuss racism openly. If someone is/was racist you can’t ever talk to them because there is never enough grown ups in the room. They’ll get yelled at, berated, outcry for them to be “canceled”. Do you want racist people to just be racist? Do you want them to change? What’s the goal? Is it not to educate them and hopefully have them join your cause (ie Liam Neeson admitting he was racist and moving forward)? If that’s not the goal then you just want to stay mad.

    • GoufPilot117 says:

      I don’t think he was being racist, and my reasoning why is because he was hoping that by doing what he did, by some chance, I think he was hoping to run into the person who did it just so he could get revenge. It wasn’t about racism, he wasn’t racist. He was hurt, hurt for his friend and my guess was he wanted to square up with the sick bastard. He probably would have done the same thing if it was an Asian person, or another Irishman. It wasn’t about skin color, it was about getting back at that person specifically.

    • J F says:

      +ekouzera_tv Totally – I did see that bit, personally. I think the shock here is even asking what race the assailant was, in the first [or second!] place. Let’s be clear, though, it was 40 years ago, and people forget we don’t have the culture we have now. Although, in a contemporary setting I’m sure it would be no different to a policeman’s question, just in a different context. People don’t seem fussed about context anymore.

    • Lux says:

      He did some follow up interviews, some of you might not like the source but it is what it is, he doesnt want to backtrack what he said in other interviews he had and I feel this is important context to add. (Source: AND

      Basically he attributes his bigotry (should also be prejudice retroactively) to his surroundings at the time and trying to do the right thing by his friend, and I feel a lot of people can relate to that even though some might not agree with walking around with a cosh. Some people grow up around hateful people and know nothing but hate until educated. I do retract the implication or assumption that I think he’s racist, however as a black man I hope you all can somewhat relate to how this affects the black community. If ANYONE with major pull – major platform – said that they went around LOOKING for some “black bastard” to at least beat up…thats huge. He specified RACE and thats where my own feelings and my own assumptions came into play. Liam Neeson clarified that he did ask other questions (Height, age, etc) but the fact that he asked for race was disgusting to him – the fact that it crossed his mind was disgusting to him.

      I still don’t think badly of him, though. This happened when he was 20-30 years old. Who hasn’t done stupid mistakes out of anger? I do, however, think that his mindset is what we see a lot of today. PEOPLE bringing their own hate into society and injuring PEOPLE because of it. I don’t blame the radical groups and hold the majority accountable. We have to see past that.

    • GoufPilot117 says:

      +Lux that’s a backhanded apology because while you said you do take it back, you reiterated the same point, essentially a “sorry, not sorry”. Cops ask for race as an identifier, no different than a license plate or paint job on a car. You can change clothes, but you can’t change your race. So stop trying to sit on the middle of the fence and actually pick a side instead of going with one then giving a backhanded “sorry, not sorry” response to the other. Shit, man, my husband went through racism back when he was a kid, when a fellow student pulls a knife on you in elementary school because “daddy said you were a red n**ger and I shouldn’t take shit from a n**ger” there’s something wrong there. That’s racism, wanting to avenge a friend, isn’t. If the person who raped her was white, he’d still look for a white guy.

    • De Code says:

      I agree. Most people outraged by racism never look why it happens, how or what can be done.

      As a migrant, I seen few types of racism… the racism on emotion, rage, envy, anger or hatred… those can be somewhat solved. Then there is racism out of pure indifference, where they feel no sympathy or empathy towards you… it is like they do not feel you are equal, that indifference & cold reaction is pure disgusting. The worse part is Hitler level of racism… if you see monsters, they are made to creep you out.. most are similar to bugs, bugs with multiple legs or weird appearances… it is different that animals or mammals… Hitler viewed jews as bugs, as pests… when we kill certain bugs, we feel relief… being able to view others with such a disgust that you feel relief when getting rid of them or being able to feel pleasure in hurting others… that’s hitler level of racism.

      I am sick of people using racism without talking about it. Taking serious consideration why, how or what. We need to prevent people from being indifferent to others or even reaching hitler level. We need to see why some emotions are stirred against others, to prevent the racism to get worse.

