WOW! Pewdiepie’s Last Hope, Advertisers Start Panicking, Gen Z’s Biggest Problem, & More…

WOW! Pewdiepie’s Last Hope, Advertisers Start Panicking, Gen Z’s Biggest Problem, & More…

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Pew Research Study Shows High Rates of Teen Anxiety and Depression

Changes in Digital Ad Space

PewDiePie VS T Series

Trump Administration’s Campaign to Decriminalize Homosexuality
Edited by: James Girardier
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Brian Espinoza, Max Iskiev, Maddie Crichton
#DeFranco #Pewdiepie #LGBT

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96 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    hey you. yeah, you with the face and body, you’re cool. just you know, in case no one told you today. <3
    Depression & Anxiety Study (00:31), TIA (2:59), Digital Ads (4:31), Trump Administration LGBT (8:32)

  2. Str8 Villains says:

    Yes no more fortnite commercials on YouTube ladies and gentlemen we got em

  3. CJ says:

    Trump could cure cancer and people would shout “look at all the doctors he put out of work” just let the guy do the good things he wants to do,

    • Ali Zaidi says:

      +Jim meh right maybe we shpuld just call him and his family a bunch of thives and rapist, or make fun of him for disabilities he may have. Or insult any gold star pow veteran family members he has or better yet we should maliciously spread a bunch a bullshit that he wasn’t actually born in the USA that how you people show signs of respect…….you people are fucking insane

    • Duck Speaker says:

      ​+CJ I’m not a Trump supporter but “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is real and those who have it are unbearable. They make any meaningful criticism of him impossible

    • Lil Baphomet says:

      +Code One DXZ Oof.

    • J _ says:

      Blabesh nk was kinda a global emergency and he’s doing this lgbt thing now

    • Tetsu Zhanshi says:

      TDS is what old JS has, that is why he outsourced Nigerians to oppress him. And I notice they always say hate crimes are on the rise but forget to mention the group that stat shows it is primarily targeting (jews).

  4. Jimmy Wankers says:

    Depression is prominent due to our societies economics. In the age where automation will overtake a majority of labour, we become useless. Our labours worth nothing, jobs will get cut, and if we can’t find a way to share some of our resources, we’re going to have a very large class gap. Our biological mind has adapted to be active which is why when you workout and exhaust your muscles you feek good because your body rewards working your body, to give incentive to our primitive ancsetors to hunt, build and work. Our aging biology can only reault in depression in a changin time. But opium, opium feels real good and thats all you need to be happy right?

    • Bellcross says:

      +DeclaringPond 22 So what if he has a right wing meme icon? did he say something wrong in his statement?

    • Tespri says:

      Lot of bullshit with 0 insight. Also kids aren’t depressed, they are just sad and acting emos like every kid in every generation on this planet.

    • Not a Pinecone says:

      +Tespri that is a very ignorant statement

    • Tespri says:

      +Not a Pinecone
      Actually nope. What I said is backed up by scientific data. You do realize that neuroscience exists? They had already found out long time ago that kids are naturally more self-centered and self-aware. Which is why they start worrying over every little thing. For example how popular they are in school, what cloths they should pick etc….
      Edit: This will change over time once they mature. Everyone who is over 25 can confirm that they were freaking out from meaningless things when they were teens.

      Also depression is something that can only be diagnosed by psychiatrist. Being sad is not same as being depressed. Depression is real illness, not some stage of mind.

    • Schaly says:

      @Tespri makes a valid point here. There is a reason that psychiatric conditions are typically not diagnosed until you are 18 years of age or older. The brain is still developing and at different rates. If the area of the brain in charge of fight or flight is fully developed at a specific stage or reaches peak function quicker than other areas that help stabilise it, then it’s natural to go through points or your life feeling worried about everything around you. It is only if these feelings of anxiety and bouts of depression continue and become trend into adulthood that you have an irrefutable problem.
      As someone who is in their 30s and has a handful of diagnosed mental disorders (And I didnt get a diagnosis and treatment until 19. And not for lack of problem or effort.), I saw plenty of kids and close friends acting the same way I did in my teens, and then grow up without diagnosable issues. As a kid, everything is intense. The emotional areas of the brain develop faster. Regulation of emotion is still being balanced and figured out in your head. To say “You might grow out of it” is a silly statement, but in many cases, true.

