Wow…Woman Attacked By Jaguar Apologizes, Captain Marvel Controversy, Boeing 737 Max 8 Fears Spread

Wow…Woman Attacked By Jaguar Apologizes, Captain Marvel Controversy, Boeing 737 Max 8 Fears Spread

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Woman Hopped Zoo Barrier and Was Attacked by a Jaguar

Captain Marvel Scores Big at the Box Office

Ethiopia Airlines Plane Crashes Outside of Addis Ababa
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Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Cecelia Applegate
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn
#DeFranco #Jaguar #BrieLarson

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83 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Woman Attacked by Jaguar (00:06), Captain Marvel’s Box Office Numbers (2:31), TIA (4:51), Ethiopia Airlines Crash (6:23)

    • James Edington says:

      You have about 1 in 5000 chance of dying in a car crash.
      You have a 1 in 11000000 chance of dying in a plane crash

    • Russ The Troubadour says:

      +username1nmillion I know it was just U.S. I should’ve stipulated that.

    • Andrés Caraballo says:

      The Captain Marvel case is a perfect example of a very vocal minority. I could talk to my internet friends and they are vaguely aware some people are mad at it then I could talk to my irl friends and they would have no idea there was a “backlash”. People get bent out of shape for anything these days and I do remember some people being mad at wonderwoman too

    • Cassie Hayes says:

      00:06 “don’t be stupid stupid”

    • Snorlaxation says:

      +Ruben O.
      Even then, she wasn’t wrong. Lots of white dude interviews. Hardly an issue with One woman seeking other types of people to interview her.
      For people to have the level of response they did was pretty over the top, and the vitriol and level of petty backlash was pathetic

  2. MaeFox says:

    PhilleyD: “Here’s the trick.. No Jaguars”

    Me: *Note taking Intensifies*

  3. Dr. Krab says:

    girl from my school was in the plane crash, its unreal i cant believe it

    • Krotiz says:

      +Dr. Krab Jesus. I live in Toronto and in university, but I can’t even imagine the shock the school felt–let alone the absolute devastation the uncle and aunt feel after this horrible accident.

      Really puts life into perspective–and doesn’t help people’s general fear of flying. But even more importantly, WHY is the new Boeing plane even causing this? I hope they figure it out soon.

    • therasheck says:

      The tragedy of a school mate dying is so unconciveable and hard to fit in your brain. I feel for you my friend.

    • Crome says:

      Damn, that sucks.

    • arain764niara says:

      So I’m guessing you didn’t know her?

    • The_Shitposter says:

      You okay?

  4. munbun75 says:

    I want a Philly D shirt that says jaguars are gonna do jaguar stuff.

    • Miss Pocket says:

      munbun75 I wonder if anyone captured footage of her as she was jumping in, get that printed on a shirt with Phil’s optimistic face faded in the background with that phrase at the top and “let’s just jump right into it underneath”. This would be such a perfect meme. Someone at least make this a meme pls lol

  5. Sicilia P. says:

    Well that advice at 2:26 would have been a lot more helpful PRIOR to me entering this jaguar enclosure. Wish me luck.

  6. Kanjiklub says:

    A professor at my university in Ottawa died in that crash, I would definitely second-guess getting on one of those planes.

  7. Zebra Popcorn says:

    Captain marvel was a good movie, brie larson is not a person i like though

    • Zedsuo says:

      +Patrick Munro Yup, misunderstood, didn’t say anything anti-man, just asked for more chairs for more people to have equal opportunities, also Brie also said on countless accounts that she is an extreme introvert, so being no the best at communication goes without saying, also she has never really been in THIS kind of spot light im sure some Marvel PI will work with her

    • Patrick Munro says:

      Zedsuo exactly! ??

    • A A says:

      +Angie You can do that but other people can sure as hell do what they want.

