WOW! Prison Escape Gone WRONG, Hero Grandma Saves the Day, & What’s Going on in Kashmir

WOW! Prison Escape Gone WRONG, Hero Grandma Saves the Day, & What’s Going on in Kashmir

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Today’s Stories:
Brazil Man Dresses as Daughter to Escape Prison:

Grandma Prevents Tragedy:

India Revokes Kashmir’s Special Status:

More News Not in Today’s Show:
Man Targeting Trump Critics Sentenced to 20 Years

E3 Leaks Information of More Than 2,000 YouTubers and Journalists

Protests Continue in Hong Kong:

Missouri College Student Faces Lawsuit:

Saudi Arabia to Allow Women to Travel Independently:

FBI Memo Reclassifies Fringe Political Theories:

Atlanta Monuments Add New Context:

Canadian Police Scale Back Manhunt for Two Suspects:

Edited by: James Girardier, Jason Mayer
Produced by: Amanda Morones, Brian Espinoza
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Maddie Crichton, Lili Stenn
#DeFranco #Brazil #Kashmir

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67 Responses

  1. TL says:

    You only have 24 hours to use the $100 and it starts once you use the code on the Postmates site.. Should include that part so ppl aren’t wasting it.

    • CNM says:

      Or just don’t use it. Just ignore the sponsored bs.

    • calichef1962 says:

      @Katame– Oh, I wouldn’t waste a single second worrying about the likes of YOU. But if you’re going to make EVERYONE who reads this comment thread read your bullshit you should be willing to tell us why you waste your time trolling here. YOU OWE US that much! You aren’t going to change any hearts or minds of people here. Your opinion means less than nothing to anyone. I just wanted to know why you waste your time, AND OURS, with your ridiculous, bullshit, wrong-headed opinion.

    • HyDragon says:

      @Katame I call that pretty human-like behaviour, have you seen how much it costs to stay healthy in our society 😀
      Hope you wake up soon from you Lala land dreaming come to the dark side to see the light.

    • Hermit Crabbe says:

      @Sasha Reeves lol very mature and well though out response. Are you like fucking 10 or something?

    • Hermit Crabbe says:

      @calichef1962 “you arent going to change any minds here”. Hmm well thats a very telling statement, dont you think? You’re basically admitting the PDS is an echo chamber for people who dont even want to hear other opinions. Very open minded of you..

  2. Wuzzup129 says:

    0:01 You know Philly is sick when he doesn’t do his signature “Sup, you Beautiful Bastards?”

  3. Tellur says:

    India: _revokes local autonomy_
    China: That’s illegal!
    Hong Kong: _surprisedpikachuface_

  4. emmanuelle garcia says:

    Phil: Hey what’s up you adorable mess of a human being.
    Me: damn I didnt know I was going to be attacked today.

  5. Hibiki TheInkFox says:

    And now that a potential mass shooter has been caught we can throw him in federal prison where a young man with obvious mental health issues can be properly converted into a full blown, hardened criminal. That’s ok. I’m sure the family that cared enough to provide him with 5 years of state sponsored abuse and criminal conversion therapy will stand by him after the system spits him out as the same angry mess, but now with proper criminal training and ties.
    Eh, he’s 19. That’s a good run. Should probably just execute him and cut out the middle man.

    • Gatorbiscuit says:

      @that crazy guy Sounds really big brained, i like it.

    • 1WaterFire says:

      @Tim Evans If they focus on getting him the help he needs things will work out, if they go heavy on him they’ll have likely avoided a mass shooting but set the next Oklahoma city in motion.

    • Gamma says:

      @Tim Evans Molestation is somehow part of the conversation to you? Jesus christ.

    • Special Bastard says:

      @that crazy guy See that sounds scary close to the kind of thinking that makes people commit mass shootings in the first place

    • that crazy guy says:

      @Special Bastard nah people saying they are superior than others are a great sign

  6. Manuel Benitez says:

    “You adorable mess of a human being.”

    I identify as a beautiful bastard, Phil

  7. Apollo Serenus says:

    My hope for the guy in the second story is he gets probation, with a requirement to be under constant outpatient psychiatric care so he can get his life together. Of course, releases to the courts, probation office, and law enforcement need to be required with updates filed with his probation officer. As a final note, perhaps a legal guardian should be appointed that can also monitor his situation.

    • Alex Bristol says:

      Same, I am also glad that he didn’t die and may now get the chance to redeem himself. Obviously no mass shooting is the highlight, but the hero grandma ‘and’ her grandson may now get to be beacons of hope for disturbed individuals and loved ones in the future. :’)

      Silver linings, ya know?

  8. HonestJohnnyRevues says:

    He looked like one of those “Real Life Sex Dolls”…creepy!!!

    • Johnny Jupiter says:

      We, the jury, find the defendant, HonestJohnnyRevues, guilty of inciting nightmares in the first degree.

  9. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    That first story went from really funny to really sad real quick.

  10. Strawbérry Milk says:

    Yo, India, you DO NOT want Trump mediating ANYTHING…EVER

    • Akshay Thakur says:

      @napoleon born to party you are talking like people werent being killed before. Terrorists do not differentiate between religions.
      And I am damn well sure separatists were funding and helping militants in the state. Now that its directly under centre, leaking of funds won’t be that easy.
      And removing 370 might have some effect on culture but when you compare between having better laws that other states are enjoying vs culture its pretty clear whats important.
      I would have been against 370 removal if the separatists werent making J&K into a shithole to live in. You can check how many important laws were not accepted by them. And on top of it the state was given so much fund for development but its pretty clear to see where that money went.
      tbh i dont like both bjp or congress. Despite coming from a hindu family, I think that the issue of ram temple by bjp government is retarded and just a vote seeking dick move.
      So before calling others retarded dont write retarded stuff yourself. Theres is not one point in the favour of keeping 370 intact under the present conditions.