      Only a proper clinician can tell you that you have anxiety or depressive disorders. If you have problems with anxiety or depressive thoughts or trouble functioning, it has to persist into adulthood and become a significant impairment to your life to be able to be diagnosed. Simply worrying about the future constantly isn’t an anxiety disorder. It’s just anxiety. And having a bout of anxiety is normal.

  5. natalie says:

    phil : welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and
    me: lets just *jump* into it
    phil: just a quick note
    me: oh ok

  6. Orchid the RainWing says:

    I’m gen Z. I’m not a normally sad person, I don’t have depression or anything. But the other night I cried, just thinking about the future. Thinking about college, future relationships, the world, everything horrible happening. We aren’t special snowflakes (well, I mean, some are. But most aren’t) we just fucking care about the future and are worried about what the other generations left for us to live in. It’s terrifying. I shouldn’t be petrified at the concept of the future. That’s what’s depressing

    • Orchid the RainWing says:

      +DrFrankenSwine Your opinion is valid, but just because bad things happened then doesn’t mean I can’t be concerned about the bad things happening now. I understand they aren’t as bad and they are improving, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still there

    • Thomas says:

      +Orchid the RainWing I do hope that your outlook on the future improves someday

    • Orchid the RainWing says:

      +Thomas Like I said, I don’t have a negative outlook on the future.

    • J _ says:

      Orchid the RainWing it ain’t to bad

    • c tal says:

      +Natalia Valentino you right. if i were to say anything about the people in government being corrupt and having old and stupid views, id be called a snowflake. why am i a snowflake when all i want is to fix the divide, accept more people in the world, and dminish hateful and pointless ideologies?

  7. trumpetperson11 says:

    As a Gen Z person, I can confirm I am stressed the hell out a lot 😀

  8. T B says:

    Could you please somehow incorporate captions for those of us who have a hard time hearing. I really enjoy your content and have a hard time following along.

    • yiela says:

      T B you can slow down the video too. at least until he adds captions ?

    • Miccael says:

      You can turn on captions on the video with the 3 dots at the top right if you’re on your phone. I forget how to do it from the computer but it’s there too. ?

    • TheNat says:

      Heya 🙂 Theres some captions, or least there is now. If youre on PC, click the CC button. Its right next to the little settings gear on the video itself. Hope we all helped!

  9. Kyle says:

    digital adds are getting really stupid. I swear i have seen sooooo many anthem adds they have all but guaranteed that i will never try it out of spite for all the un-skippable adds.

  10. Piano With Corey says:

    Weird takeaway from the video here but:

    …why can’t Phil say “Super Bowl”?

    • Dominic nyuon says:


    • Donald Bolton says:

      highly copyright, NFL has sued bars because they said “Super Bowl” on signs during it’s weekend, they are crazy when it comes to those words being said

    • Bread Juice says:

      Ooooohhhhh rreeeaaaallllllyyyyy


  11. Tehzerr says:

    I mean, the depression thing isn’t surprising, considering we are being left with a fucked up, polluted, and dying planet and expected to just fix everything.

    • Yourangmyfriend? says:

      Not to mention prices for everything is being inflated, and minimum wage is still low as heck

    • The Over/UnderThinker says:

      the planet is not dying. They are telling you that to get you to let them control you. Open your eyes, walk outside, take a deep breath. If the air is not choking you out, your air is fine. I have been in Beijing on a bad, and the air tastes of carbon, but they are running coal plants to power factories, that same weekend, the air was good. The air in Beijing can be awful, but it cleans up one they stop pumping smoke into it pretty quickly (like during Spring festival)

      there is pollution everywhere, the difference is that NOW we see all the pollution on the planet where before we only saw the pollution where we lived. It is the same with mass shootings, hate crimes, weather related tragedies, etc. we used to only see the ones locally and the rest were a half a column for one day in the local paper. Now we see it 24 hrs a day for 3 weeks. It is not getting worse, you are just seeing more of the bad stuff in the world. It was always there.

      It is not more polluted in the US and Europe now than during the industrial revolution. There is not more disease now in India that 100 years ago. There is not more slaughter of innocents now that in the 1930’s-1960’s. there is not more racism now in the US than in the 1860’s. You are now living in the best time ever to be alive medically . People live with stuff now that decades ago were a death sentence. If your baby has a heart problem, they can do surgery before it is even born!