    • Createddead says:

      +calohtar She’s been paid already and clearly people being mad at her didn’t hurt her so …

    • gØĐŞ says:

      What did she do lol

  8. Shelby Deis says:

    “Jaguars are gonna do jaguar stuff.”
    ~Philip DeFranco

  9. J Brew says:

    Getting hurt/killed taking a selfie is just modern day natural selection

  10. Wasabi Junior says:

    Honestly i didnt dislike captain marvel but like it wasnt groundbreaking or anything

    • B G says:

      +Rowan Exactly! There are no obvious men characters were their main personality trait is ‘strong male lead’. They all have flaws and drama that is unrelated to their sex. Now I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m tired of female roles to just be female roles. That’s why I like the men superheros better, they are more dynamic characters with flaws.
      I mean in the DC universe you have female villans who’s character traits aren’t only ‘I’m a girl’.
      Again I didn’t see this movie yet, and I only know DC and Marvel from the movies so if there are more interesting characters in the comics I don’t know.
      ALSO before I end this, there are plenty of side female characters in Guardians of the Galaxy that I think could have their own movie and it wouldn’t just be a girl power movie.
      Regardless of Brie I was expecting to like this as much as Supergirl or Superman. Too powerful generally is boring. But I want the full universe story before Endgame

    • Rowan says:

      B G scarlet witch is one of the biggest female superheroes in marvel and they missed the opportunity to have her have her own story and be a main character. She’s a huge character in the comics.

      As bad as the hunger games movie were (I personally liked them) the direction they went with katniss as what I want to see with female leads. Strong but imperfect. They did t just turn her into a powerful being and she never was.

    • Chris Goolsby says:

      They really missed the mark casting her as marvel. This movie could have been massive, but her comments are turning so many people off. Plus, I watched the movie and she just isn’t that good of an actress. I was extremely dissatisfied with this movie. I’m just hoping this doesn’t ruin endgame.

    • B G says:

      +Rowan Yea a scarlet witch movie would have been awesome. They seems to play down her brother dying very quickly and she seemed to have a good back story but they glossed over her as a side character.
      I did love the First Hunger Games movie that I read all of the books afterword. That is a great example in my mind to showcase a strong female lead where her being a female is just a coincidence. It could have every easily been Peta as the lead character and still be a great story. I think the producers need to realize we don’t need ‘Women Power’ movies we just needs movies that have a varying lead character.

    • RitnyGaming says:

      Really, to me felt like a big filler and like I could’ve done with out it. It wasn’t bad, I just didnt have to watch it.

  11. Jabari Hosang says:

    Jaguar in enclosure:

    Woman: LeTs JuST JumP InTo It

  12. Phil Hill says:

    I’m so happy they didn’t put the Jaguar down

    • Miss Pocket says:

      Rohan Jarande because everyone takes things personally and gets offended nowadays. ??‍♀️

    • Luke Clarke says:

      +Vincent Fletcher That was killed to save a life though, not killed after the incident

    • The Hollanesian says:

      +Luke Clarke Yeah but the idiot mother wasn’t held accountable after the incident. CPS should have taken the idiot mother’s child away from her.

    • Stevie B says:

      Never forget ???

    • R. Sanchez says:

      This is a wild animal not a housecat. Wtf is with these stupid selfies? With a jaguar? Wtf was she thinking? Did she think the jaguar would pose with her n her selfie? Most people would be scared. She’s lucky to live to tell about it, but she’s damn lucky. The zoo should’ve given her a fine for jumping into the jaguar’s enclosure. She’s on their territory and nearly got mauled to death because of a stupid selfie, so she can boast to her friends that she was able to take this dangerous photo. You will continue to see people do this, despite all the dangers.

  13. Myscha Dang-Harris says:

    Jaguar in its pit:
    Woman: “Let’s just jump into it”

  14. FellNerd says:

    I saw Captain Marvel and wasn’t impressed. I enjoyed it but it was very in the middle when it comes to Marvel movies

    • arain764niara says:

      Any link to the next Avengers movie? Like do I need to watch it or can I let it go?

    • Semystic says:

      Im not expecting much, but im going to watch it entirely to get ready for Endgame next month.