    • Akshay Thakur says:

      @Frank Stallone Nationalist maybe. salty nah.

    • Rey Kenobi says:

      @napoleon born to party Given this level of rumor mongering, fear mongering and fake news, one wonders why they cut off internet access in Kashmir…

      I have come across at least 5 tweets alleging the former, and they have all been debunked as digitally altered or of pakistani soldiers in Balochistan or from a past conflict with insurgents and terrorists.

    • Rayyan Ali says:

      @Frank Stallone I’m not a 100% sold on the scrapping of Article 370. But remember that the Indian government has always tried for more peaceful means of pulling people away from the “Azad Kashmir” movement. They’ve been trying several economic incentives and scholarship programs. This move might help them a lot with that.

    • Koujoung says:

      @napoleon born to party There is literally zero evidence of this. India is not a perfect country by a looong shot. And yes, since Modi’s election in 2014, religious motivated crime has definitely gone up. I am the first to admit, but these foreign news outlets and #woke fams on Twitter trying to compare India to it’s neighbors in terms of how it treats minorities? Yeah, no. Ask Pakistan how it treats its Christians, ask Bangladesh what it does to its Hindus and to those who are liberal, ask China what Orwellian methods’ they’re using to systemically and institutionally eradicate Uighur muslim identities in Xinjiang.

      India is a highly imperfect country. But don’t compare us to our neighbors. We’re not at their level yet.

  11. MaybenotNASA says:

    Phil: “Nuclear war is a potential reality we may have to face. We can only wait helplessly.”
    Phil: “That’s it! Have a good day!”

  12. Willbloxyou ! says:

    *me listening to the news blame video games for mass shootings while I help a villager harvest his crops*

  13. ThatsTooManySpiders :O says:

    ‘Trump has offered to mediate’
    a statement very comforting to everyone involved, I’m sure.

    • Abel Mathew says:

      Maxisamo1 We wouldn’t even if it was Obama or Bush. American intervention is a cancer to this world.

    • Chameleon1616 says:

      ‘The capital of Kashmir is now New Delhi’
      Trump: “sure I’ll recognise it”

    • Coley Durham says:

      he mediated nk and sk meeting. he helped so much that the sk president wanted him to won the nobel peace prize

    • JustPassingThrough says:

      @Frank Stallone That is on par with saying The Philippines has a better human rights record than Russia… in other words, the LOWEST of low hanging fruit.

    • JustPassingThrough says:

      @Max The Character You and I must have a different idea of who Trump’s people are…

  14. Oof Sam says:

    I’m so glad you covered the Lubbock, Texas situation

  15. JmacOnPc says:

    the video game debate is just political misdirection.
    “everyone is looking at us, time to start another stupid social debate”

    • Kevin Duggan says:

      JmacOnPc — they have had so much luck in teaching communism in college there trying make all Videos Games have some lessons in socialism and GTA let’s men have to much fun with learning about women’s rights.

    • Jones says:

      @Kevin Duggan I’m pretty sure not even a damn linguist can understand what the fuck you meant by that damn run-on sentence.

  16. Daniel Adams says:

    Homicidal and suicidal, let’s put him in prison! That’ll show him!

    Mental hospital:..ok

    • MischievousMoo says:

      @MetalGearSEAL4 prison doesn’t give treatment, it’s more of a punishment. You will see some exceptions with some programs, but prison is mostly punishment. The person decided to get help, and he got prison. This shows to other people who are thinking of shooting people that it’s better to commit tragedy than try to get help.

    • Red Shirt One says:

      Shannon Reid been there, done that, and you are SOOOOOOO accurate

    • MetalGearSEAL4 says:

      The guy hasn’t been sentenced. Idk how many times I gotta tell you idiots this.

      You can get treatment IN PRISON. If they require a prisoner to have therapy sessions or take medications, the prison ward will require you to take your meds and go to therapy.

    • matt moots says:

      Why put Sabu in jail?

    • Nathan Long says:

      I would agree with putting him in a mental hospital or ward. But if he illegally purchased a weapon then he belongs to prison.
      Send him to a mental ward or crazy house when he or she threatens society via social media.

  17. Nicholas Jagannath says:

    8:03 Staunch Hindu Nationalist* not Hindi. Just something that stood out from your story but you’re sick and got no sleep so it is forgivable

  18. reverend900 says:

    50% are upset for not being called beautiful bastard.
    30% are overwhelmed for being called adorable.
    20% are talking about the content of the show.

  19. Amanda B says:

    “sup you adorable mess of a human being”

    i love you phil that kinda made my day ngl

  20. RoverStorm says:

    Bad: “India and Pakistan both claim they control the same territory of Kashmir”
    Making it worse: “India just declared that the central government controls Kashmir directly now, upsetting Pakistan”
    *Making it MUCH worse:* “Did I mention both countries are nuclear powers?”

    • Rayyan Ali says:

      No one will be launching nukes. For one thing neither of them are that irresponsible. And then the Chinese won’t like either side using nukes considering that China shares a border with both of them. And I guess the UN and the Russians might also intervene if either side decides to deploy nukes.

    • sebastian primus says:

      Damm india is becoming more like Gandhi

    • Weaver Bird says:

      Well better story than trump and Iran

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