      If someone tells you the world it going down the drain, they are trying to sell you something!

    • Maja Henriksen says:

      biggest load of crap I’ve read recently

    • One Kick Cunt says:

      +jack g No, college too.

  12. Chloe Watson says:

    it’s gotten to the point that I know more people around my age (17) with diagnosed depression and anxiety than I do ones without

    • Justin Pal-Freeman says:

      +Jim meh Or our upbringing put more stress on us to be better than you. Not that you learned how to be decent in the first place, but you really should try to be civil.

    • ChromeShadow98 says:

      gellumingsupermage previous generations are just as unhealthy soooooo

    • c tal says:

      same here

    • c tal says:

      +Cant Twit i mean shit. i didnt realize all i had to do was go outside and eat an apple to fix everything?? hold up, imma go do that real quick

    • c tal says:

      +MiniCom agreed. you cant hust change your environment. if the teens 13-17 are depressed by their environment, how are they gonna move away from it? any job they have isnt making enough to support themselves thats for sure. and with diet, if you arent that wealthy you will eat what is available to you. ive been eating healthier, less fast food. more cooking at home. and i still wanna die. i still have randon times where i get so anxious i have to try not to throw up and i shake uncontrollably. i have no idea how im gonna survive in the future. no matter what ill be in debt and barely able to support myself. going to college is for rich kids and i have no idea how imma pay for it. so thats a stresser. and socially youre expected of more yet i cant seem to get social situations right. but to sum up, i can say most of the things causing my stress arent food and anything environmental is impossible to change.

  13. DaddyCantStop says:

    My anxiety and depression and overall stress is linked to school, the education system and curriculum is just busted, we learn useless garbage, and in no way prepare for the real world

    • YellowShows Gaming says:

      You have an anime pfp shut up

    • MiekeMoore says:

      I’ve been saying that since 1999 when I used to be in High School. The education system needs a total rehaul. We should be taught important things that will help us survive in the real world. Not some of the stupid things we are taught. Like that 4 month study on Sir Elton John my entire music class was made to do. It didn’t help us all get a job or pay the bills.

    • lt chip says:

      +kidmosey most schools from what ive seen dont offer those classes, my school however has fashion so i joined to learn basic sewing and most of the time teachers take the initiative aswell

    • Boshwa says:

      Funny, because even if school taught important stuff, kids would still see it as useless garbage.

      Like, if a class taught you how to do taxes, how much of that info would stay in your mind after the test?

    • c tal says:

      +kidmosey school taught me that the teachers are only on your side when youre smart or wealthy. that even if you try and dont understand, the teachers wont care. mainly because the people in charge of the teachers dont care and the teachers also get treated like shit. school never taught me how to deal with taxes. debt, mortgages, insurance, etc… i know how to measure the hypotenuse of a triangle given the other two angles at least. im sure that will help me not end up in horrid debt from college.

      school isnt useless when its teaching history (even tho so many accounts of how things went down back then are given by old rich white men that wanted to make the past look better in their favor), science, and reading and writing.

      why the fuck isnt there a class called “how to survive as an adult”???? i know so many people that got hella good grades in highschool and now work at fast food chains and had to move back in with parents cause they didnt realize how fucking hard it is to be an adult without guidance.

  14. ana karen says:

    When you said Pew research it automatically made me think that Pewdiepie was conducting the research. ???

  15. Savannah Irwin says:

    Your first bit of awesome may have been a bit silly, but meant so much to me today. My grandma passed away this morning. Call those you love while you can. You never know when you won’t be able to again.

  16. Yolo Swag says:

    Can u talk about the zombie deer disease?

  17. Ram Kitten says:

    If Elon does that thing he might become lowkey best boss ever.
    Also, who cares about Trump’s intent behind the action if action is good?

  18. Matthew7758 says:

    Yeah we’re stressed out. I’m broke and trying to make my way through college with no safe future or fallback plan. I can’t even afford food on a consistent basis. The entire premise that money doesn’t lead to happiness is bs.