  11. Strawbérry Milk says:

    Neesam is a quiet, and profound person. For him to open up about a human vulnerability that he faced as a younger man is brave. I applaud his courage. Those that are internet pro-ragers most likely never experienced much of anything in their lives and are only outraged because its “what you are supposed to do”: get upset or shocked by people having flaws. heaven forbid the day they should be exposed of their own vulnerabilities…

    • Jervis Lambi says:

      +Hassan Cleveland You can’t be serious about your responses on this thread. So you actually think there is nothing wrong about generalizing about all police officers.

    • Hassan Cleveland says:

      Jervis Lambi I don’t think it’s okay to generalize all police officers as murderers. But I do believe that in our current system, police officers are not held to the same standard of the law as citizens when they should be held to a higher standard. As it is now, I feel that cops are given for too much leniency, that would not be provided to any other citizen.

    • Hassan Cleveland says:

      TecnicStudios no because these are things you wanted to do to the person who hurt you. If you decided you wanted to murder any student at your school, there would be a problem,

    • StrangeFruit says:

      +Josh Adams Thank God for people like me. Why are there people like you who condone violence?

    • Daddy Garrosh says:

      +StrangeFruit Are you actually fourteen?

  12. SincereDoper says:

    so basically liam neeson, when he was younger, walked around thinking “i wish a mothafucker would” mixed with hoping that person would be black because his friend was raped by someone who was black… the fact that he had those thoughts but never did anything is what distinguishes people that are mostly good versus people that are mostly bad. he’s mostly good, and nobody is perfect, so fuck off and let it be.

    • Art Deco says:

      +Brandon Reekie He didn’t” just think about it” you simpleton. HE ACTUALLY ROAMED THE STREETS WITH A WEAPON….FOR WHOLE DAMN WEEK, EVEN. is that too hard to understand? If just “thinking” about doing something were wrong, everyone would be guilty. What ‘everyone’ doesn’t do, is go on a racist hunt.

    • Brandon Reekie says:

      Art Deco ok art sure, you’re right

    • FeelMyPuddle says:

      +Josh Adams because he told us his intent.
      It doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy now.
      But yeah at the time he had a racist and very violent mindset.

    • Josh Adams says:

      +FeelMyPuddle but that’s the whole point of the video he and no one else can downplay that as that’s the whole purpose of the video to point that out

    • Drood says:


      He didn’t “(have) the intention to kill someone of a particular race and gender.” – He wanted someone to start on him and hoped it would be a black man, I mean it’s not good behavior, but the way you phrase it makes it sound like he went out to beat up black people, if that was the case he would have done it, I don’t know where he was at the time but London is 45% non white, it’s not like he wouldn’t have seen a person of colour.

  13. AidanTheAssassin says:


  14. Rhino Gaming says:

    -Take a Joe Rogan or Jordan Peterson video
    -Steal the thumbnail
    -Speed up/down the audio and zoom in 400% so that the video can’t be recognized
    -Description : no copyright infringement intended

  15. Anna Maria says:

    Okay but 21 broke the law and Demi was mocking him but like… why are people defending someone breaking the law? 21 is making every LEGAL immigrant look bad by over staying his visa

  16. SuperiorGo says:

    I’m not an American so I’m having a hard time understanding the 21 Savage situation. If he’s not a citizen why is it bad that he was deported? If he was in the country illegally then it seems he should have known and in that case it’s just someone paying for a crime they knowingly committed. Again I’m not American so this is kind of lost on me.

    • Vanna Mae Art says:

      With all the money 21 has why didnt he just go through the process of getting his citizenship?!

    • Warriors Panthers fan since 2015 says:

      He applied for DACA in 2017 which pretty much gives people like him who illegally immigrated here when he was a child legal status. Also he has been doing so much for the poor in Atlanta the past years it’s just sad

    • SuperiorGo says:

      so for reading this it seems like it’s just a shock value you thing. I got the feeling people were actually mad he was being deported or something like that. I’ve seen some places talk about it like something really sad but it seems like he could still just come and go as he pleases.

    • madcityy says:

      +Salterino Kripperino yes, you’re ever so right, because you right wingers have no ability to view anything nuanced. black man bad.

    • JanderVK says:

      Illegal entry in to the U.S. is a misdemeanor for the first offense which you get fined and possibly deported for.

  17. Dudley Hudgenson says:

    Robert Downey Jr. was a huge drug addict before he became an actor. Should he be banned from anything? No. Robert Downey Jr. and Liam Neeson are changed people, who once upon a time, did and probably said horrible things. YOU did and said horrible things once upon a time. Let it go. YEESH!

