WrestleMania’s memorable returns: WWE Top 10, March 24, 2018

WrestleMania’s memorable returns: WWE Top 10, March 24, 2018

The Grandest Stage of Them All is as good a place as any to make a comeback. Here are the 10 most memorable Superstar returns to take place at WrestleMania – presented by Snickers. #EatASNICKERS
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60 Responses

  1. Stone Cold says:

    Unfortunately, nobody cares about the Hardys a month later. First people cry over others making a return and badly want them. When they’re back there’s no more hype and no interest in them.

  2. Meestar Meekmahan says:

    Sting has an obsession with butt cheeks for some reason

  3. arifamzar1 says:

    Usually,when WWE releases a video like this,it means that at the next pay-per-view(in this case,Wrestlemania 34),there will be a big return…so i wonder,who’s it going to be?

  4. Wrestling Army says:

    Hope Jeff return at mania

  5. ujjwal Pandey says:

    Why not in trending

  6. Rishi Nayak says:

    Cena. Wrestlemania is waiting😏
    The undertaker is there too

  7. Meestar Meekmahan says:

    Wwe comment section
    50% random comments
    39% sting bragging about his
    Butt cheeks
    9%random girl talking about master baiting
    1% is this comment
    This part is added by capture the wicked witch fan and the nine year old commenting as Charlotte flair

  8. Nohin Thomas-NTR says:

    Hardy boys almost killed me

  9. Ahsan Zeeshan says:

    Wrestlmania is just unpredictable
    Anything can happen here
    I always wait for wrestlmania
    Well John Cena return to help rock was so epic
    And the crowd went mad

  10. Dedric Kee says:

    I’m down with these. I enjoyed the Ultimate Warrior and the Hardys and Cena probably the most though 👏👏👏

  11. Ahsan Zeeshan says:

    Who wants someone to return at wrestlmania
    Comment below who u want?

  12. Clasher CapTain says:

    The first pop for Cena, admit it haters you missed him! 😇😇😇

  13. quinten ferguson says:


  14. Sourish Saha says:

    we want bullet club 🔫

  15. KING ALA says:

    Who miss dean ambrose?!

  16. TheAmbRollEignsGuy says:

    WWE uploading Entrances?? GTFO

  17. Alfredo Zuani says:

    Rey Misterio vs undertaker vs cena triple threat match???

  18. It's Raid says:

    2018. Bobby Lashley returns

  19. logan kerr says:

    just look at Godfather beating up Hogan

  20. logan kerr says:

    I liked Stone Cold’s & Rocks return at Mania 30

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