    • Allison VanCour says:

      Matthew7758 I’m in the same situation as you, I’m trying to make my way through college and work every night I can to try and save money and most of the time I don’t have money for food or gas and I have to scavenge for extra cash. But I disagree money can’t lead you to happiness, it can make your living conditions and life a little more comfortable but just having money in your account can’t solve the stress from college or just life in general. There are less things to stress about but people have problems that money can’t fix no matter what and that is just as stressful. I hope I explained that in a way that makes sense…

    • lostoffice says:

      I always think of a quote from Cloud Atlas (the book). Something like “Whoever said that money can’t buy you happiness obviously had too much of the stuff.”

    • Nicole Gabino says:


    • Sneaky Dexter says:

      wel there is an argument to be made that the curve of the graph depicting the correlation between money and happiness flattens with increasing amount of money.

    • Tetsu Zhanshi says:

      Well if you are getting a poly sci degree or some other worthless item you will end up with a bill you can’t repay, and the reason the study to see what degree is the most commonly defaulted on was stopped was because it is college’s biggest money maker giving worthless degrees out. If it is not a hard science (no gender studies isn’t science), tech or math you don’t need a degree. If you and your spouse started at McDonalds right out of high school and stayed once you hit management you will be making 40-55k, that means together you would make 100k.

      Not fantastic no, but decent. And maybe you think you are special and deserve more or have music talent. But then you just end up with a student loan working as a waiter making stupid music things and have no benefits or retirement then spend your days marching on wallstreet. If you are instead using a CompSci degree I promise you will have no trouble finding an 80k + benefits job in the not to distant future if not right out of college.

  19. Mrs M A E says:

    Gen Z are stressed because they are focusing on adult issues instead of learning to handle their personal problems first. When you’re 13, you start having some real problems. Learn to handle them first. If you’re worried about your school work, who crushes on who, and the United States government, it’s too much. Sure, learn how government works, but maybe don’t let your parents force you to watch CNN or Fox News, don’t let your parents drag you to rally’s and protests. Maybe when you get to be 16 and 17, the start focusing on the government, as you’ll be voting soon and will need to learn more about it. But that’s a responsibility and worry you grow into. Learn to handle worries one at a time, progressively adding and handling more as you age. An 8 year old shouldn’t be setting up a hot chocolate stand to find the boarder wall. They should have a hot coco stand to help them get a bike or a new video game or donate to a animal shelter. 12 year olds shouldn’t be screaming at crying at each other over if the New York abortion law is moral or not. A 14 year old shouldn’t be skipping school for a couple weeks so that they can fly to DC to participate in a rally.
    Let kids be kids, let them grow into worries.
    Kids today are more knowledgeable and more passionate than ever, which is good, but that passion is what is causing their depression and anxiety. They worry about more than they have learned to handle. They feel despair because they worry about the government while they can’t do anything about it.
    I think that’s a large reason for the depression and anxiety.

    • slyph12 says:

      I think you’re being a little more negative on this matter, though I agree with you that the younger generation. Is more involved with the current social issues both locally and internationally. I wasn’t socially aware and involved until I stepped in to university, today as young as 12-15 yrs of age are now exposed to social issues. They’re maturing far quicker and earlier compared during when I was in their age, large factor to that is how easy it is to connect with other people using social media. It’s nice to recall when life was much simpler for us growing up, but you have to accept that time is rapidly changing, humanity as a whole is reaching the peak of our civilization, we’re changing/terra forming our planet. Politics plays a huge role in how we interact with each other, social issues are getting more complicated. Technology is so advanced that it can make life easy for everyone, the rich are filthy rich and the poor suffers more than ever. What I’m trying to say is that it’s fine that the younger generation are more involved today but that doesn’t the older generation shouldn’t guide them, I thinks it’s my responsibility to give them guidance, motivate, inspire and discuss with them their issues and tell them my experiences, and also drive them to be a better version of the theirselves because that’s the only way I know that I can help them and be able to leave an impact in their lives. It’s up to us adults to give them the appropriate tools to survive the next day, it’s up to them on how they’re gonna use it tomorrow. The kids don’t have the luxury of living the simple life today, they have more obstacle to hurdle over. They’re more screwed now if we don’t help them.