    • Warriors Panthers fan since 2015 says:

      Yeah man drug addiction and going around trying to find a random black person to kill are comparable

    • Dudley Hudgenson says:

      +Warriors Panthers fan since 2015 True, perhaps that was a bad comparison, but my point still stands

    • BoltMix says:

      +Warriors Panthers fan since 2015 Liam didn’t kill anyone, he is litterely in a better position then drug adicts

  18. Keoki johnson says:

    Liam Neeson gets a pass. He suffered a bad family trauma where one of the people he loves got raped and she told him that it was a black man.

    But he didn’t commit a crime and he feels remorseful for his thoughts which means he’s safe to walk the streets or get an Oscar for Cold Pursuir or whatever.

    In 2013, I went home to my parents’ house to find an SUV in her driveway with the lights off and I could see that my parents were inside their home. The occupants got out of the SUV wearing hoodies with the hoods up. I tried to call the police but mom lives in the country, no cell reception. So I got out and took pictures of the car then I fled to the neighbors to call 911. It was clearly an attempted home invasion. I graduated from Dartmouth the year the Zantop’s were killed. There was plenty of information on home invasion killings on the news at the time so I knew exactly what that looks like.

    My pictures weren’t clear enough for the police so nothing could be done but we found out that the kids were drug addicts.

    I always have my house alarm on now. Sometimes I dream.about killing them and protecting my parents but I don’t know where they are.

    Everyone would be in jail if we had thought police.

  19. Agent Texes says:

    A lot of people need to do their homework or pick up a book and read about Northern Ireland in the 70s and onwards in regards to people asking and saying “oh how could a normal person do or even think that” or anything along those lines.

    Specifically “The Troubles.”

    That influenced people living and growing up there a lot.

    Mix that with thinking irrationally because someone you love is raped and guess what, you don’t have a good mix and you’re probably gonna do something irrational. Like kill someone simply for being.

    He never had to speak a word of this, no racist would come out of the blue with this, potentially sacrifice their livelihood and reputation to tell a story about them being racist and going about their day with a club hoping a black person would try and start shit and say that they were wrong, that it deeply disgusted them, and that they were a dumb cunt for doing that.

    If you want proof that he has changed then him simply telling this to the entire fucking world and saying that he was wrong, disgusted with himself, and felt remorse for it instead of literally never talking about it because literally no one in the entire world knew nor could find out.

    THAT is TRUE growth as a person.

    To admit that you’ve done wrong, and that you’re disgusted at your actions, especially when no one even knows you’ve done wrong.

    The people trying to get him barred from movies, award ceremonies, label him forever a racist, and general bullying are no different than he was when he was younger, angry and willing to strike out simply because they can rather than thinking for a damn second about what you’re actually doing.

    You’ve missed the point of his story, you’ve missed the message.

    People CAN change and the people putting them down and trying to scorch earth them for coming forward and admitting and actually saying why they were wrong is being counter productive.

    Do you even want racism to end one day? Because by doing this you are halting the progress. Or do you just want to be angry and hateful just like the racists you hate?

  20. Maria Eugenia Santos says:

    So you have a guy that admits to having WANTED to hurt a particular type of people in the past (but did not hurt anyone), a long time ago, AND that he learned the lesson already. So, what do you hope to achieve by punishing him for that? Punishments, such as jail time, was meant to be a corrective measure for crimes committed… so one: there was no crime committed, and two: he already corrected his behavior and mindset.

    • Audilife says:

      democrats created this hostile environment and should resign
      not only him but other democrats are guilty aswell
      jimmy kimmel and jimmy fallon used blackface

    • in3vitableTIMING says:

      Maria Eugenia Santos
      FOR A WEEK!”

      It’s pathetic, I’m not on the bandwagon of black people against Liam Neeson…

      But the FACT you don’t have the intellectual range, to realise this confession is a “scratch the surface” problem that I’m sure black people have told you about when it comes to micro aggressions.
      Or even cases such as this when they manifest into potentially lethal circumstances.

      Just leaves me speechless.

      I will not tar all white people with the same brush, but there is a lot of you that will go out of your way to erase someone’s experience, livelihood, history or opulence.

      Just so you don’t have to acknowledge someone else’s suffering or contribute to remedying the problem.

      This is a clear issue is our society, and you and doing your damn well best to sustain it.

      If makes me fucking sick…

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