    • FellNerd says:

      +arain764niara all you need to know is that Captain Marvel exists and Scrolls exist

    • Monkey Wrenching says:

      It was a blatant disregard to 90% of the previous movies that it was supposed to be a prequel for, the plot hole in this film are horrendous. The issue I see with it, if you’re damned if you don’t and praises if you do. I refuse to watch it, as I refuse to contribute to funding this type of global behavior influencing. The fact everyone is so obsessed with it, shows how little their lives have to offer on a daily basis. I’m sure going for a walk in a park each day, could do these people a great justice.

      These movies are simply to pass the time, not to encompass nor become so influential to our daily lives.

  15. Legally Blind says:

    Can we please get captions. I’m deaf-blind and rely on subtitles to get by. I can only use channels that have them. Please Phil.

    • Jackson Joestar says:

      Suffee muwahahahhahahana

    • cronus f. says:

      Legally Blind i’m mostly deaf (around 85%) and i have the exact same issue. i have the good luck of being a natural at lip reading (+ phil has a very expressive mouth, which helps) but captions would totally make it 10x easier! i hope making things easier for us deaf folks to enjoy content like normal ppl, and double to you as a deaf-blind person ?

    • Isaac Sherman says:

      There seem to be captions now, and they look pretty accurate- this is the next morning.

    • Ain'tMyself says:

      You are better without Phil’s fake news

    • Dutchik says:

      How would you read the captions though if you are deaf blind?

      And uhm person that said “it would be easy to do for a sighted person” nah, captioning is actually a lot of work and requires a lot of pausing and replaying of the video.

  16. Living Fives says:

    Literally only saw Captain Marvel so I wouldn’t be confused during Endgame.

    • Sig Urther says:

      After seeing it, do you really feel like it was imperative to seeing endgame?

    • davey mulder says:

      +Sig Urther nope, just a setup for captain marvel so that you wont be confused about who she is

    • Not in service says:

      Sig Urther You pretty much only need to see the final two scenes and maybe the first post credits scene.

    • Lauren says:

      That’s the only reason I want to see it – I don’t care about what Brie said, because I agree with her premise that diversity is important, but the movie in general looked boring and she didn’t look like she was enjoying herself in the trailers. I’ll only see it because I’m invested in Endgame and want to be fully informed.

    • Living Fives says:

      +Not in service coulson and that one girls daughter might play a role in endgame. She talked about building a spaceship and she is a character in the comics

  17. Lauren Frotch says:

    I think I’d personally hold off on flying on one of those max 8s until the investigation is completed

    • Lauren Frotch says:

      +adenineful I would guess that you could request that info from the airline! It’s pretty easy for me to say that since I don’t have travel plans any time soon… Haha

    • Joshua Smith says:

      @adenineful you actually can see what kind of plane your getting (or at least with delta). I’ve flown hundreds of thousands of miles and sometimes I choose a flight based upon the plane.

    • adenineful says:

      Joshua Smith thanks for the info! I live in Europe, I don’t think it’s possible with our local airlines, but I’ll check. Honestly it’s probably fine but I’m scared to fly as it is, don’t need the extra anxiety lol

    • Michel Braun says:

      +adenineful You can check what planes in general your local airlanes uses that information is very easy to find. If you then can choose an airline that do not have a max 8 you have nothing to worry about.

    • adenineful says:

      Michel Braun thank you 🙂 I know Ryanair has 30 but I avoid flying with them anyway as they’re pretty bad

  18. Doncut97 says:

    At least the Jaguar didn’t end up like my boy Harambe

  19. rosenrot234 says:

    I’m just glad the jaguar won’t be killed. It’s sad when that happens. Harambe, Never Forget

    • Natalie Parish says:

      The Harambe outrage is probably why they’re not putting her down
      Which is good.

      Think, if Harambe didn’t happen…. This jaguar would probably be dead, and would be this year’s Harambe all over again

  20. Remedi says:

    Flying is safer than most forms of travel, which is why two planes of the same model crashing a month apart with eerily similar circumstances is abnormal and alarming. Something is wrong with the 737 Max 8

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