    • Mrs M A E says:

      slyph12 I highly disagree with you on the “poor suffer more now than ever”. Poor people are walking around with iPhones and drive cars and have homeless shelters, food banks, and about a dozen state and federal programs to help them, to include welfare. In the 1800’s, poor people didn’t have shoes. They barely had a jacket. They died in the winter because there was no poor houses, they starved in alley ways because there were very few free food options. They didn’t have computers in their pocket. Poor people are doing better now than ever in almost every country. Even in Africa, there are more wells, more clothing distributors, more schools and more supply dispatches now than ever before. The poor are only “suffering more” when you compare them to rich, because the gap between the richest person and the poorest person is greater now than ever before. But that are not suffering more. They are doing better now than ever, and comparing the poor to the rich is both unnecessary and unrealistic. Focusing just on the “does this person have enough to survive”, the poor today are like Bill gates to the poor back in the 16th century.
      But that’s a large tangent. The main point stands that kids are more aware of issues and in many cases are forced or carried into issues because of their parents. Toddlers shouldn’t be holding up pictures of aborted fetuses in pro life rallies. 8 year olds shouldn’t be on pride parades where men are wearing thongs and there are dildos and pictures of genitalia everywhere. These are adult issues that we need to grow our children into, not birth them into it.

    • slyph12 says:

      +Mrs M A E  Mrs M A E  have we solved poverty yet? Compared to the population and economy back then 5 years before today, 10 years before how simple was life compared today? Phones are so abundant now that If a homeless person decided to steal it and sell it on the street for cash either people will pay them for even less or they may have no value at all because almost everyone has a phone. The dynamics of the society now has gotten a lot more complicated, government has evolved and politics more complicated. We have more issues now today than back then. We live in a more diversed community, today’s society is more segregated depending on the culture, race and background, the economy is far different from a decade ago. Living today at this age is harder, becaus of what has transpired both politically and environmentally. We’re exhausting our resources more and more, spending more time creating solutions than to solving them, the population keeps growing but we are unable to keep supporting it. Do you think more people died from winters back in 1800s compared to today? How harsh are the winters today scientifically speaking compared to a century ago? If we’re going to be talking statistics here I think that today we burden ourselves with more social issues, living lifestyles, political matters, mental/physical illnesses, religion, environmental problems ms and a more complicated society’s standard. We got to learn to adapt so our kids can also adapt. As a society we are more “open” now therefore welcome and introduce more complicated topics likes gender association, we’re more open now to being aware of social issues. We don’t have the luxury to grow our kids into it, they’re now being forced into it. So we need to adapt to it so they too can. We can’t be bitter, complain and do nothing about it. And if we’re gonna do something about it best hope we do it the proper way. I don’t agree with some people how they exposed their kids like you say, but you got to accept the fact that there are people who does that to their kids. And we both agree that’s now how it’s supposed to be. As an adult we got to own up to the mistakes of our elders, the mistake that we have committed and the mistakes the younger ones committing thats the only way we can come up with someway to solve and issue. I assure you that not one generation will be able to solve an issue by their own. Maybe two generations can but not one and I don’t believed that it’s possible for the 3 to work together as well.

  20. DoctorBlanket says:

    As a Bi woman, I personally see the efforts on the part of Trump to be amazing. I am the exact opposite of a Trump supporter, and I think its definitely a possibility that he’s using this to raise support for himself or distract from his own mistakes and etc. But, I also think that public support from a government official, especially one like Trump, is extremely beneficial to stopping these atrocities and leading to more worldwide LGBT acceptance because the republican party does have a lot of LGBT haters and having a republican president make efforts to support LGBT is a huge step in the right direction. Now I’m not saying that the entire republican party hates LGBT or even that there aren’t LGBT haters in every party, I understand both of those arguments. But I am saying that *generally* the ones hating LGBT people in the US are in the republican party, though those may be alt-right people, it doesn’t change the fact that a president of the party they associate themselves with is supporting LGBT and possibly opening their eyes to change. And I believe that no matter how you look at it, that is a good thing.

    • Duck Speaker says:

      Trump, like most politicians, is only looking out for his own best interests. If that coincides with helping LGBTQ+ people, more power to him. If so-called _gay rights activists_ try to stop this just to spite Trump, what more proof do you need that the left establishment never actually gave a shit about the marginalized groups it uses as human shields?

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