WOW! Man Violently Thrown Off Plane Because United Overbooked Flight.

WOW! Man Violently Thrown Off Plane Because United Overbooked Flight.

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20 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    The more footage that comes out from the first story, the angrier I get. Bleh.
    Note: For those that don’t make it to the end of the video, no this is not my new set, just a temporary one for this week.

  2. sebastien ceniceros says:

    man fuck united.

  3. Jimtheknight says:

    “The world can’t unite with hope, they can only unite with hate.” Looks like Phil is team Sasuke

  4. Jeremy Jenkins says:

    They shouldn’t have to manhandle this poor man off the plane and slam him face-first into a armrest. Man should sue.

  5. TheOriginalFayari says:

    This is fucking disgusting. If any of you guys wanna get angry at something, get fucking angry at those three security officers and United airline. The man paid for a flight, instead he got his head slammed into an armrest, he was bleeding profusely, and he got dragged fucking limp out of the aircraft. Let me reiterate for those of you who don’t get it. THEY TOOK HIS MONEY, THEY HURT AND INJURED HIM HEAVILY, DISRESPECTED HIS HUMAN DIGNITY. This is no fucking different from a mugging.

    The man wasn’t a criminal, he wasn’t being belligerent, he was not resisting arrest or anything of the sort. They ripped him out his goddamn seat for fuck’s sake. I cannot believe people in these comments are even excusing the people responsible and blaming the victim because he did not want to VOLUNTARILY leave a flight THAT HE PAID FOR.

  6. Robert Breeden says:

    Sue the ever loving fuck out of the airline, then sue the jackasses that man handled him.

  7. 'MuricaMan says:

    Phil, when the man was taken from the plane by force, why don’t you think that anyone decided to get off for the man. Is this the bystander effect? especially after his face was jammed into an arm rest.

  8. BUGZNTA says:

    Fuck united airlines. I really hope people stop using united and I really hope something good comes from this situation. How can you beat the shit out of a paying customer just because your employee’s need to get somewhere. United overbooked and beat the shit out of somebody because of there issue. Also really hope this guy sues the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk out of united airlines.

  9. Ariel Ho says:

    Everyone’s forgetting that if the airline is willing to PAY customers to leave, they could have paid for their employees to take a different flight with a different airline. Or as the lady said: Couldn’t they rent a car for them to drive to Louisville? There. Two options that didn’t result in fucking over four passengers or assaulting one. Arguing over morals is pointless, but if you had to call officers to come, then you could have called the Hertz to drive your employees.

  10. Facehugger89 says:

    Sure they have the right to refuse service but only if they think the customer is a threat and they have to follow procedure this seems really excessive and the reason doesn’t seem sufficient enough to warrent such force. I mean you’re employees were going to be late for work so you force a paying customer off your plane?

    That’s like if I worked at Mcdonalds and a customer just purchased a chicken burger; they begin eating it but suddenly my friend wants a chicken burger and we’re all out. So I go over to that customer ask him to give his chicken burger to my friend and if he refuses I beat the shit out of him and give the chicken burger to my friend anyway.

  11. iCortek Inc. says:

    As someone who had experienced being kicked off a plane for it being overbooked, it is completely bullshit that an airline would do this. Like Phil said, if you have a flight with 100 seats, and need 4 seats for employees, register those 4 as taken, and don’t fucking put more people on and keep their fucking money. If someone can explain why the fuck overbooking is a thing, please do. Luckily, I didn’t have to experience the violence that the other guy experienced, but it could be because im a white guy, and the other guy in the video looked more oriental, so could this all just run back to the race argument? hope not.

  12. vanthursday says:

    Whats the point of asking for volunteers when you’re gonna force people to leave against their will anyway..

  13. strategyzer1824 says:

    I don’t understand how people can be on united side. Also how can those employees sit in those seat that the man was just pulled from

  14. Ramedlev s says:

    We just had a big TERROR ATTACK in Stockholm Sweden. I myself was in Stockholm the day before the attack, and I had friends and family who saw the attack.

    Why don’t you even mention this??!!!
    There were also several bombings in Egypt, killing more than 40 coptic christians.
    I haven’t heard you talk about this either. Why?

    …did you even cover the Syria airstrikes?

  15. Qori Akromin says:

    yo wtf United, the man’s mouth is bleeding. I hope this video goes viral

  16. stenbak88 says:

    United can get fucked, they will never receive another dollar from me or my family

  17. ScreamsoftheDead says:

    You’re not volunteering to get off a plane if a computer randomly selects you to get kicked off. This is why I think airlines should never overbook. Just take the damn profit hits instead of being jackasses.

  18. BubberDucky says:

    Airlines in general don’t overbook. Its US based airlines that overbook. Its a shitty practice that doesn’t happen elsewhere in the world

  19. Skylar Pierce says:

    Ok hang the fuck on lemme get this straight. United Airlines realised they somehow gave out non existent tickets, people got angry, so they got angry, and ordered police to violently drag someone off the plane? This man claimed to have patients to tend to, WHICH IS A VERY GOOD REASON TO NEED TO STAY ON THAT PLANE, but they didn’t even try asking people who were only going on holiday or something to get off, they decided to stick to their guns and drag this guy off so violently that he was possibly KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS and severely bloodied at the mouth. Isn’t that fucking assault? Holy shit?? But also, they were trying to give people only $400 when I assume tickets are a lot more (please correct me there, I’m not american so idk how it works there). Was this illegal? There needs to be some sort of legal action happening here.

  20. elevateoheyo says:

    Well the good news is after this United probably won’t have an over booking problem anymore. OHHHHH


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